Cheryl Cole and the cheese string knickers….

Cheryl Cole has knickers with a mind of their own…..

We all love Cheryl from Girls aloud to x-factor Cheryl loves her fashion but with being so “High Maintenance” and on show 24/7 it is only natural that she would have her fashion faux pas and as reported this week she did…poor Cheryl…..Cheryl was forced to rearrange her yellow minidress after she was caught with a wedgie in public….and her knickers if she was weraing any were wandering…….

Cheryl, who is presently taking a break from X Factor auditions to work on her solo album in the US, has been sporting an array of bright outfits for the warm Los Angeles weather.

Cheryl Cole looking very bright in a short yellow dress
Cheryl Cole

Looking stunnng in a super-short yellow sundress was teamed with a thin gold belt. towering Christian Louboutin heels and slouchy tan leather bag.

Ruth Lorenzo toned and shaped up!

The X Factor diet: How Ruth Lorenzo shed a stone from her abundant curves

Not heard or read about Ruth for a few weeks then the sultry poses hit the tabloids and she is back so probably got a single out then too……..

Only a month or two ago she looked like this, curvy and still able to wear a bikini but not celeb slim!!!!

Alex and Ruth (pic: SM)

The X Factor finalist’s abundant curves caught the attention of Simon Cowell on national television as he openly flirted like a good one for the weeks she was in the competition.   Now 26-year-old Ruth Lorenzo looks better than ever after losing a stone on what she calls The X Factor Diet.

She’s back: Former X Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo shows off her curves in a shoot for Closer Magazine

She's back: Former X Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo shows off her curves in a shoot for Closer Magazine

ruth lorenzo

x-factor performance last November 2008

She told Closer magazine: ‘I’ve dropped from a size 12/14 to a 10 on top and a size 12 jeans since I was picked as a finalist in September, just by rushing around.   ‘My clothes are looser and I’ve gone from 11.5 to 10.5st.   ‘I didn’t change my eating habits, but running around like a crazy woman means the weight’s just dropped off.’

The full interview is in this week’s Closer……..

The full interview with Ruth is in this week's edition of Closer

Ruth has now joined the month-long X Factor Live Tour but she’s determined to stay in shape despite the temptations on the road.   Oh and some gossip to follow – cat fight!!!!!!

X Factor best friends Alexandra Burke and Ruth Lorenzo reportedly had to be pulled apart after an argument turned physical last week.  Cat Fight, Cat Fight….meow……..

The two women met and became best friends while competing on the ITV1 talent show last year. Spanish-born Ruth was voted off in week 8 of the show while Alexandra went on to win, landing her a contract worth a rumoured £1million in the UK and a £3million record deal in the US.   The pair moved into a flat together after the series ended and enjoyed a luxury holiday in Mauritius in January to celebrate Alex’s success – but are now back hard to work, travelling around the UK on the X Factor Live tour.

A source on the tour told the Sun that life on the road has caused tensions in the women’s friendships – which came to a boil in Sheffield last week: “Alex and Ruth are big characters and the fireworks were spectacular when they finally went off.   “Ruth claims they fell out because she pulled a dancer Alex had her eye on. She reckons Alex bullied her but the old green-eyed monster has been creeping in.   “Meanwhile Alex feels she is being singled out by Ruth and the others on tour because of her success. She insists she was never after any dancer – she doesn’t think that would be very cool. She thinks Ruth is just using it as a excuse to pick on her.   “But either way their friendship is well and truly over. They can barely look at each other.  “Both have threatened to leave unless the other is booted off the tour.”

Watch this space….Diva Ruth or Diva Alex….who will win……?

Britney sequinned and revealing

It is all razzle dazzle on Britney’s tour.

After months and months  of rehearsals toning and shaping up, Britney is finally ready for her make-or-break comeback in New Orleans tonight.  Oh my goodness will it be a good one? What do you think?

Following a difficult few years which have played out in front of the world’s press and us, Britney is hoping to prove she is back to her best as she kicks off her Circus tour in her home state of Louisiana.  As expected, Britney will be showing off her regained figure in a series of scantily-clad outfits, including nipple tassels, sequined bras and fishnet tights, oh er !!!!!

Britney Spears tour preview

Raunchy: Britney Spears performs in a cage wearing a sexy basque with a Swarovski-crystal bra and knee-high boots

Set to be her most extravagant gig yet, the Circus tour involves numerous costume changes.   During one song, Britney appears on stage in a bondage-style ensemble of black knickers, PVC nipple tassels and a sheer bodysuit, which harks back to Madonna’s Erotica era in the early Nineties.

As well as offering a sneak peek of the show, Britney is also unveiled as the new face of American clothing firm Candies as she is seen modelling its new collection.

Britney Spears tour preview

Bondage chic: Britney’s PVC nipple tassels appeared to have been inspired by Madonna’s Erotica look

Britney Spears tour

Roll up, roll up: Dressed as a ringmaster, she kicks off the gig to the strains of her song Circus

The flamboyant outfit, designed by Dsquared designers Dean and Dan Caten, will be worn by Britney as she kicks off the show with her most recent release, Circus.

Dsquared designers Identical twins Dean and Dan Caten, can you tell them apart?

Dan told The Telegraph: ‘It’s a kind of metamorphosis from animal to ringmaster to slave, in keeping with the circus theme.  ‘She starts off with the cheetah-head, removes it to become the ringmaster and lion-tamer, and then strips off the jacket to reveal a Swarovski-crystal corset, fishnets and thigh-high boots.’

Britney Spears tour

Dance off: The singer is accompanied by two hunky male dancers

Britney’s set list is dominated by songs from her new album, but also includes some of her biggest hits including Slave 4 U, Toxic, Hit Me Baby One More Time and Boys.

Also joining her will be a team of dancers, circus performers and TV illusionist Ed Alonzo, who is rumoured to be ‘cutting’ Britney in half on stage.

TV illusionist Ed Alonzo

He said: ‘We’re going to be doing the classics of magic but a little hi-tech. We’ll be doing a little dissection, transportation, a vanish, an appearance.’   With just hours to go before Britney kicks off the tour at the New Orleans Arena, there will still tickets available.

Britney Spears tour

It’s magic! Britney appears in a box after she is unveiled by a magician

Britney Spears sets off on tour with her two boys (and ex-husband Kevin Federline comes too)

Music industry insiders believe her tickets haven’t sold as well as expected because fans are wondering if Britney is ready for the stage following some lacklustre performances last year.   After a dramatic two years in her personal life, which saw her hospitalised twice for psychiatric evaluation just over a year ago, Britney returned to performing last November.  During her whirlwind trip to Europe in November, which saw her perform live on TV shows including The X Factor, and it was pretty crap when all said and done.  People were disappointed that she walked from one side of the stage to the other and lip synced!!!!! Oh Ok and Britney was criticised for her obvious miming and lacklustre dancing – it was crap!!!!

As well as her lip-synching on the episode of The X Factor, it also emerged that she hadn’t spent any time with the contestants, who all sang live that night.

Britney Spears

Burlesque: Britney’s wardrobe appears to have been inspired by the resurgence of striptease and probably Dita Von Teese!!

Industry experts believe Britney’s career will be finished unless the concerts are a success.   Gary Bongiovanni, editor-in-chief of the concert trade magazine Pollstar, said: ‘I’ve got to believe she’s ready and will do a professional show.  ‘If she doesn’t, it’s over.’  Britney has been hard at work getting her body back after her out-of-shape appearance at the 2007 MTV Music Video Awards.  She has spent months in the dance studio practising for the tour with the help of choreographers JaQuel Knight – who choreographed Beyonce Knowles’s Single Ladies – and Tony Testa.

Britney Spears Candies

Back in shape: Britney shows off her figure in Candies lingerie as she returns to endorsements

The pop star signed an exclusive partnership with the junior brand Candie’s, which is only available at Kohl’s department stores. She will appear in the Candie’s Only at Kohl’s 2009 advertising campaign, and the brand will be heavily integrated into all of Spears’ upcoming promotional activities, including her Circus tour.

The 44-date Circus tour runs for four months and covers the US, Canada and England, with plans to expand to the rest of Europe. She will perform six gigs in London’s O2 arena from  June 3 to 14.  Britney flew from Los Angeles to McComb, Mississippi on Friday in preparation for her tour.  After visiting family in her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, she checked into a hotel in New Orleans over the weekend with her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.  Well we wish her luck and have a look at the range in Kohl’s at the moment.

Can’t find the bra Britney is wearing  above on the website yet but below are some examples and if you buy one you get one half price so bargain!

Candie's Circle Satin Bra

original $22.00

Candie's Gigi Lace-Trim Bra

Candie’s® Gigi Lace-Trim Bra

original $23.00

Candie's Polka-Dot Bra

original $22.00

Candie's Polka-Dot Bra

original $22.00

Cheryl Cole weight gain plans

Thin Cheryl Cole makes plans to go on a New Year diet… to put on weight

After being shocked by her skinny frame on the X Factor final this month, Cheryl Cole has decided to go on a New Year diet.    But while most of the female popultaion will be trying to lose weight aftereating one too many mince pies and drinking one to many glasses of wine, the Girls Aloud stunner will be attempting to gain half a stone and the rest Cheryl at least a stone chick!

Hundreds of fans expressed concern on message boards for the 25-year-old singer after seeing her bony frame on the talent show.

cheryl cole

A skinny looking Cheryl Cole, seen here at the X Factor Final, has said that she is going to gain half a stone.

After being stunned by her own appearance in the Julien McDonald dress while watching a tape of the show, Cheryl has decided to bulk up.   A friend told Reveal magazine: ‘Cheryl was watching the show and she thought she looked terrible – too unhealthy.   ‘She’s a size 6-8 and she wants to get to a size 8-10, but she doesn’t want to eat junk to put it on, she wants to do it as healthily as possible.  ‘She’s hiring a dietician and she’s going to be eating lots of carbs such as wholemeal bread, rice and potatoes.’

Alexandra Burke Cheryl Cole X Factor final

Skinny Cheryl stunned audiences when her revealing dress showed off her increasingly slight frame

The Geordie star’s waistline has shrunk this year in what has been a stressful and busy time.  In January, Cheryl was devastated when 22-year-old hairdresser Aimee Walton claimed she’d slept with her footballer husband Ashley Cole, 28.   Over the last few months, Cheryl has been balancing her X Factor duties with promoting the latest Girls Aloud album Out Of Control.

 Dannii Minogue, Cheryl Cole

In August, Cheryl admitted she had insecurities about her figure and had days when she felt ‘fat’!!!!!

Curvier: A heavier Cheryl at the Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners Party in 2004

Cheryl Tweedy from Girls Aloud performs live on stage during the Smash Hits T4 Poll Winners party 2004

She told Heat magazine: ‘There will be times when I’ve got changed three or more times before I leave the house.  ‘Could be hormones, bad hair day, feel fat or spotty. I have it all.’  She also revealed she didn’t like her legs and preferred to cover them up.  She said: ‘I’m terrible. I don’t like my legs. I haven’t got much of them for a start.  ‘It’s just the thing that I don’t like so if I was dressing myself I’d probably cover them up.’  Following her appearance on the X Factor final, fans flocked to message boards posting comments about her frame.  One, called Azalea, said: ‘Cheryl looks emaciated!’  Another, Joules, wrote: ‘Her dress was beautiful but she needs to put on a little weight.’  Fan Shiri added: ‘I do not agree that Cheryl Cole looked great on Saturday night – it’s hero worship gone too far.  Feminist icon Germaine Greer also claimed Cheryl was ‘too thin’ to be a role model for women.   When asked if Cole would make a good feminist icon, Greer said last month: ‘Cheryl Cole? No, there’s not enough of her. She’s too thin.’

Cheryl and Ashley tuck into loaded plates of chips, gammon and eggs at a pub in Surrey at the weekend

Healthy appetite: Cheryl and Ashley are seen tucking into a plate of chips, gammon and eggs in October, backing up claims she is unable to put on weight despite eating a normal diet.

X-Factor Alexandra flashes more than she should!

X Factor winner Alexandra flashes long legs and a butt cheek!

In a week Alexandra is splashed in all the newspapers and she is now an overnight celebrity and wears the X-Factor crown with pride, but it seems Alexandra Burke has yet to learn the ways of the polished pop star.

The 20-year-old’s hair, make-up and nails were perfectly coiffed, but as she posed for photos in the back of her limousine last night her short dress accidentally managed to expose every inch of her long legs and what nice legs they are.

Alexandra was attending the X Factor wrap party at London club Movida with her fellow contestants from the ITV show.

Alexandra and former X Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo arrive at the party; the two forged a close friendship inside the houseAlexandra Burke’s skirt begins to ride up as she arrives at the X Factor party with her mate Ruth Lorenzo

…Then she suffers a wardrobe mishap: The X factor winner exposes her legs

Oh Alexandra! The X factor winner exposes more than she planned as she smiles at photographers as she arrives at the Wrap Party at the MO*VIDA nightclub in London

Not a flattering angle! for even the slimmest of people.

But one who wasn’t there was Diana Vickers – the 17-year-old was turned away for being underage.   She had turned up looking ready to celebrate in a fringed party dress and silver high heels. But Diana was left with nowhere to show off her outfit and instead went for a coffee before heading home.  Her rumoured boyfriend Eoghan Quigg was also elsewhere – perhaps the 16-year-old had heeded advice that he wouldn’t be allowed inside.   Those involved in this year’s show have faced a hectic workload over the last six months – auditioning tens of thousands of applicants, whittling the hopefuls down to the final ten, followed by two months of live shows.

Even Bad Lashes were here – who are they I hear you think! Already faded from memory thank God the band attempted to stay in the limelight by acting up for the cameras, with two members indulging in a show of kissing each other, with outstretched tongues.  Won’t cut it girls!!!!!

They were joined by fellow failures Girlband, who proved more restrained when faced with the paparazzi.

Members of failed band Bad lashes play up for the cameras

Lapping it up: Lesbian kissing !! Oh girls what will your mum’s say!!!!

Rihanna sexy show

Rihanna in her sexiest performance ever!

ihanna may have disappointed her UK fanbase after puling out of the X Factor final on Saturday, at the very last minute, she was due to appear with JLS singing her hit song Umbrella.  But all the acts including Beyonce I think  did a brilliant job and she  has got a voice that is trully amazing, poor Alexandra was so overcome that she was reduced to tears.  Her last minute departure  sent the show into chaos with the contestants having to swap their celebrity partners at the 11th hour.

Despite this Rihanna “did the do” stateside and she put on her sexiest performance to date.  Dressed in a green corset-style bra and metallic mini-skirt, she girated on stage as she performed at the Jingle Ball Holiday Season Concert, held in Florida.


Rihanna performs as part of Y100’s Jingle Ball Holiday Season Concert last Saturday, held at Bank Atlantic Centre, Miami.  Check out those Boobs!

Katy Perry put in an equally rauncy performance as she took to the stage in a skimpy red Santa outfit.

Mrs Santa

Mrs Santa

Hoist it up chick – don’t let your boobs fall out !

A spokeswoman for Rihanna denied she had pulled out at the last minute, adding: ‘She was never confirmed for the X Factor. She was only scheduled to fly in for the Jingle Bell Ball and the Royal Variety Performance and was always going to be flying back to the US today.’


One lump or two ?

Ruth Lorenzo – X Factor

X Factor’s Ruth Lorenzo says : ‘That Simon Cowell made me feel beautiful’ and how much do you think he fancied her?

Sexy slady Ruth Lorenzo, here in a shoot for last week for Closer magazine, she looks hot and very shapely and toned.  She said that Simon Cowell helped her with her low self esteem.  The onscreen flirting was apparent and week after week he said comments about her voluptuous figure very, very positively.

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo says her self esteem has grown since appearing on the X Factor… and she puts it all down to Simon Cowell.   The ex-contestant has admitted that her on-screen flirts with the show’s officiando helped her feel good about her looks. She also told Closer magazine: ‘I was so flattered that he thought I was beautiful.  Let’s face it he fancied the very knickers off her!

So what could Ruth wear under such a dress?

Plie Control Tube


Pulled in and toned Plie Control Tube

‘I’ve always thought I was fat and been very self-conscious about my appearance. I’m from Spain where everyone is beautiful, so I never thought I was attractive.  ‘For Simon to say those things, it’s given me a real boost. I feel a lot better about myself now.’  Ruth, 26, even dropped a dress size during the competition, going from a size 14 to a size 12.  And you can tell.

She laughs: ‘I call it the X Factor diet, all I did was rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. My clothes are baggy on me now, it’s great!’  She says the best thing about the X Factor, other than progressing her singing career, has been meeting fellow contestant Alexandra Burke, 20.   Now Alexandra has won and the show has finished for this year, the girls are planning to move in together and get a dog and a cat – and as asked last night will they call them Holly and Dermot or maybe Cheryl and Simon!

‘She’s like my little sister now, I know that she’s a best friend for life,’ she says.  She said before last night that “I’m rooting for her to win. She has to win. She’s the best singer I’ve ever heard, much better than Mariah Carey.’  And gues what she diod – singing with Beyonce!

Ruth Lorenzo

On stage: Ruth’s performances on X Factor earned her a place in the judges’ hearts


Read the full story in Closer magazine – if you have not already bought it best book an appointment at the hairdressers and read their copy

She also counts her mentor Dannii Minogue as a firm friend. ‘Dannii was the most amazing mentor. She looked after me so well,’ she says.  Ruth also says that Dannii’s new man Kris Smith, is fantastic. ‘He’s such a wonderful man and they’re so in love – I could just tell by the way they’d look at each other, there was so much love in their eyes,’ she says.   ‘After I voted out we were all in Dannii’s dressing room crying. ‘He’s so gentle.’

Last night, the Spaniard stepped out in a high street copy of the latest fashion must-have – a Herve Leger bandage dress.   She wore a £54 blue one-shouldered dress from Lipsy – much more affordable than the Herve Leger dresses, which range in price from £773 to £2,234.  Cheryl Cole and other top celebrities love them.

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth enjoyed at night out at a celebrity party in London last night

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