Victoria Beckham models for Armani again!

Victoria Beckham models for latest Armani advert

Victoria Beckham has featured in yet another campaign for fashion label Armani. Reprising her wacky role as a geisha-style lingerie model, Victoria posed provocatively in a metallic bikini and high heels. Having worked her way up to Hollywood royalty from the humble beginnings of Hertfordshire, Victoria is no doubt used to climbing ladders.

victoria beckham

The fashion designer again opted for a sleek updo and dramatic Cleopatra-style make-up for the shoot in Milan, once again by renowned fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

It will appear in fashion magazines and on signature billboards in major cities such  from September 2009 onwards. This new shot is just the latest in the couple’s multi-million pound advertising deal with the Italian fashion house. Last year, David signed a £20mi  llion deal to become the firm’s new global ambassador, while his wife later clinched her own £12million deal to represent Armani underwear. Designer Giorgio Armani said of the England footballer: ‘David has a great sense of style and is an inspiring role model – this is what makes him the perfect partner for Emporio Armani underwear.’

Victoria and David Beckham

Posh is so supple!!!

Victoria Beckham supple as hell for Armani lingerie ad

Posh or should that be Victoria has in the past gone on about being horrid and having a really bad body image but look at these hots for the new Armani add and you wonder why and guess what she does not even look emaciated as she has recently – touched up or not ??????

Vic can be seen reclining backwards onto a bed wearing nothing but skimpy underwear, black stilettos and her trademark pout, this is the ex-Spice Girl’s latest lingerie ad for the fashion giant.   In these new pictures, the mother-of-three shows off a considerably more curvy figure than she is usually known for.

Victoria Beckham smoulders in her new ad campaign.

Victoria Beckham in Armani ad

Her provocative pose, assisted by some clever lighting, shows her toned legs and stomach and rounded bottom as she stretches backwards.  Touched up what do you think?

The flattering shadows in the photo reveal a body most women would envy.   It’s not the first time Posh has peeled off her clothes for Armani – in the past she has joined her semi-naked husband David to advertise the lingerie.   It is thought to be part of a lucrative deal worth an estimated £32 million in total – blimey no wonder she is so willing to get her kit off I think that anyone would for that – called set up for life money.

David,  first signed a £20 million deal to become the new global ambassador of the fashion house in 2007 and we all loved the shots of him in his undies and the photos have been copied by comedians, actors and sportsmen with big pouches on show!

His 34-year-old wife followed suit with her own £12 million three-year deal late last year, with Italian designer Giorgio Armani praising her as an ‘intriguing woman’.   In the past, Mrs Beckham has claimed she ‘looks really awful naked’, complaining of ‘saggy skin’ on her stomach following three pregnancies.

In bed with the Beckhams: The pair pose for their joint Armani advert

david and victoria beckham

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Beth Ditto squeezes in to a Herve Leger dress!

Beth Ditto squeezes into a  Herve Leger bandage dress

The unforgiving bandage dress designed by Herve Leger has found a natural fit among an attention-seeking celebrity clientèle.  With the likes of Lindsay Lohan , Victoria Beckham and Scary Spice to name but a few are  massive fans of the bandage dress.

But to some, the fit comes more naturally than others.

A fearless Beth Ditto, 28, squeezed herself into the tight-fitting lycra dress, testing its seams and they held so that’s bloody marvellous manufacturing and great cotton,  as she attended Stella McCartney’s Paris fashion show.

Tight fit: Beth Ditto squeezed herself into the Herve Leger style dress to attend the Stella McCartney Fashion Show in Paris yesterday

Beth Ditto

With its tightly woven bands of lycra, the bandage dress certainly offered some support to the larger than life lead singer of band Gossip.   But even for Ditto – whose love of tight clothing appears to have no boundaries – this was a look too far, as the frock failed to flatter her 15st figure. According to the Daily Mail.  However, I think it’s a  bit too short and her knees look odd!!!!   But after all I take my hat off to her you go girl – shock them and she does.

Beth, who currently writes an advice column for The Guardian newspaper, entitled ‘What Would Beth Ditto Do?, might well need some sartorial advice of her own.   Beth has been attending all the top shows in Paris, no doubt taking notes after she revealed plans last year for her own fashion line, a collaboration with high street store Evans.  ‘Oh I’m loving doing it. Its been such a fun project,’ she said.

The US born singer sat front row at the fashion show  whose guests included, Thandie Newton, Salma Hayek and Twiggy, as well as McCartney’s husband, Alisdhair Willis, and her sister, Mary.  Last to arrive was Sir Paul McCartney and his girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, the latter dressed in a cream McCartney coat and matching pom-pom knit bag.

She recently posed nude for the premiere issue of Love Magazine. It marks the second time Beth has stripped it off for a magazine, after she first appeared naked on the cover of NME in 2007.

Love editor Katie Grand said of the star who numbers Kate Moss among her high-profile fans: ‘She says the wrong things. She looks the wrong way.

‘Isn’t it confounding and amazing to have an iconic figure who doesn’t have a 25-inch waist?’.

The US born singer sat front row at the fashion show  whose guests included, Thandie Newton, Sir Paul McCartney and his American girlfriend Nancy Shevell

Beth Ditto (2nd L) and singer Paul McCartney (2nd R)

Victoria Beckham uplifting bra!

Victoria Beckham uplifting bra and a low-cut dress

She’s been dressing very demurely of late – aside from the odd military outfit  which was frankly horrid.

November 2008 attire !

Victoria Beckham

High fashion: Victoria Beckham strutted through Los Angeles LAX Airport yesterday in a grey military-inspired outfit

But Victoria Beckham returned to a familiar style last night.   Posh got out her cleavage  as she went for dinner with husband David in Milan, and once more her modest charms appeared to get an extra boost.  Gel bra maybe!

Maybe the former Spice was making one last, or should that be lust, effort to lure Becks back to America.

Busting out: Victoria Beckham displayed a voluptuous cleavage as she left a Milan restaurant with husband David last night

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee do Victoria and David Beckham

OK first of all the health warning and oh my God – at least I could only find one photo thanks to the Daily Mirror and had to include it But only read on if you are brave.

Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee for Closer Image 1

If Posh and Becks can sizzle in designer underwear, so can, er… Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee or can they ?  I beg differ to what the Daily Mirror wrote – IT just does not do it for me!!!

The TV magician and his missus posed for this cheeky version of the Beckhams’ Armani ad in Closer magazine.

Debbie who is 50, said her marriage to Paul whic is now 70, is still very  strong because   “we make each other laugh every day”. Looking at this, we’re not surprised. But at least he didn’t get out his wand…

How it should look…

Posh and Becks for Armani

The Beckhams do knickers!

Beckhams in bed for Armani

First it was david with a lovely toned physique and enhanced posing pouch! and then Victoria just last week and now they appear together toned, tanned and ready for action.   First they conquered England and then America and  now the Beckhams have made it big in Italy thanks to the unveiling of a giant billboard in central Milan today for Armani.  Read more at “Victoria strips for Armani” and “Victoria is modelling for Armani”.

David and Victoria have peeled off for yet another Armani advertisement, which for the first time features the couple together in a intimate bedroom scene.

The latest image in which the football star is seen lying across a bed in just his littel itsy bitsy white briefs while Posh sits beside him in her black polka dot lacy lingerie, it is all  part of a lucrative deal which is worth an estimated £32 million in total.  Oh yes please!


The image is part of a series of shots, largely featuring just Victoria, taken by celebrated fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.     Similar advertisements are expected to be rolled out across New York, LA, London, Rome, Paris and Tokyo.


David, first signed a £20 million deal to become the new global ambassador of the fashion house in 2007.  And now Vicky has followed suit with her own £12 million three-year deal late last year, with Italian designer Giorgio Armani praising her as an ‘intriguing woman’.

In the past, Mrs Beckham has said ‘looks really awful naked’, complaining of ‘saggy skin’ on her stomach following three pregnancies.   But she appears to have shed her inhibitions with the help of some gentle lighting, black and white photography and, of course, just a hint of airbrushing.


I am sure the reign of the Beckhams will continue!

Posh as in Victoria Beckham strips for Armani

Victoria Beckham ad campaign for Armani is moody and hot

As posted before in Victoria models for Armani – Victoria Beckham finally reveals the sizzling results of her first lingerie shoot for Armani.   She was asked way back in October/ September last year to pose in a series of adverts and she jumped at the opportunity (she needs the work!!) Victoria reveals her enviable figure in a polka-dot bra and high-cut thong set which leaves little to the imagination.

The mother-of-three has complained in the past that she looks ‘really awful naked’ and has been linked to rumours of all kinds of eating disorders because of being so slim and God knows what kind of pressure that puts on a person and the stress!   But putting that all aside her lack of confidence certainly not evident as she sprawls  on the carpet of a dimly-lit hotel room in the film-noir style shoot.

Victoria Beckham

Itsy Bitsy Polka dot underwear! Victoria Beckham lays sprawled on a carpeted floor in the film-noir style lingerie shoot for Armani.

Looking very toned and healthy with no protruding ribs or really skinny bits, Victoria even shows off what looks like a female six-pack in the highly-stylised photos.

The question of airbrushing rushes to my mind as all professional shots seem to use them as Kate etc, etc have been touched up (not in that way!)

‘There are loads of things I don’t like about my body’, she said. ‘I’ve got so much saggy skin on my stomach.’

The pictures of Victoria, which will grace billboards and magazines are from her first shoot in the three-year multi-million pound deal.

Victoria Beckham

And Mrs Bec kham will be receiving a little pay check at the end of all this lets quess…OH let’s not bother she got £12million modelling deal late last year,  following in the footsteps of her football superstar husband David who posed in his undies for a high-profile Armani campaign which attracted thousands of fans at its unveiling in San Francisco in 2008.,0.jpg

Ogle away people…whats that I see ?

Besides her modelling Vicky – I hope she doesn’t mind being called that has been busy, designing for her DVB range of jeans etc, etc.  she has won acclaim from even the fashion critics which usually slate any “pop-star” moving into the fashion industry.

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