GQ talking about white jeans

White Jeans the perfect jeans for the summer

Schultz love their Great White jeans read what GQ writer Style Shrink wrote about white jeans today in response to a readers questions.  Read the full article at GQ.  I wonder if he would like me to send him a pair of white jeans? I amsure that he would……Mr Style Shrink just let me know…

In GQ Daily the question was raised

All white now

“I am finding myself drawn to the previously unthinkable, as a pair of white pair of 501s has caught my attention. I saw the feature on Steve McQueen and the Monaco watch in the June 09 issue of GQ and white jeans seem to fit the look. What are your thoughts? Am I destined to be seen as McQueen or Hugh Grant in Notting Hill? I am 36, by the way, so no indie waif look for me.
Justin, by e-mail

I’m with Justin on the white jeans thing, however. And, like him, I find it slightly disturbing. It is along the lines of the fact that, deep down, most men secretly want a pair of white shoes. My theory is that there’s a little St Tropez in us all. (Either that or I am secretly channelling Flavio Briatore – rather tellingly I invested in a navy-and-white woven belt in Italy so it’s Portofino ahoy for me.)

So I think Justin would look the Steve’s knees in white 501s. He also asks what to pair the look with. I would suggest a blue-and-white striped T-shirt from Uniqlo (or try a Schultz t-shirt great colours and all hand printed). I also have my eye on what I think is the best yacht blouson of the summer from Belstaff, in navy with a lobster trim (£328, 020-7495 5897). For the feet I recommend a pair of suede desert boots from Church’s, in either and ink or a navy blue (from £160, 0207-734 2438). Finish it off with a pair of black Persol sunglasses and you will be set for summer and not just 24 hours at Le Mans.”

However, I don’t think that Style Shrink has seen our wonderful white jeans which feel great and look great so a win win situation all round.  An advanced jean designed to be different with the exclusive Schultz Strap making this jean different from the rest.

Men’s “Greatwhite” – Advanced Jean

Exclusive Schultz Greatwhite designer jeans in brilliant white, styled for a casual fit and look. These designer jeans are made from quaity cotton in bright white with a slightly narrow leg for a fashionable stylish look. Worker inspired low back pockets with a medium low waist, with one zippered pocket on the back of the jeans.  With the exclusive Schultz strap attachments and low 5 button fly.

  • Schultzstrap (patent pending)
  • 5 Button fly front
  • 6 pockets with a zipped pocket
  • Made in Europe
  • 98% cotton 2% elastane

A brilliant jean which is very popular indeed.


Schultz designer white jeans – got to have a pair this summer

The Great White Jean – GQ talk about it and guess what we have new stock of our very popular white jeans arrive on the very same day. Yipee.


White jeans have never been so sexy.

Underwear found – Schultz designer underwear found

As reported on Google News

Underwear retrieved – Stolen Schultz designer underwear found

Recently as reported Schultzjeans received a blow when a consignment of their new designer underwear was stolen. This up and coming casual designer wear company was hit hard just three weeks ago with the theft of a large consignment of men’s and women’s underwear. Schultzjeans is an Internet based company found at It is a family run business headed by brother and sister team Richard and Janine and they manufacture a high quality range of designer jeans, designer underwear for men and women, and men’s designer t-shirts.

The underwear was in a consignment of new designer underwear due to be delivered to the Cheadle distribution office at the beginning of May when thieves targeted the container whilst parked in Cleakheaton, Yorkshire, with the loss of nearly £30,000 of stock.

The police contacted Richard this week to advise him that part of the underwear consignment had been retrieved. Richard Schultz designer and co-founder of the Schultz jeans brand said “We are very pleased that some of the stock has been found it was retrieved in Yorkshire along with other stolen items. The items retrieved were the brand new and exclusive to Schultz “Girls on Top” underwear. Thanks to the investigations of the police they have managed to track down part of the underwear consignment let’s hope next time that more items will be retrieved”.

Richard went on to say “Three strapline ranges were stolen and we are hopeful that the rest of the stock will be retrieved, the underwear that was stolen was the long awaited new lines of “Girls on Top” and “Get a Grip” and the ever popular “Heatseeker” strapline which have not been found as yet. These two new straplines “Girls on Top” and “Get a Grip” are brand new and have not yet been released; they are exclusive underwear to the Schultz Jeans website at the moment so if bought anywhere else they will be stolen goods!”

The police are following new leads and we are hopeful that with the ongoing investigation and the hard work of the Yorkshire Police that they will be recovering more stock soon.

Richard Schultz – Director
Janine Schultz – Customer Services Director

Cheadle Office

Tel: 02081331616

Schultz underwear featured on USG-online

As featured on USG-Online blog.

We thank you for your feature, and what a great selection of Schultz pictures. And other hot models and products can be found on the site too. Happy hunting.


posted by: deusex | Monday April 6, 2009


While I like the idea of showing your underwear above your jeans like the saggers do I can’t stand the whole poopy bum jeans look that goes with it. It’s not sexy.

However, Schultz Jeans borrows the concept and takes it one step further and created a hot look for guys. They’ve come up with the “Schultz Strap” which is a strap that attaches inside the waist of your jeans. This way you can not only show the waistband of your underwear, but you can open the fly full to reveal even more. The strap keep the jeans from falling down, and the jeans actually fit – so there no more poopy bum. Guys are once again things to be desired and oogled.

Of course, it only makes sense that Schultz would create a line of underwear specifically for their jeans. These fitted boxers and briefs have have interesting but simple and provocative words across the waistbands (aren’t we sick of brand names across waistbands anyway?) They are colorful and stylish and look great underneath jeans.

These first photo sets show how the whole Schultz jeans strap thing works, and the last photo sets focus on the actual underwear.




schultz underwear

schultz underwear

schultz underwear


So, what do you think? The perv in me really hopes these catch on making it easy to discover what underwear guys are wearing.


Christmas a perfect time for giving!

Christmas is round the corner and you and your loved ones deserve the best, Schultz make a fantastic gift for you or your nearest and dearest.

There is still time to order the perfect gift – order today and you won’t be disappointed.

It is the last few days running up to the BIG DAY when we give and receive for to our loved ones and what better present than a thought through piece of clothing bought with love.  Schultz know that we have a great range of clothing for him and her, it is a gift that will be received with great thanks and appreciated.

All our jeans have the unique Schultz Strap meaning that you do not need to buy a new belt o go with your fabulous new designer jeans and that extra money could be spend on new undies for you or your loved ones, after all it’s Christmas and you deserve a treat too.  It is a time for giving and receiving and as I say every Christmas I always buy a “Tomefromme!” and I have never been disappointed yet!

snow man 3.jpg
blouberg_jean_man 1.jpg
you matter 6.jpg
Back in stock5.jpg

Brazilians believe if you wear yellow underwear on New Years Eve – You will have a Wealthy year!

As written on my hot men in undies blog during The credit crunch is biting all around the world not just here in England and when the economists calculated the effect of the credit crisis they warned of a run on the banks but not a run on yellow underwear.

In Brazil yellow underwear, means money, the colour of your underwear that you wear at midnight on New Year’s Eve is believed to influence your luck in the coming year.  Wearing red underwear is supposed to bring passion, pink underwear love, white underwear peace and green underwear luck.

Yellow underwear means money and with millions of people worried about the fallout from the credit crunch, they are flying off the shelves.  “People are desperate, they don’t want to lose their jobs and have some money in their pockets,” said Denise Areal, marketing director for Duloren, one of Brazil’s biggest underwear producers. “We’ve sold out 100,000 pairs and we don’t have time to make any more.   Generally, the red and pinks associated with passion and love, and the whites associated with peace are the big seller but this year yellow has taken over.”

Okay you don’t have to just wear it on New Year’s Eve you have  to according to tradition, women must wash the underwear in the New Year and then wear them inside out on the first Friday of the year for the effect to work.  Is it just women is my question and I can’t find the answer for that one – anybody answer my question do men have to do the same?

At Schultz we can help you with your love, passion, peaceful life, luck, money, wealth and good fortune.  If you believe in all this kind of stuff!  And if not it’s a great excuse for buying some new hot undies!

Yellow Underwear for wealth, money and good fortune

Mens “I Want Out” yellow boxers

Mens “I Want Out” yellow briefs

Sorry Ladies no yellow undies for you so you will have to nick his or buy some of these super comfortable cotton mens ones for yourself.

Pink Underwear for love

Mens Heatseeker” pink briefs

Mens “Handsfree” pink briefs

Mens “Handsfree” pink boxers

Ladies “Heatseeker” pink y-fronts

Ladies “Heatseeker” pink briefs

White underwear for peace

Mens “Coming Soon” white briefs

Mens “Coming Soon” white boxers

Mens “HandsFree” white briefs

Mens “HandsFree” white boxers

Mens “I Want Out” white briefs

Mens “I Want Out” white boxers

Ladies “Coming Soon” white briefs

Ladies “I Want Out” white briefs


Red underwear for passion

Mens “Coming Soon” Red Passion briefs

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