Serena Williams and bouncing boobs – big time!

Serena Williams bouncing boobies!

Okay girls we all know that when we are playing sports a sports bra that flattens yours boobs to your body and makes you look like a boy and Serena screwed up on that one! Big Time!

With her powerful frame and striking curves, Serena Williams turns heads with more than just her return of serve.   But in Florida last week, her generous bust threatened to overshadow her performance on court.

Wearing a bright orange vest and skirt, the 10-times Grand Slam winner could perhaps have benefited from a more supportive sports bra.

Giving it some welly: Serena Williams could perhaps have benefited from a more supportive bra in her match at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami

Serena Williams

The Boobs with a mind of their own!! Watch out girl they will have your eye out.

Despite the bouncing boobs she beat her opponent, China’s Peng Shuai, in two sets, with a score of 7-5 6-2.

So girl get a squash ’em flat sports bra!!!

Victoria Beckham uplifting bra!

Victoria Beckham uplifting bra and a low-cut dress

She’s been dressing very demurely of late – aside from the odd military outfit  which was frankly horrid.

November 2008 attire !

Victoria Beckham

High fashion: Victoria Beckham strutted through Los Angeles LAX Airport yesterday in a grey military-inspired outfit

But Victoria Beckham returned to a familiar style last night.   Posh got out her cleavage  as she went for dinner with husband David in Milan, and once more her modest charms appeared to get an extra boost.  Gel bra maybe!

Maybe the former Spice was making one last, or should that be lust, effort to lure Becks back to America.

Busting out: Victoria Beckham displayed a voluptuous cleavage as she left a Milan restaurant with husband David last night

Don’t get the boobies out girls!

The Sunday Times wrote this week

Who let the dogs out?

Brady, Kelly, Britton: go easy on the cleavage

Liz Hurley and those boobs!

Okay Liz as in Hurley is again in the press this time not flashing her knickers when switching on a GIANT light switch but attending a charity event for Breast Cancer!A great cause to support. Just some facts before I show you the pictures. Breast cancer is now the most common cancer in the UK.In 2005 more than 45,500 women were diagnosed with breast cancer, that’s around 125 women a day that is a lot! Bet you did not know this FACT – Each year around 300 men are diagnosed with breast cancer.In the last ten years, female breast cancer incidence rates in the UK have increased by 13%. That is a frightening statistic.Eight in ten breast cancers are diagnosed in women aged 50 and over, none of us are getting any younger.The NHS breast screening programme in England saves around 1,400 lives each year. Worldwide, more than a million women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. The highest rates of breast cancer occur in Northern and Western Europe (that’s where I live) and North America and the lowest rates are in Northern, Eastern and Middle African countries and Asia. (Facts from cancer website) Anyway back to Miss Hurley when she went to her wardrobe to chose an outfit she chose carefully and got this little number out. She flicking switches again but this time to bathe the Tower of London in pink light for breast cancer awareness and she wore the racy red number which was carefully chosen to hit the papers I am sure!

Apparently an onlooker reportedly said “Liz is the queen of the headline-grabbing frock” and then they went on to say “When raising awareness for breast cancer she obviously put a lot of thought and effort into her choice of outfit – drawing attention to the cause without even having to say a word.”

The dress enhanced BIG TIME her cleavage making it look comical.Liz is promoting Breast awareness here and across the pond and recently at Bloomingdale’s she was resolute that if we all think a little more about what we can do and then do something about it, like donating to this cause it could be beaten.Liz has her own first hand experience of this killer disease with her grandmother dying of the disease and three girlfriends being diagnosed with breast cancer under the age of 40.And luckily, through early diagnosis and treatment they all survived.

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