Red Underwear from Schultz

Red underwear

Red underwear for loyalty, success and happiness

Valentines day may be long gone for 2009 but I just wonder how many ladies or men received a luxurious piece of red underwear as a gift. Red lingerie or underwear has always been linked to Valentines Day and a colour that floods the shops online and on the High Street during the run up to this day of love Valentines Day.

Valentines day is just one event when red underwear is bought and given with love. Red underwear is one if not the most popular gift for sweethearts to exchange around Chinese New Year. From December to February shops across China are crammed with red underwear and these lucky pieces of red underwear sell like hot cakes especially for men as the men’s departments are stuffed full with red boxers shorts made from silk or cotton, red y-fronts, red briefs and even red thongs for men!

In China this special New Year red underwear is usually made in red with gold embroidery illustrating the forthcoming zodiac animal emblazoned on the underwear these lucky pieces sell like hot cakes during this time. Coincidental next year 2010 Chinese new year will fall on the same day as Valentines Day February 14th and the zodiac animal will be a tiger. So we at Schultz are already thinking of the straplines to use for the New year and Valentines event definitely red underwear maybe red boxers and red briefs for him and her. Strapline thoughts are flying round the office, such as “Is that a tiger in your pocket or are you pleased to see me!” or maybe “Lucky girl”.

For those turning 12, 24, 36 etc. the Chinese Zoadic uses a cycle of 12, termed benming nian, or the meeting of one’s zodiac year. Traditionally many Chinese people believe that it can be an unlucky year, therefore to ward off any dangers that might befall you in your benming nian, it helps to wear red – and what better than wearing red underwear which is close to your body. Red is one of the luckiest colours in Chinese traditions, standing for loyalty, success and happiness.

If you’re really traditional, you should wear red every day, all year long. If you’re not a big fan of the colour red in your outer wardrobe, red underwear is an easy way to protect yourself against the hazards of benming nian. Better ask your sweetheart for more than one pair, two, three or even four!

Red underwear is a fabulous colour and a traditional colour and one that suits and compliments all skin tones. Schultz have the exclusive “Coming soon” red underwear and our red t-shirts “Hot in the city and “Button fly” both made from luxurious cotton in racy red these designer t-shirts certainly please.

Schultz underwear sexy ‘Coming Soon’ Red Briefs

This racy red underwear in made from a deep radiant red with the strapline “Coming Soon” which raises eyebrows and temperatures if you let it! They are designed to fit and enhance all that you have. You will be noticed and certainly lead the way when you wear this racy red underwear.

Schultz Coming Soon – red underwear Schultzjeans underwear provide the style, comfort, individuality that the discerning customer requires as a must. In a y-front design but not y-fronts as granddad used to wear. They will not let you down, just wait for the glances!  Made from 100% ribbed cotton for comfort and fit designer underwear has never been so comfortable and affordable.

T-Shirts are one of the 21st century’s most universal pieces of clothing from designer to plain white t-shirt. The basic tee has come a long way from the first time it was worn and at Schultzjeans we have developed the idea of wearing t-shirts with a stylish logo on the front.  The red hot “Button fly” red cotton t-shirt spreads its wings across your chest and shouts out “I Want Out”.

Hot in the City our fabulous red t-shirt which was going to be a Limited Edition has returned through popular demand.  The very popular red “Hot in the City” tee makes a reappearance in brilliant red.  The T-shirt as we all know is one of the 21st centuries most universal pieces of clothing, worn by men , women and children alike.  T-shirts in red espcially from Schultz are bound to bring you success and happiness so may as well buy two.

Red Briefs South African Shoot

Coming soon is already here at Schultz

Coleen’s real women and Adam Cowie

Coleen is back with her fashion makeover show that puts real women in the limelight. Today she is looking for a real woman to model for an H. Samuel diamonds campaign.Coleen is back on the television plucking unknown would be models from the suburbs and putting them forward to represent well known high street brands. The first episode saw Coleen hitting the streets up north casting in Manchester, with over 5000 applications on line she selected just 60 “real women.

The video is available on on Coleen’s real women but only for one month and counting down.

A scene from “Real Women”

The Real Women go weak at their knees and who can blame them as Mr Cowie is one lovely looking hunky man. The Real Women are made up, dressed up and even the odd hair cut! The photo shoot is romantic and has the back drop of a steam train.

But if you miss the video as it has gone hope you enjoy these bits of Mr Cowie and he is not wearing many clothes so it is a bonus.

Can’t see his face in the second photo – but trust me it is Mr Cowie

Schultz underwear featured on USG-online

As featured on USG-Online blog.

We thank you for your feature, and what a great selection of Schultz pictures. And other hot models and products can be found on the site too. Happy hunting.


posted by: deusex | Monday April 6, 2009


While I like the idea of showing your underwear above your jeans like the saggers do I can’t stand the whole poopy bum jeans look that goes with it. It’s not sexy.

However, Schultz Jeans borrows the concept and takes it one step further and created a hot look for guys. They’ve come up with the “Schultz Strap” which is a strap that attaches inside the waist of your jeans. This way you can not only show the waistband of your underwear, but you can open the fly full to reveal even more. The strap keep the jeans from falling down, and the jeans actually fit – so there no more poopy bum. Guys are once again things to be desired and oogled.

Of course, it only makes sense that Schultz would create a line of underwear specifically for their jeans. These fitted boxers and briefs have have interesting but simple and provocative words across the waistbands (aren’t we sick of brand names across waistbands anyway?) They are colorful and stylish and look great underneath jeans.

These first photo sets show how the whole Schultz jeans strap thing works, and the last photo sets focus on the actual underwear.




schultz underwear

schultz underwear

schultz underwear


So, what do you think? The perv in me really hopes these catch on making it easy to discover what underwear guys are wearing.


Hot Model Adam Cowie Schultz underwear

Adam Cowie snapshots from Manchester shoot.  Looking very fit and toned.

‘I Want Out’ White with Black Trim Briefs

Shout it out ‘I Want Out’ these fantastic designer briefs show an individuality and style that leaves the rest behind.  Schultz jeans designer underwear  is fun and comfortable and is made from 100% cotton, the cut for all the designer underwear is to fit and enhance, which it does.

This little number id designed in wicked white in the style of Y-Front Briefs, with black tape trim made from100% ribbed cotton.

‘I Want Out’ Yellow Briefs

“I Want Out” might be yellow but it’s no lemon!  Schultz jeans designer underwear delivers again giving you the comfort and fit that you deserve, look no further for the quality and look you want.

The softest of soft cotton is used in these Y-front briefs and they are trimmed in contrasting black tape to enhance. Made from soft ribbed cotton.

Sexy designer Schultz underwear – Tip top model Adam Cowie

We have been busy and Adam Cowie has been parading his fit and toned body in more underwear. Hope you enjoy.  Schultz underwear is sexy, hot and makes an ideal present for someone and a fantastic “Formetome” gift for yourself!  So enjoy and click through.

Schultz underwear dazzling designer underwear.

On Youtube – Adam Cowie looking hot

As I reported last year that Brazilians believe that if you wear yellow underwear at New Year you will have a wealthy new year and money will come your way.

I have been adding photo movies to you tube, like as if I do not have enough to do.  Check it out.  Schultz underwear fits that bill and that bottom and the ……….snugly and breathable!

Underwear from Schultz – fun and flirty knickers!

Underwear not only makes a perfect gift, it is also great to go shopping for yourself.  Shopping on the high street though can be sometimes a real pain and with the wonderful Internet it makes it so easy, soft music, glass of wine, no queuing, no parking charges just flick on the computer and settle back and shop, I love shopping for underwear.

The only draw back about it that,  is it can be a minefield in the fact that what should you buy? So many things to consider and look at and you are spoilt for choice, it can sometimes be overwhelming and why buy one product rather than another.    We all feel that way and sometimes we are a bit nervous about buying a new product that we have not tried before with questions rushing though our heads, such as,  will it fit? How will it fit? What will the quality of the garment be like?  What happens if I don’t like it?

At Schultz I know that you will love my knickers, well they will be yours when you buy them!  They are made from quality cotton and are colourful and fun.  The straplines are flirty and fun.   Okay, of course I am biased and I have a complete collection of Schultz designer underwear but I also have choice pieces from Ultimo and even Agent Provocateur.   Story in that one (I will bore you for a second)  I had been out for lunch with some girlfriends and one thing led to another and £200 later I was an Agent Provocateur customer.  Not that I regret it!!

So if you are looking for fun and flirty underwear that you will love and your partner will too.  Click away and get a pair or two. “I Want Out” women’s briefs, “Heatseeker” women’s briefs and “Coming Soon” women’s briefs.

Just on a final note I have been experimenting on “Movie Maker” it’s good fun and made the following hope you enjoy it.

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