Coleen’s real women and Adam Cowie

Coleen is back with her fashion makeover show that puts real women in the limelight. Today she is looking for a real woman to model for an H. Samuel diamonds campaign.Coleen is back on the television plucking unknown would be models from the suburbs and putting them forward to represent well known high street brands. The first episode saw Coleen hitting the streets up north casting in Manchester, with over 5000 applications on line she selected just 60 “real women.

The video is available on on Coleen’s real women but only for one month and counting down.

A scene from “Real Women”

The Real Women go weak at their knees and who can blame them as Mr Cowie is one lovely looking hunky man. The Real Women are made up, dressed up and even the odd hair cut! The photo shoot is romantic and has the back drop of a steam train.

But if you miss the video as it has gone hope you enjoy these bits of Mr Cowie and he is not wearing many clothes so it is a bonus.

Can’t see his face in the second photo – but trust me it is Mr Cowie

Hot Model Adam Cowie Schultz underwear

Adam Cowie snapshots from Manchester shoot.  Looking very fit and toned.

‘I Want Out’ White with Black Trim Briefs

Shout it out ‘I Want Out’ these fantastic designer briefs show an individuality and style that leaves the rest behind.  Schultz jeans designer underwear  is fun and comfortable and is made from 100% cotton, the cut for all the designer underwear is to fit and enhance, which it does.

This little number id designed in wicked white in the style of Y-Front Briefs, with black tape trim made from100% ribbed cotton.

‘I Want Out’ Yellow Briefs

“I Want Out” might be yellow but it’s no lemon!  Schultz jeans designer underwear delivers again giving you the comfort and fit that you deserve, look no further for the quality and look you want.

The softest of soft cotton is used in these Y-front briefs and they are trimmed in contrasting black tape to enhance. Made from soft ribbed cotton.

On Youtube – Adam Cowie looking hot

As I reported last year that Brazilians believe that if you wear yellow underwear at New Year you will have a wealthy new year and money will come your way.

I have been adding photo movies to you tube, like as if I do not have enough to do.  Check it out.  Schultz underwear fits that bill and that bottom and the ……….snugly and breathable!

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