Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese peels off for Germany in Eurovision rehearsals

It might be over but not forgotten as Dita strut her stuff behind the German singer singing his little ditty.

There’ was the usual gravity-defying hair and eye-popping coloured Lycra costumes, but this year’s Eurovision Song Contest offered a little bit of sex appeal thanks to one Miss Dita Von Teese- or should that be a lot?

The burlesque star gave a glimpse of what was to come as she peeled down to a very racy basque during rehearsals in Moscow early this week.   The former Mrs Marilyn Manson exposed almost all her cleavage – diamante nipple tassels were the only thing saving her modesty – as she practised her routine with the Germany entry for the annual competition.  Needless to say even with Dita strutting her stuff they only got 35 points and therefore did not win all the bands lost to a fiddling Norwegian.


Dita Von Teese rehearses with Germany’s Eurovision entry Alex Swings Oscar Sings in Moscow this week

 Dita Von Teese

Dita has had a huge following in Germany since her failed marriage to shock rocker Manson, whose music is popular in the country.   Dita, 36, told German newspaper Bild earlier this month: ‘I feel honoured to appear with Alex and Oscar at the Grand Prix in Moscow.

Dita von Teese

Keep you mind on the job in hand and not Dita’s tit

Favourite to win (yes, really): Alexander Rybak, who will represent Norway, is tipped to secure victory at odds of 4-5, according to Ladbrokes and he did!!!!!!!

Alexander Rybak

The Saturdays

Comic relief is now just a distant memory but The Saturdays single “Just can’t get enough” is still knocking about.  The girls stripped down to underwear, corsets, bras, knickers and suspenders and stockings to strut about provocatively for the pleasure of all.


Saturdays in underwear and dressing gowns.

The girls show they are not shy as they dance around in only their bras and skimpy shorts and skirts.

The Saturdays

The girls appear in a series of 1950s pin-up poses

The Saturdays

Vanessa files her nails while under a hairdryer

The song will helped raise money for Comic Relief, which took place on March 13, and the girls  said that they were delighted to have been picked to record the official song.

The Saturdays

The Saturdays

Una gets to grips with a pair of white roller skates as she dons racy black stockings

The Saturdays

Nice accessory: Frankie holds a vacuum for part of the video

The Saturdays

Rochelle pampers herself in the mirror in a stylish blue nightie

Bandmate Frankie added that they were getting good advice from her boyfriend Dougie Poynter, whose band McFly recorded a previous Comic Relief single (2005’s All About You).


Dougie Poynter

She said: ‘McFly did a good job and got really involved when they released a song for Red Nose Day, and Dougie and I talked about it, absolutely.

‘We discussed how it’s normal to want to get involved with things, and give it your best. We feel the same and just want to do our bit.’

The Saturdays

Vanessa listens to a gramophone, clad in a ruffled dress and purple heels.

Teri Hatcher – Desperate Housewives

Teri Hatcher is going to be appearing on Desperate Housewives in sultry and sexy underwear in the hope of enticing her on-screen lover.  You saucy minx you!

Reported in the papers this week Desperate Housewives star will be seducing her lover, Teri is not new to hot and sexy shots all you need to do is search the Internet to find a plethora of shots with pushed up boobs and lacy, slinky knickers.

The story line is all about Teri Hatcher’s on-screen boyfriend who swears off sex, her character goes to extreme lengths in an attempt to entice him into bed.

Teri Hatcher does her best impression of a flasher - as her character on Desperate Housewives tears apart her raincoat to reveal her sexy lingerie.

Teri’s character Susan Mayer sneaks out of her house wearing only a Macintosh over her raunchy corset and stockings.  Saucy Susan aims to seduce new boyfriend Jackson Braddock (Gale Harold) after he announces he won’t sleep with her until he finishes a painting of her.

So off she goes in mac and sexy underwear and she goes on to perform a sexy slow striptease in an attempt to distract him from painting his masterpiece.  Peeling off the Colombo’s Mac ! Susan shows off her impressive figure in black lacy corset and black stockings.

Teri Hatcher does her best impression of a flasher - as her character on Desperate Housewives tears apart her raincoat to reveal her sexy lingerie.

Enviable figure and not as skinny as she has been shown as in the past with headlines of “Is she Anorexic?” and”Skinny Teri”  Some photos especially the one when she is running she did look a little too skinny but these shots don’t shout any of those words, to me anyway.

But after her ‘performance’, Susan soon finds her mind is taken off her goal as she becomes enthralled by  Jackson’s painting of her. Susan is moved by the painting, which depicts her looking sad, and realises he knows her much better than she thought he did.  A perceptive man w ho may be in touch with his feminine side, maybe a lot more than Susan thinks or knows!  Who can recall him from as Queer as Folk and the full on kisses?In the Buff!

Queer as Folk

Queer as Folk

In real life, Teri’s co-star Gale is currently in a Los Angeles hospital following a motorcycle crash on October 14th, poor guy.  He spent two weeks in intensive care after suffering a fractured shoulder and swelling on the brain, but is expected to make a full recovery.   Lets wish him a speedy recovery. And can’t wait for the next episode.

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