Cheryl voited by FHM sexiest woman 2009

Cheryl Cole is voted FHM’s World’s Sexiest Woman

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago Cheryl had been put into tyhe pot to see who is the sexiest woman this year. Cheryl Cole topped the chart and won pole position in the World’s Sexiest Woman 2009 according to FHM.

The Girls Aloud and X Factor judge, who said recently she hates looking thin and gets nicknamed ‘flatty batty’, knocked last year’s winner Megan Fox down to second place.   Her victory is the first for a Brit in three years. Previously, the only British lady to come close was 22-year-old model Keeley Hazell, who this year secured 5th place behind Californian beauty Jessica Alba.

Topping the list: Cheryl Cole has been voted  FHM’s World’s Sexiest Woman 2009

Last year Britney Spears languished at number 31, and following a mixed year for the singer FHM bosses thought she would drop out completely.  But following an online campaign by fans, she claimed fourth place. Actresses once again seem to have caught the eye of the discerning voter.   After wowing the States Anna Friel (9th) – from Brookside and the famous lesbian kiss and Pushing up Daisies which has been axed now  is back to her finest form and has secured a place in the coveted Top Ten.

FHM’s 100 Sexiest supplement comes free with the June edition of the magazine on sale now.  Spotty teenagers – watch the stampede.


Here is the FHM 100 Sexiest Women 2009 top 10 (with last year’s position in brackets):

1. Cheryl Cole (7)

2. Megan Fox (1)

3. Jessica Alba (2)

4. Britney Spears (31) YES BRITNEY!!!!

5. Keeley Hazell (3)

6. Adriana Lima (21)

7. Elisha Cuthbert (4)

8. Kristin Kreuk (48)

9. Anna Friel (re-entry)

10. Freida Pinto (new entry)

Pretty in Pink – It’s the colour of romance – and this seasons coolest or should that be hottest shade

Pretty in pink. Pink is the colour of romance and it is the coolest or should that be hottest colour of this season.

Now you can look and find the most expensive dresses, shoes, blouses and skirts in pink that would cost you two weeks salary or even a month but we have to be real.  We could max out the credit card and then be paying for it for the next 6 months or year but let’s get real – it’s time to think pink but not at the expense of our purses and bank balance.

You could go for a Mulberry short pink dress for £900 or a Vera Wang for a mere snip at £320 or look on the Internet and find a great little short pink dress on Asos.

When it comes to underwear, of course I am going to talk about Schultz.  At Schultz we have pink underwear for him and her and is the coolest look and feel great on, the perfect gift any time of the year – let’s buck the trend and buy a pressie for a loved one when there is no reason to do and it is just because you can.

‘Hands Free’ Perfect Pink Briefs

Who ever said men could not wear pink, they can and they do it in style!  Make people take notice with these hot designer y-front briefs ‘Hands Free’ trimmed in white tape to compliment and define some of your best features. Designer underwear designed to enhance and control.

Made in 100% ribbed cotton finished with a white trim detail for a beautiful contrast.  Enhance and enjoy.

Complete the look – other customers have bought these items:
Crossroads jeans – mid indigo jeans
Hand printed T-shirt in Black T-Leaves print in soft cotton.

£17.50 a great price and a great fit.

‘Hands Free’ Pink Boxers


‘Be in the pink’ in these perfect and fun “Hands Free” ribbed cotton boxer briefs.  Designer underwear has never been so much fun,  classically cut for comfort and fit in funky colours to excite, this underwear is going to get you noticed.  Schultz jeans offers you the most comfortable underwear experience.  Designed for comfort these perfect pink y-front boxers, have a white trim to enhance and define.

Made from 100% ribbed cotton.

Complete the look- other customers have bought these items:
Great White jeans – Comfortable and well fitting
Red Button Fly t-shirt in 100% cotton


‘Heatseeker’ Pink Briefs

Most men wear nothing but cotton underwear because they want the best and at Schultz jeans we only make all our designer underwear from 100% cotton to fit snugly and comfortably.

You are hot stuff and to get you sizzling even more these wonderfully quirky and fun ‘Heatseeker’ briefs will do the job.  Made in 100% pure cotton this designer underwear shouts out  “Heatseeker” it is trimmed in pink and white.  These Y-Front briefs are guaranteed to raise your temperature and others!  Designed to be red-hot and stylish.

£17.50 only XL available at the moment but new stock arriving soon.


And for her because after all all girls like to wear pink!

‘Heatseeker’ Pink Y-Front

If you want to raise some temperatures then these are the pants for you. Guaranteed to turn heads and raise eyebrows, Schultz designer underwear for women is just what you need if you’re looking for some hot stuff!

Schultz designer underwear for women has been designed to the highest specifications bringing you what you want and deserve.  Bringing to you a fun and flirty brief with a great strapline “Heatseeker” Y-Front Briefs! in wonderful pink which is  feminine but bold at the same time.  This underwear wants to be seen and not hidden and looks great under a pair of hot Schultz Jeans.  We guarantee you admiring glances.

Complete the look – customers also bought these items:

Cobra Designer Jeans – urban styled hot selling jeans and brilliant black

Designer Tee – T-leaves hand printed design for him or her or both? We say both.

Pink Y-front brief £19.00 and Pink brief 16.00

womens underwear pink briefs

Lady Ga Ga does hot and sexy in knickers and suspenders

Lady GaGa celebrates her Italian roots in hot and steamy new video GaGa pays tribute to her roots in her latest music video which celebrates all things Italian.

Lady Ga Ga who is so young and at only  22 years old this New Yorker is hitting the music scene big time as well as the newspapers with her wild sense of fashion – all for the cameras!!!  In her new video Lady Ga Ga – whose parents are both Italian – struts down a street in Florence wearing a tiny leotard and jacket and writhes around on a moped in the video for single Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) video.

The star, whose real name is Joanne Stefani Germanotta, apes a sexy Italian housewife by ironing seductively in just a bra and cooking meatballs for her grateful partner.

Lady gaga

Lady GaGa shot her music video Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) in Florence wearing a tiny leotard and jacket

Lady gaga

Showing what she is made of – and wearing – knickers and bras everywhere.

Lady gaga

The singer was in the UK to support the Pussycat Dolls in concert and film some television appearances, but also fitted in a late-night studio session with the producer, The Sun reports.

Lady gaga

Dinner’s ready, honey: The star feeds her partner a dinner of spaghetti meatballs after cooking in her underwear

Watch the video for Eh Eh (Nothing Else I Can Say) here

The perfect Valentine gift wicked white underwear from Schultz Jeans

We have been busy and Adam Cowie has been parading his fit and toned body in more underwear. Hope you enjoy.  Schultz underwear is sexy, hot and makes an ideal present for someone and a fantastic “Formetome” gift for yourself!  So enjoy and click through.

Schultz underwear dazzling designer underwear.

Valentines the perfect present

Schultz underwear for Valentine’s Day the perfect gift

I know, I know, you all cry it has only just been Christmas and you are banging on about VALENTINES DAY already, you must be kidding.  Well I am not already 12 days gone in January and February is just round the corner, believe it will be here and hitting you smack in the face in just a second…..Well more than a second but I am sure you get what I mean…..


So Schultz have thought about it already – with our undies flying off the shelves here is a little snippet of what we can offer you and your loved ones.

Schultz has the very thing that will bring a smile to your lips and your loved one. There is nothing hotter and sexier than some super sexy underwear and we have just the pair. Schultz has the hottest Designer Underwear on the market. Schultz Underwear oozes sexiness with an added bit of daringness in fun and flirty straplines make Schultz Underwear the perfect Valentines Day Gift!


So chocolates are old hat and add inches flowers just die so buy online and have  some fun with this sexy underwear and let your loved one know you really care!

British women are reported that they are not bothered about their underwear! I beg to differ!

In a new report that was printed in May by  Mintel, they reported that British women are anything but fashionable when it comes to buying underwear. Grey, saggy knickers, holey vests and fraying bra straps don’t conjure up the sexiest image! They go on to say “But this is what it takes for British women to go out and get themselves some new underwear. In fact, this research from Mintel finds that 60% of women will only ever buy underwear when it needs replacing. By comparison, just three in ten (31%) splash out on bras and pants for special occasions”.

“Despite the return of saucy Burlesque shows by Dita von Teese and others, check out the my blog entry about Dita and check out what she gets up to and also check out the Dita Posting- Dita wears jeans on the Schultz  Blog.   British women still take a functional and practical approach to underwear, and clearly don’t see it as something that can be really sexy and alluring,” comments Katrin Magnussen, senior fashion analyst at MINTEL.

  • “The underwear industry needs to encourage women to go out there and spend their hard earned cash on beautiful lingerie that makes them feel really special. We need to see more advertising that is fun but also seductive, as the last time we really saw anything along these lines was the ‘hello boys’ campaign from Wonderbra, and that came out almost 15 years ago,” she adds.

  • Popular TV programmes such as ‘What not to wear’ and Gok Wan’s ‘How to look good naked’ recommend that women should always have a combination of structured underwear to look good and sets that are a little racier to feel good. And yet, Mintel’s research shows that only a third (34%) of women buy matching bras and knickers and a similar proportion (36%) still mainly buy multipacks. The message is just not getting through.
  • They go on to say – Britain’s women are also not investing in the underwear that they do buy. In fact, Mintel’s research shows that most women (63%) spend less than a tenner a month on their undies, compared to just 7% who spend between £21 and £40 a month.
  • What is more, swarms of women are now also buying their smalls from value retailers and supermarkets. In fact, although M&S still leads the way, with 51% of women buying underwear there, almost half (48%) went to Tesco, Matalan, Primark or ASDA for their bras and pants last year.
  • “Buying underwear at value retailers or down the local supermarket does mean that women get more pants for their pound. But buying cheap often comes at a price, as the underwear is unlikely to last as long as more expensive pieces and will need to be replaced more regularly,” explains Katrin Magnussen.
  • With women increasingly looking to bag a bargain, the market for bras and pants has seen only around 3% growth year on year since 2004, with spending last year reaching £1.2 billion.
  • “To try and stem the trend towards cheaper underwear, retailers including Primark and Topshop, are now introducing more up-market ranges to convince women that they should invest a little more. With some real care and attention going into the design and manufacturing of these ranges, they are also less likely to fall apart quite as quickly as some of the less expensive ones,” comments Katrin Magnussen. Men need to pull their socks up
  • And while the ladies refuse to shell out for new underwear for themselves, men still depend on other people to do their dirty work. In fact, over one in four (27%) men say that their partner buys their underwear, while 15% receive most of smalls as gifts.

At Schultz we find that the ladies that buy our underwear love the exciting and flirty underwear and come back and buy even more, with new ranges on the horizon this will give our customers greater choice and more exciting straplines and colours.  Underwear needs to be comfortable is the feedback we get from a lot of our customers and Schultz Underwear for women fits that bill.  It is comfortable and made from 100% pure cotton that fits snugly and sexily.  We may not make the matching bras but I  know some great companies that do such as Ultimo, Agent Provacateur if you want to spend more money and of course other good online sites are Naturallyclose and  Bravissimo for the fuller cupped lady, to name but two.  Come on ladies we have no excuse and especially with the sales on at the moment we can bag a bargain as well as some new undies.  So throw out the old and on with the new and let’s feel hotter than ever.

Talking of hot Schultz Pink Heatseeker briefs have proved a very popular number leading up to Christmas – we can only guess that many of them were presents and nestled under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.

Or the very popular “Coming Soon” yes very flirty! White Y-Front.  As everyone loves an optimist, and none more so than everyone here at Schultz Jeans. We love having fun and we think these pants are sure to raise a smile…an eyebrow and who knows what else! The brilliant white Coming Soon Y-Front Briefs are fun and flirty and cut to fit the contours of a women’s body.  At Schultz we guarantee Underwear will never be the same again,  practical and fun that’s what we promise you.   Fun and flirty rolled in to one all for you to show off, just be careful because they may want to get their hands on them!  Arousing who ever gets close to you in these 100% White Cotton Y-Front briefs with a blue trim.

So ladies let prove this report a sham! and that we are proud of our knickers we love buying new underwear and love to wear it and show it off so let’s buy, buy, buy and prove the statistics wrong!

Christmas a perfect time for giving!

Christmas is round the corner and you and your loved ones deserve the best, Schultz make a fantastic gift for you or your nearest and dearest.

There is still time to order the perfect gift – order today and you won’t be disappointed.

It is the last few days running up to the BIG DAY when we give and receive for to our loved ones and what better present than a thought through piece of clothing bought with love.  Schultz know that we have a great range of clothing for him and her, it is a gift that will be received with great thanks and appreciated.

All our jeans have the unique Schultz Strap meaning that you do not need to buy a new belt o go with your fabulous new designer jeans and that extra money could be spend on new undies for you or your loved ones, after all it’s Christmas and you deserve a treat too.  It is a time for giving and receiving and as I say every Christmas I always buy a “Tomefromme!” and I have never been disappointed yet!

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