Cheryl Cole and that Tattoo

After showing her tattoo now she has to defend having it done!

Cheryl Cole's tattoo revealed by artist
The tattoo covers the star’s back and bottom. 

Pop star Cheryl Cole has defended her decision to have a giant tattoo of English roses inked on her bottom and lower back after her artist posted an image of the design on-line.  It must have taken ages, oh the pain is my first thought and then bloody hell how long did it take and what will it look like when she is 65.  However, a young lady said to me after venturing into her first tattoo on her foot recently and she will remain nameless as her mum cried and her dad does not yet know!  Anyway she said by the time I get to 65 they will have a machine that will just zap it and it will gone, she could be right the way technology is moving!

Nikko Hurtado, who owns the Black Anchor tattoo studio in Hesperia, California, put the image on his Instagram page on Saturday.  Dont know if Cheryl wanted it posted out there but he did it.

Within hours, fans of the 30-year-old singer had posted their opinion of the tattoo on the star’s Twitter page.

Comments from other celebrities

michelle keegan ‏@michkeegan24 Aug

No gonna lie I actually heart 💗 @CherylCole new tattoo! #dontcare X

Pop star Cheryl Cole

The pop star said the tattoo took around 15 hours to complete

Cole confirmed the image was of her bottom and said she had been hiding the design for eight months before it was detailed.  She wrote: “People are entitled to their own opinion. Personally I’ve never really concerned myself with other people’s body parts!  “I’ve had it for seven-eight months but only just had it detailed. I can pretty much safely say I’m now done!”  She added that the tattoo took around 15 hours to complete and she chose English roses as they are her favourite flowers.

Lower-back-tatt: Cheryl Cole showed off her rose design at a Girls Aloud concert in February this year

Mr Hurtado said the picture was on an “in progress tattoo I’ve been covering up and reworking” and described the singer as “tough as nails”.  Online reaction to the tattoo has been mixed, with many fans have said they don’t like it but also many have said they do!

Well as long as she likes it what does it matter what anyone else thinks, her body after all!

Cheryl Cole and the cheese string knickers….

Cheryl Cole has knickers with a mind of their own…..

We all love Cheryl from Girls aloud to x-factor Cheryl loves her fashion but with being so “High Maintenance” and on show 24/7 it is only natural that she would have her fashion faux pas and as reported this week she did…poor Cheryl…..Cheryl was forced to rearrange her yellow minidress after she was caught with a wedgie in public….and her knickers if she was weraing any were wandering…….

Cheryl, who is presently taking a break from X Factor auditions to work on her solo album in the US, has been sporting an array of bright outfits for the warm Los Angeles weather.

Cheryl Cole looking very bright in a short yellow dress
Cheryl Cole

Looking stunnng in a super-short yellow sundress was teamed with a thin gold belt. towering Christian Louboutin heels and slouchy tan leather bag.

Cheryl Cole hot favourite for FHM sexiest woman prize

Cheryl Cole favourite for FHM sexiest women of the year prize

Posted on FHM at the moment is:

Unlucky – voting’s now closed for this year!

We’re busy tallying up millions of votes from all over the world. And believe us when we say there were some odd entries. But then again there are 3.6 billion women to choose from

The official top ten will be revealed on April 22. See you then.

Cheryl in younger days not that she is old now yet either!

In a recent survey to find the best contradiction in terms, “plastic glass” came in at No.3, “military intelligence” was second and “FHM reader” won top prize – to unsult FHM just a little bit more.

FHM is bought predominantly by spotty teenagers or not so spotty but defienetly teenagers that want to find out about the opposite sex and FHM delivers every month and after all these growing and dveloping teenagers like to ogle scantily-clad women.

Every year FHM lookers vote for the sexiest women of the year, which affords them the perfect opportunity to perv on as many glamour models as possible.

It is every kid’s right to eye up beautiful women but as they get older they learn that true beauty is only a light switch away. Cheryl Cole is 4-6 favourite with Power to be voted FHM’s sexiest woman, just weeks after climbing to the top of Kilimanjaro. So we will have to wait and see.

So for your pleasure Cheryk and some stories.

Cheryl and no wedding ring!!! Oh Ashley you FOOL!

Girls Aloud and loads of rubber

Girls Aloud hot and sexy in rubber….and I don’t mean tyres!

After Chery and Kimberley recently scaled Kilimanjaro in order to raise £1million for Comic Relief.

The two girls including there band mates  has overcome an ever bigger hurdle – their modesty.

The girls stripped down to reveal toned and agile bodies. It is not the first time the girls have squeezed or should that be slid into rubber back in 2007 they donned black rubber cat suits!

Mrs Cole, wife of Chelsea footballer Ashley, poses in a see-through PVC top and skimpy black underwear to promote the band’s new single ‘Untouchable’.   Both Miss Harding and Miss Coyle opted for revealing one-piece garments while Miss Walsh leaves little to the imagination in a barely-there cat suit.

Sarah Harding, who models for underwear brand Ultimo, poses to promote the new Girls Aloud single Untouchable

Sarah Harding

It’s a far cry from the girl-next-door image that they cultivated when they formed in 2002 in the reality show Pop Stars: The Rivals.   The group have since become the most successful British girl band ever with 20 consecutive top ten hits. Their latest single is also expected to equally successful.   Their latest album Out Of Control has already sold 750,000 copies and they have sold more than six million records in total.

Kimberley Walsh shows off the curves normally only seen by boyfriend-of-five-years Justin Scott

Kimberley Walsh

Nadine’s Coyle preserved her modesty with a string of beads over her transparent vest top

Nadine Coyle

Last month Girls Aloud won a Brit award for Best British Single at Earl’s Court. They have also announced a 32-date tour which begins in Manchester in April.  Before auditioning for the band Mrs Cole was a 19-year-old working as a waitress in a cafe in Newcastle. She has since appeared on the cover of Vogue.

Red-haired Nicola Roberts’ pale skin blends into the white background

Nicola Roberts

The new Girls Aloud single and video, Untouchable, was shown for the first time on Channel 4 last week and will be released on April 27th.

Back at the beginning: Fresh-faced Girls Aloud as a newly formed group in 2002

Back at the beginning: Girls Aloud as a newly formed group in 2002

Cheryl Cole weight gain plans

Thin Cheryl Cole makes plans to go on a New Year diet… to put on weight

After being shocked by her skinny frame on the X Factor final this month, Cheryl Cole has decided to go on a New Year diet.    But while most of the female popultaion will be trying to lose weight aftereating one too many mince pies and drinking one to many glasses of wine, the Girls Aloud stunner will be attempting to gain half a stone and the rest Cheryl at least a stone chick!

Hundreds of fans expressed concern on message boards for the 25-year-old singer after seeing her bony frame on the talent show.

cheryl cole

A skinny looking Cheryl Cole, seen here at the X Factor Final, has said that she is going to gain half a stone.

After being stunned by her own appearance in the Julien McDonald dress while watching a tape of the show, Cheryl has decided to bulk up.   A friend told Reveal magazine: ‘Cheryl was watching the show and she thought she looked terrible – too unhealthy.   ‘She’s a size 6-8 and she wants to get to a size 8-10, but she doesn’t want to eat junk to put it on, she wants to do it as healthily as possible.  ‘She’s hiring a dietician and she’s going to be eating lots of carbs such as wholemeal bread, rice and potatoes.’

Alexandra Burke Cheryl Cole X Factor final

Skinny Cheryl stunned audiences when her revealing dress showed off her increasingly slight frame

The Geordie star’s waistline has shrunk this year in what has been a stressful and busy time.  In January, Cheryl was devastated when 22-year-old hairdresser Aimee Walton claimed she’d slept with her footballer husband Ashley Cole, 28.   Over the last few months, Cheryl has been balancing her X Factor duties with promoting the latest Girls Aloud album Out Of Control.

 Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole

In August, Cheryl admitted she had insecurities about her figure and had days when she felt ‘fat’!!!!!

Curvier: A heavier Cheryl at the Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party in 2004

Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud performs live on stage during the Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners party 2004

She told Heat magazine: ‘There will be times when I’ve got changed three or more times before I leave the house.  ‘Could be hormones, bad hair day, feel fat or spotty. I have it all.’  She also revealed she didn’t like her legs and preferred to cover them up.  She said: ‘I’m terrible. I don’t like my legs. I haven’t got much of them for a start.  ‘It’s just the thing that I don’t like so if I was dressing myself I’d probably cover them up.’  Following her appearance on the X Factor final, fans flocked to message boards posting comments about her frame.  One, called Azalea, said: ‘Cheryl looks emaciated!’  Another, Joules, wrote: ‘Her dress was beautiful but she needs to put on a little weight.’  Fan Shiri added: ‘I do not agree that Cheryl Cole looked great on Saturday night – it’s hero worship gone too far.  Feminist icon Germaine Greer also claimed Cheryl was ‘too thin’ to be a role model for women.   When asked if Cole would make a good feminist icon, Greer said last month: ‘Cheryl Cole? No, there’s not enough of her. She’s too thin.’

Cheryl and Ashley tuck into loaded plates of chips, gammon and eggs at a pub in Surrey at the weekend

Healthy appetite: Cheryl and Ashley are seen tucking into a plate of chips, gammon and eggs in October, backing up claims she is unable to put on weight despite eating a normal diet.

Cheryl Cole has got boobs

Cheryl adds a little extra… The X Factor judge shows off her cleavage whilst out with Ashley and the girls! A fun night

Hervé Léger we salute you, well this year anyway!  It has been hailed by celebrities for its seemingly magical ability to enhance their natural assets, their boobies – it’s like magic knickers but worn on the outside and a lot more expensive than a Trinny and Susannah fat sucking knickers.


Spot the celebrity !

Now it seems Cheryl Cole has become the latest to enjoy the wonders of the Hervé Léger bandage dress.  On a night out in London, the Girls Aloud singer and X Factor judge appeared with a daring display of cleavage.

Girls Aloud Cheryl and husband Ashley Cole

Va va vroom – Cheryl Cole showed off her unusually large cleavage as she left Nobu with husband Ashley last night

The £1,200 dress squeezes and pushes the body to give the desired shape. In Miss Cole’s case, the effect was perhaps helped along by an uplifting bra.   Whatever the cause, it was a considerable change from the usual look.  Compare a nd contrast her appearance in a comparatively demure animal print dress when she visited Kitts club in London in October.

Cheryl Cole at the Mayfair Hotel
Now you see them……
Cheryl Cole
Now you don’t…………….

On her latest outing Miss Cole, 25, was joined by her husband, the footballer Ashley Cole, and bandmates Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh and Sarah Harding, who was on the arm of her boyfriend, the DJ Tom Crane.

They enjoyed a night at Nobu restaurant in Mayfair, heading afterwards to the Mayfair Hotel for drinks. The group were celebrating the filming of their one-off television special, The Girls Aloud Party, which will broadcast on ITV1 on December 13, same night as the X-Factor final now who will win that?  JLS? Alexandra or Little Eggon!!!!!

Predictably, Cheryl and Ashley left at the sensible hour of 11.30pm, trying to be good then.  While Nicola and Kim followed soon after, together!!   For their part, Cheryl and Ashley looked very together 10 months on from nearly splitting over his alleged infidelities.   And as far as his rehabilitation is concerned, his night out with the Cheryl’s Girls Aloud bandmates seemed the latest sign that the Chelsea defender had finally made his way back into the fold.

Girls Aloud Cheryl and husband Ashley Cole

Cheryl and Ashley went home at a respectable 11:30pm, leaving the bandmates to party without her and they both look sober!

But partygirl Sarah – dressed in a white bow-tie number – and Tom stayed on until 2am.  They got rather frisky in the back of their cab as they left, but all eyes were really on the Coles.

Sarah Harding

Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding made boyfriend Tom Crane smile with a snog in the back of a taxi! They had been to Nobu and the Mayfair Hotel

Loved up: Sarah and her DJ boyfriend Tom smooch in the back to their chauffeur-driven car

Girls aloud raunchy Christmas Show

Girls aloud get £1 million for Christmas show

Lucky girls I am sure that we have all seen the adverts for the Christmas Show with the girls magically getting ready for their Christmas extravaganza.  Girls aloud have moved up the ranks of popularity.

Six years after finding fame on ITV’s talent show Popstars: The Rivals, Girls Aloud are returning to the channel for a 2008 Christmas special.   ITV says the girls will host an hour-long show called  The Girls Aloud Party – as the adverts tell us.

The deal is understood to be worth £1million, meaning a Christmas bonus of £200,000 each for Cheryl Cole, 25, Sarah Harding, 26, Nicola Roberts, 23, Nadine Coyle, 23, and Kimberly Walsh, 26.

Girls Aloud, from left, Sarah, Cheryl, Kimberly, Nicola and Nadine, are to host their own show

Girls Aloud, from left, Sarah, Cheryl, Kimberly, Nicola and Nadine, are to host their own show Looking very sexy in black, lace and tassells and no thong knickers round  by thier knees thank the Lord!

The format will be sorted by now and it will be produced along the lines  of an entertainment show in which the girls collaborate with special guest musicians, act as chat-show hosts and even have a go at some comedy.  Oh well we will have to see how that one goes!!!!

In one sketch, understood to be a parody of film and TV series Charlie’s Angels, Cheryl poses provocatively with a pneumatic drill.  Okay we will also wait for that one!

The deal with ITV is understood to be worth £1million, meaning a Christmas bonus of £200,000 for each of the band members

Do you know some photos make you look odd!  Heads too big… bodies too small!!!! Or is it just me?

This all means a very busy time for the girls and especially for Cheryl who is also judging the ever popular X-Factor and she still has two acts in the show?  Who do you think will win now that the ample breasted Ruth has now gone!

Girls Aloud are joined on stage by Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton after performing on Children In Need on Friday

Girls Aloud are joined by Terry Wogan and Fearne Cotton after performing on Children In Need and looking better proportioned or is it me again.  Do I need glasses?

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