Claire Richards talking about it again!

‘I looked like a person in a fat suit’ Former Steps singer Claire Richards explians how she five dress sizes and rediscovered a new old shape!

Steps big in their time but now just a distant memory from a by gone time!  Claire Richards one of the blonde ones in the group has undergone an amazing transformation after slimming from a size 20 to a 10 in just nine months and says she’s determined to maintain her stunning new body.  I bet she is – that is some weaight lose.

The 31-year-old singer lost five stone in time for her wedding day last November and cannot imagine going back to her former 15 stone shape.  ‘I’m so much happier now and I’m going to do everything I can to make sure I stay this way for good’ she told Mail Online.

Claire Richards

Richards admits that it will be a struggle to keep the weight off but says she is determined to avoid falling into the trap of stars such as Natalie Cassidy who have slimmed down dramatically for a fitness DVD and then slowly put the weight back on.

Before and after and……

After again!

Claire says “I know that there will be a lot of pressure on me to stay slim and people will be paying close attention to my body to see if I’m managing to keep the weight off. But no-one could put more pressure on me than I’ll be putting on myself. I never want to be in the position I was before.”

Her new fitness DVD 5 Step Fat Attack is now outselling the likes of Spice Girl Mel B and Strictly Come Dancing, Richards says she credits its success to the fact that her story is ‘real’.

Claire Richards before

The big one!

Richards says that, although it was hard work shifting all of the weight, she felt like a million dollars walking down the aisle when she married her partner Reece Hill.   ‘It was an amazing feeling. There were a lot of people who hadn’t seen me for a while so it was nice to see the looks on the faces,’ she muses.  Now not only does she have a fantastic body, she also has far more energy to run around after her one-year-old son Charlie.

Party in the Park

Pop star days: A slim Richards with bandmates Lisa Scott-Lee and Faye Tozer performing at London’s Party in the Park in 1999.  I wonder where they are now and what they look like?

Claire Sweeney My Big Fat Diet

So many of the papers are writing about Claire Sweeney and her weight gain of 6 weeks! and the TV programme My Big Fat Diet was on tonight and made for interesting viewing – did you see it and the changes?

ITV1, 9pm Tuesday 6th January 2009

claire sweeney

At a time when many of us are starting diets, Claire Sweeney is going to stuff her face silly.

The Daily Mirror wrote : In a Morgan Spurlock Super Size Me-type experiment, Claire ditches her healthy lifestyle to discover how easy it is to get fat, and what effect it has on her body.

Consider it the unofficial follow-up to ITV1’s The Truth About Size Zero, in which Louise Redknapp’s dress size went in completely the opposite direction.  Claire usually eats a balanced diet and exercises three times a week to maintain her size 12 figure. But for six weeks she’ll eat whatever she fancies.

For anyone who has to watch their diet, it sounds like a dream job. And Claire certainly looks like the cat that got the cream when she goes to the supermarket – quite literally at one point as she necks fatty, creamy milk while still in the aisles.   But unfortunately, wolfing down custard slices, cream cakes and hamburgers yields predictable results. And as her waistline grows, her confidence diminishes – especially when she goes to Hollywood and comes in for a slating from image-conscious film industry experts (although by their freaky standards, even her regular dress size is considered big).

It’s amazing how much weight she puts on in such a short time but the real shock for Claire is discovering what health risks her new shape poses.  Meanwhile, here’s an unofficial Big Fat Diet game for you. Take a bite of cake every time you see someone on the programme who’s overdosed on sunbeds!!! Well that will make 93 then!!!!!!

Claire only seems to know orange people so you’ll be the size of a house in no time.

Okay experiment over how long to lose that weight then??????? another programme then the My Big Fat get back to where I was six weeks ago diet

Claire Sweeney gains 2 stone !

How Claire Sweeney piled on two stone … on purpose

Claire started many years ago on Brookside a soap set in Liverpool.  Over the years she has often spoken about her struggle to maintain a slender figure and when you see photos from over the years she has been slim and a little bit more chunky, but not what I ever would call fat.  But now Claire Sweeney has willingly put on two stones  –  in only six weeks.  The 37-year- old actress deliberately gorged herself for a TV documentary to show how easy it is to become obese.   She goes from 9st 12lb at the beginning of the process to 11st 10lb at the end, and sees her bra size swell from a C cup to a G cup – can’t say that I think  her boobs are a size G !

 Claire Sweeney
After – with a more rounded tummy and fuller boobs – but a G ????

Claire Sweeney’s weight went from 9st 12lb when she started filming the documentary  My Big Fat Diet to 11st 10l.    In Claire Sweeney: My Big Fat Diet, to be shown on ITV January 6, the former Brookside star travels to America where she is told she should be a UK size six to make it in Hollywood.   The documentary sees her try to gain as much weight as possible in an attempt to show the ‘personal and social consequences of being overweight’.   And for Miss Sweeney, it is an experience that will bring back unpleasant memories.   Her weight ballooned after she appeared in the West End musical Chicago in 2001.

She said: ‘I went to my favourite restaurant in Soho every night and had Thai chicken, fat chips, eggs benedict, Jack Daniel’s and wine. And I loved Pizza Express  –  I was just eating everything and dancing it off during the performances.  ‘I got so fat, gossips thought I was pregnant.’  She became conscious of her figure after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, also in 2001, and went on the low carbohydrate Atkins diet, but collapsed after four weeks.

Claire Sweeney Claire Sweeney

Claire admits her weight ballooned in 2001 after she appeared in the West End musical Chicago.   She said: ‘My temperature soared and I couldn’t stop shaking. I was diagnosed with a kidney infection.’   After that she vowed she would never follow such a diet again.   For the documentary Miss Sweeney, who is currently playing Snow White’s evil stepmother in panto, was advised by a doctor and her health was regularly monitored.  The programme is one of three diet shows  on ITV in the New Year. One will feature celebrities and experts explaining how best to diet.  The third, The Biggest Loser, sees people competing to shed the most weight.

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