Victoria Secrets are being sued !

Three stories all about Victoria Secrets and about them being sued because of their luxurious and sexy underwear, one woman clams to have been stabbed by her bra! another that a staple used to fix a love heart on to her thong flicked of and caused her an eye injury.  And finally a third who said that the bra she bought caused her to have a very nasty rash – and all of a sudden other women are coming forward and claiming the same.  Read on to find out more.  More like this can be found at Stylelist a fab website.

Story 1

We bet you had no idea that a bra could be life threatening did you? Well, it can. A woman in Greenville, S.C. had a near life threatening experience with her Victoria’s Secret lingerie.

Jessica Lang, bought a bra with underwire and was wearing it a few days later when she began to experience discomfort. She tried to take the bra off and the underwire broke through the fabric and cut her. Originally the lawsuit said the cut was “six inches wide and six inches deep,” but that was later amended to say the cut was, “3 inches x 1/4 inch deep.”

The complaint alleges that the bra was, “so negligently and carelessly designed, manufactured, constructed, assembled, inspected, and sold the brassiere that it was dangerous and unsafe for its intended uses.”

Victoria’s Secret responded saying that the negligence was on the bra user’s part, aka, it was her own fault she got hurt.

Oh, and part of the reason that Jessica is seeking damages is because she was so injured that she had to miss work for several days. When she tried to go back to her job she was fired. We understand if she didn’t want to tell her boss where she was. Jessica was probably too embarrassed to say she was stabbed by a bra. Kind of like my dog ate my homework, that one’s a little hard to explain!

Story 2

Here we go again with more legal woes for Victoria’s Secret. Remember back a few months ago when a woman sued because she was stabbed by her Victoria Secrets bra? Well, this time it’s a thong doing the damages.

Macrida Patterson is suing Victoria’s Secret for an undisclosed monetary sum after her cornea was injured by her thong — wait, say what now? Why was her thong anywhere near her eye? Maybe this is a story we don’t want to get into…

Well, actually, that’s not the case. What happened is that one of the staples holding on a decorative metal heart snapped off when Macrida was getting dressed. The staple flew off and hit her in the eye, causing not one, but three cuts in her cornea.

To hear Macrida’s side of the story check out her video on UsWeekly. Her lawyer says this is about making his client “whole,” again.

Who knew such a tiny little thong could cause such distress!?!

Story 3

Victoria’s Secret has gone and done it again. Their lingerie is so dangerous it should come with a warning label! First a woman was attacked by her thong! Now this time the women’s underwear company is being sued because their bras made a woman sick.

Roberta Ritterhas made claims that she bought a Very Sexy Extreme Me Push-Up bra and an Angels Secret Embrace bra and they gave her a rash. She complains, “I had the welts … very red, hot to the touch, extremely inflamed, blistery. It itched profusely. I couldn’t sleep, waking up itching.”

The Embrace Bra

Welts and rashes aren’t exactly the sexy glam image that Victoria’s Secret is trying to sell, but apparently Roberta isn’t the only one with that problem. Lab tests revealed that the bras contain formaldehyde, which may cause allergic reactions in some people.

Dozens of other women are now trying to get together a class action lawsuit against the pink giant. Here at Stylelist, we can only shake our heads and wonder — when will fashion stop being so hazardous to women’s health?

Well I never poor Victoria Secrets, these stories do not make the bras and knickers any less popular and I suppose being such a large company this type of thing will happen.  So let’s see what the outcome is later this year!

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