Lily Allen wears Agent Provocateur

Cheeky Lily Allen takes to the stage in Lady Gaga inspired outfit

Old News but still Agent Provocateur

By Daily Mail Reporter
Last updated at 5:59 PM on 25th October 2009

  • There was something Gaga about Lily Allen’s latest stage performance.

She donned a cheeky outfit worthy of Lady Gaga herself  – a bottom baring pair of tasselled knickers.

The skimpy leopard print costume showcased her curves, as she danced onstage in Antwerp.

Lily AllenRevealing: Lily Allen showed off her legs – and behind in a skimpy outfit onstage at the Lotto Arena in Antwerp on Friday

Fearless Lily didn’t seem to mind showing off her figure, twisting and turning as she danced on stage.

She accessorised the outfit with three stars glued onto her face.

Following her tour of Europe, she will be playing 12 dates in England over the next two months.

Lily allenCheeky: Lily’s tasselled pants showed off her curvy behind

But in between dates she has been spotted spending time with her decorator boyfriend Sam Cooper.

She has said he is a ‘bottom man’ – so perhaps his appreciation gave her the confidence for her latest show.

However, this isn’t the first time that Lily has shown of her rear.

Back in February she flashed it in an Agent Provocateur playsuit as she performed at GAY.

And last year she unintentionally showed off her behind to the society guests at at PR Guru Matthew Freud’s Christmas party.

Star: Lily's eye-catching eye make-up

Flashing your underwear its all the rage

WHAT is it with all these stars flashing their knickers?

There has barely been a festival this summer where Lily Allen hasn’t stripped to leopard-print shorties.

A Lil revealing … Pixie Lott, Lily Allen and Florence show off their underwear.

Lady GaGa has flashed them for a while on and off stage and loves doing that is why she gets so much publicity – lets face it if she wore jeans and a t-shirt she would not get the coverage she does – ITS PUBLICITY ……

A Lil revealing ... Pixie Lott, Lily Allen and Florence show off their undies

Pixie Lott has a penchant for big pants and Lady Gaga – as well as Florence from Florence And The Machine – aren’t shy about prancing around in undies, either.

Showing off your underwear is the latest look.   Topshop’s range of high-waisted hot pants come covered in sequins and are not meant to be hidden in your underwear drawer.

£25.00 size 6 – 14

£25.00 size 6 – 14

For brave souls who fancy trying the look, team your pants with opaque tights and killer heels.

But if you are a little more shy, try the new high-waisted knicker shape and cropped retro-style bra look on What Katie did or Agent Provocateur.

Lily Allen and her nipples

Lily Allen shows no Fear as she pops out yet AGAIN as she performs at jazz festival

It seems Lily Allen has still not mastered the art of preserving her modesty.   Following her recent wardrobe malfunction at Glastonbury where her cleavage tape went awry, the singer was at it again after she ‘inadvertently’ flashed her bust mid song.  And not the first time as below shows………

On set of her new video

The 24-year-old star was on stage performing at the 43rd Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland when she made the slip again.

A bra-less Lily Allen had a wardrobe malfunction as her dress came away at the bust as she performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Lily Allen

After lifting her arm in the air in a seemingly graceful pose, crowds were left smiling as the songstress’s loosely-fitting dress came away around her chest to reveal a bra-less Allen.   It’s certainly not the first time The Fear singer has experienced such a mishap.   There you go Lily!!!!

Katy Perry loves Agent Provocateur underwear

Katy Perry loves her Agent Provocateur

Headlines in The Sunday Times – Style Magazine – Her pseudo-lesbian lyrics have upset both gay activists and the religious right, and she called Lily Allen fat. But, Katy Perry’s talent for provocation is a big part of her appeal

Katy Perry in a royal blue catsuit
This little suit is not the first time that a celebrity has worn it, Amanda Holden loved it in red, Lily Allen preferred the blue as did Peaches Geldof.  You can find it on the website of Agent Provocateur called the Marine Suit at a mere snip of £395 but only in red – maybe the blue was a limited edition.

“Seductive silk cashmere body suit in a playful sailor style. This flattering knitted body suit features eye-catching contrast white stripe and frill detail on the collar, cuffs and legs, and is completed with a white cashmere tie for pure pin-up glamour. A clever mock button-down flap at the centre front disguises a popper fastening at the bottom front.”

Read the full article on the website Sunday Times – Style Magazine

Lilly Allen flashes her boobs – Oh Lily, Lily, Lily

Braless Lily Allen’s flashes her nipples!

Only yesterday Lily was unveiled as the face of one of Britain’s most prestigious art galleries. But Lily Allen’s elegant image didn’t last too long, but how come we are not surprised about this as Lily is known for raising an eyebrow or two!   Today Lily was back to her usual ways with a slip of a gown and a lash of a nipple.

Lily was left a little over-exposed in the lovely backless dress as her boob popped out when filming a video for her latest single.

Elegant Lily Allen publicises the National Portrait Gallery

Lily Allen

Lily was on a cigarette break (naughty Lily)  and chatting to crew when she made a boob in more ways than one and her boob came out to say hello.  No rocket science to see that she was not wearing a bra!!!

Lily Allen
Backless dress and you can see the outline of her nipples so defo no bra –
Lily Allen
And probably no knickers – or defo no VPL
Lily Allen

Lily and flashing her bottom, legs, and boobs is nothing new as past posts prove…….. And apparently she confessed  earlier this year, to sending a topless text to Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman Ricky Wilson. Oh WHY ???????  She also bared her ‘third nipple’ on Dutch TV.  Just like Chandler Bing from Friends

Lily Allen Flashing once again – Camera and smile it will make the news

Cheeky Lily Allen goes for a revealing blue outfit for G-A-Y performance

As far as outfits go Lily Allen usually grabs the headlines. But her latest must take the biscuit for the most shocking.   The Smile singer bared her backside in a electric blue Little-Bo-Peep costume and stockings. The outfit consisted of a frilly top, lacy knickers and matching blue stockings, coupled with a pair of towering beige platform heels.

lily allen

Braving the cold, Lily certainly attracted attention


Cheeky Girl

The sharp colours continued with the star donning bright pink lips and nails, contrasted by her dark long hair.  The cheeky number was in aid of her performance at G-A-Y but it didn’t stop the 23-year-old wearing it out for a night of celebrating at nightspot Bungalow 8.  Lily, who has played at G-A-Y once before, performed classics from Alright, Still as well as tracks from her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You.  And she lived up to her feisty reputation by returning to the stage for an encore dressed as Britney Spears to perform a cover of Womaniser.  The gesture was a dig at Britney who failed to perform live at G-A-Y in December. Her performance at G-A-Y comes in the wake of an interview with the Gay Times in which she said she once kissed identical lesbian twins.

lily allen
lily allen
Do you reckon she has a Brazilian
This is not the first time I have shown this outfit on my blog as Peaches as in Geldof wore the very same outfit with white hold ups and red/pink knickers in the Agent Provocateur catwalk.

Lily Allen “I can see your knickers!”

I have heard of see through flimsy dresses….but Lily !!!!

Lily Allen may well appear to be scratching her head (hope it’s not nits) after she was seen leaving her favourite restaurant Nobu, in Central London last night.  But it was her unusual choice of dress that left onlookers somewhat confused, and wondering whether it was meant to look like that, or had something gone wrong?

Lily wore a pale pink silk and sheer panelled tiered gown which swept the floor to dine out.

Lily Allen leaving Nobu
I can see your knickers Lily ?  Am I supposed to?

Lily Allen wore a sheer silk tiered dress which revealed her underwear at London’s Nobu restaurant last night

Lily Allen pictured leaving Damien Hirst Christmas Party dress in a torn pink dress
But hasn’t Lily got a nice toned tummy!

And although there appeared to be plenty of expensive fabric, the sheer panels failed to cover her silky underwear, which could clearly be seen through the dishevelled-looking garment.

Barely there: Lily’s dress had a huge sheer panel which exposed her silky underwear underneath

Lily Allen

Silk and lace: Lily wore matching pale pink underwear under her dress – I wonder where the underwear came from….? Could be Agent Provocateur but not this season!

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