Britney more about her latest video

Britney what a bitch!

A bit of a journey Ms Spears has been on, Disney sweetheart, bad choices of men, public breakdown, weight up, weight down,bad songs and weight up, weight down then the rise from the fire. Let’s shock that will get us in the papers, in the blogs and talked about….PUBLICITY IT IS ALL GOOD!


In her new Work B**** missing word Bitch…If you were thinking music video, which was shot in the desert Britney moves and grooves in skimpy revealing outfits as she plays dominatrix  in various bondage-themed situations, including a scene where she holds leather-clad women on a lead, I wonder if this also linked to the popularity of that excellent written timeless novel 50 shades of grey!

A bit hot in that there desert!
Even hotter now!
Britney and shiny white teeth!
The video cannot be shown before 10.00 on music channels as it is tooooo rude!!!!!!  More publicity and guess what it took.  Her latest video for the single “Work Bitch” cost $6.5 million to make and is all about the luxury goods. Want a Lamborghini? You better, well, you know.
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