Alexandra Burke squeezes in to another black leather leotard for GAY

Alexandra Burke in well, some sort of outfit.

Flipping awful, they are not flattering and you look bloody awful, it does nothing for your figure at all.

If she asked do I look good in this? why oh why did her managers or friends say…No you look F**king awful!  Not going to even look for the ensemble as it is bad,  Tights are bad as are the boots,,,bloody awful!

Ruth Lorenzo toned and shaped up!

The X Factor diet: How Ruth Lorenzo shed a stone from her abundant curves

Not heard or read about Ruth for a few weeks then the sultry poses hit the tabloids and she is back so probably got a single out then too……..

Only a month or two ago she looked like this, curvy and still able to wear a bikini but not celeb slim!!!!

Alex and Ruth (pic: SM)

The X Factor finalist’s abundant curves caught the attention of Simon Cowell on national television as he openly flirted like a good one for the weeks she was in the competition.   Now 26-year-old Ruth Lorenzo looks better than ever after losing a stone on what she calls The X Factor Diet.

She’s back: Former X Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo shows off her curves in a shoot for Closer Magazine

She's back: Former X Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo shows off her curves in a shoot for Closer Magazine

ruth lorenzo

x-factor performance last November 2008

She told Closer magazine: ‘I’ve dropped from a size 12/14 to a 10 on top and a size 12 jeans since I was picked as a finalist in September, just by rushing around.   ‘My clothes are looser and I’ve gone from 11.5 to 10.5st.   ‘I didn’t change my eating habits, but running around like a crazy woman means the weight’s just dropped off.’

The full interview is in this week’s Closer……..

The full interview with Ruth is in this week's edition of Closer

Ruth has now joined the month-long X Factor Live Tour but she’s determined to stay in shape despite the temptations on the road.   Oh and some gossip to follow – cat fight!!!!!!

X Factor best friends Alexandra Burke and Ruth Lorenzo reportedly had to be pulled apart after an argument turned physical last week.  Cat Fight, Cat Fight….meow……..

The two women met and became best friends while competing on the ITV1 talent show last year. Spanish-born Ruth was voted off in week 8 of the show while Alexandra went on to win, landing her a contract worth a rumoured £1million in the UK and a £3million record deal in the US.   The pair moved into a flat together after the series ended and enjoyed a luxury holiday in Mauritius in January to celebrate Alex’s success – but are now back hard to work, travelling around the UK on the X Factor Live tour.

A source on the tour told the Sun that life on the road has caused tensions in the women’s friendships – which came to a boil in Sheffield last week: “Alex and Ruth are big characters and the fireworks were spectacular when they finally went off.   “Ruth claims they fell out because she pulled a dancer Alex had her eye on. She reckons Alex bullied her but the old green-eyed monster has been creeping in.   “Meanwhile Alex feels she is being singled out by Ruth and the others on tour because of her success. She insists she was never after any dancer – she doesn’t think that would be very cool. She thinks Ruth is just using it as a excuse to pick on her.   “But either way their friendship is well and truly over. They can barely look at each other.  “Both have threatened to leave unless the other is booted off the tour.”

Watch this space….Diva Ruth or Diva Alex….who will win……?

Ruth Lorenzo – X Factor

X Factor’s Ruth Lorenzo says : ‘That Simon Cowell made me feel beautiful’ and how much do you think he fancied her?

Sexy slady Ruth Lorenzo, here in a shoot for last week for Closer magazine, she looks hot and very shapely and toned.  She said that Simon Cowell helped her with her low self esteem.  The onscreen flirting was apparent and week after week he said comments about her voluptuous figure very, very positively.

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo says her self esteem has grown since appearing on the X Factor… and she puts it all down to Simon Cowell.   The ex-contestant has admitted that her on-screen flirts with the show’s officiando helped her feel good about her looks. She also told Closer magazine: ‘I was so flattered that he thought I was beautiful.  Let’s face it he fancied the very knickers off her!

So what could Ruth wear under such a dress?

Plie Control Tube


Pulled in and toned Plie Control Tube

‘I’ve always thought I was fat and been very self-conscious about my appearance. I’m from Spain where everyone is beautiful, so I never thought I was attractive.  ‘For Simon to say those things, it’s given me a real boost. I feel a lot better about myself now.’  Ruth, 26, even dropped a dress size during the competition, going from a size 14 to a size 12.  And you can tell.

She laughs: ‘I call it the X Factor diet, all I did was rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. My clothes are baggy on me now, it’s great!’  She says the best thing about the X Factor, other than progressing her singing career, has been meeting fellow contestant Alexandra Burke, 20.   Now Alexandra has won and the show has finished for this year, the girls are planning to move in together and get a dog and a cat – and as asked last night will they call them Holly and Dermot or maybe Cheryl and Simon!

‘She’s like my little sister now, I know that she’s a best friend for life,’ she says.  She said before last night that “I’m rooting for her to win. She has to win. She’s the best singer I’ve ever heard, much better than Mariah Carey.’  And gues what she diod – singing with Beyonce!

Ruth Lorenzo

On stage: Ruth’s performances on X Factor earned her a place in the judges’ hearts


Read the full story in Closer magazine – if you have not already bought it best book an appointment at the hairdressers and read their copy

She also counts her mentor Dannii Minogue as a firm friend. ‘Dannii was the most amazing mentor. She looked after me so well,’ she says.  Ruth also says that Dannii’s new man Kris Smith, is fantastic. ‘He’s such a wonderful man and they’re so in love – I could just tell by the way they’d look at each other, there was so much love in their eyes,’ she says.   ‘After I voted out we were all in Dannii’s dressing room crying. ‘He’s so gentle.’

Last night, the Spaniard stepped out in a high street copy of the latest fashion must-have – a Herve Leger bandage dress.   She wore a £54 blue one-shouldered dress from Lipsy – much more affordable than the Herve Leger dresses, which range in price from £773 to £2,234.  Cheryl Cole and other top celebrities love them.

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth enjoyed at night out at a celebrity party in London last night

Girls aloud raunchy Christmas Show

Girls aloud get £1 million for Christmas show

Lucky girls I am sure that we have all seen the adverts for the Christmas Show with the girls magically getting ready for their Christmas extravaganza.  Girls aloud have moved up the ranks of popularity.

Six years after finding fame on ITV’s talent show Popstars: The Rivals, Girls Aloud are returning to the channel for a 2008 Christmas special.   ITV says the girls will host an hour-long show called  The Girls Aloud Party – as the adverts tell us.

The deal is understood to be worth £1million, meaning a Christmas bonus of £200,000 each for Cheryl Cole, 25, Sarah Harding, 26, Nicola Roberts, 23, Nadine Coyle, 23, and Kimberly Walsh, 26.

Girls Aloud, from left, Sarah, Cheryl, Kimberly, Nicola and Nadine, are to host their own show

Girls Aloud, from left, Sarah, Cheryl, Kimberly, Nicola and Nadine, are to host their own show Looking very sexy in black, lace and tassells and no thong knickers round  by thier knees thank the Lord!

The format will be sorted by now and it will be produced along the lines  of an entertainment show in which the girls collaborate with special guest musicians, act as chat-show hosts and even have a go at some comedy.  Oh well we will have to see how that one goes!!!!

In one sketch, understood to be a parody of film and TV series Charlie’s Angels, Cheryl poses provocatively with a pneumatic drill.  Okay we will also wait for that one!

The deal with ITV is understood to be worth £1million, meaning a Christmas bonus of £200,000 for each of the band members

Do you know some photos make you look odd!  Heads too big… bodies too small!!!! Or is it just me?

This all means a very busy time for the girls and especially for Cheryl who is also judging the ever popular X-Factor and she still has two acts in the show?  Who do you think will win now that the ample breasted Ruth has now gone!

Girls Aloud are joined on stage by Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton after performing on Children In Need on Friday

Girls Aloud are joined by Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton after performing on Children In Need and looking better proportioned or is it me again.  Do I need glasses?

JLS sexy shoot

Lovely toned bodies !!!!!

X factor has changed and as the Daily Mail coined SEX FACTOR !  JLS the only band left in the show as Louis has lost the other two bands both girls and both frankly rubbish. 

On the other hand JLS seem to hit the nail on the head and promote what a band should be.  Well this week they have had a photo shoot with their tops off yes I said their tops off.

The four members of the boy band JB, Anton, Marvin and Ortise have apparently been working out, some have fitter bodies than others! But all are proportioned nicely.

They were photographed wearing low slung jeans just like we make at schultzjeans and undies not ours I must note making a sneaky peak above the waistband.  Now being a misssion woman it is my mission to get underpants that we make to them and not only update their underpants, update their image.  I wonder what I should put on the strapline! We have a few available but maybe I need to update them especially for them….Any ideas?

Toned and I guess oiled! I think!

Last week on the big band show they did not far to well with the judges slating them.  But I think they still have talent and are a force to be reckoned with.

Watch this space you never know.


What do you think would they look hot in these undies?

My Hot undies on parade!

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