Peaches Geldof – love or hate her she still is modelling and making money

It girl turned lingerie model Peaches Geldof Twitters N-Dubz star Dappy to ask for a date

uses Twitter to arrange her nights out, keep in touch with her friends and communicate with her fans.

So perhaps it’s only natural that the socialite has utilised the social networking tool to make a date – with popstar Dappy of the band N-Dubz.

Peaches Twittered an invitation to the singer asking him to contact her management. In response he said he’d like to take her to McDonald’s – and she should ‘look sexy’.

Fancy a McDonald’s? Peaches Geldof shows off her figure in the new advertising campaign for Miss Ultimo; she used Twitter to ask Dappy from N-Dubz on a date

Peaches Geldof

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Peaches geldof
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And if he needs convincing of her charms, the 20-year-old has unveiled her latest advertising campaign for underwear brand Miss Ultimo.  She poses in all manner of revealing lingerie, including in a bowling alley, in the range’s Autumn Winter Collection.  In her invitation Peaches Twittered: ‘Dappy, when you sing the words to Number 1 it’s as if you’re singing just to me. I love your Peruvian hat and your dance moves.  ‘Get in contact with my management. Let’s go on a date.’

Model girl: Peaches is a fan of Tinchy Stryder and N-Dubz’s song Number 1.  Dappy then told Heat magazine: ‘I’ll take her out – I’d take her out for the most exciting night of her life.’  He added: ‘I’d take her to Maccy D’s, then straight to Camden to a little bar, then we’d go for a little wander or something.  ‘I’m joking. I’d take her out somewhere very nice.


Time for a lie-down: Peaches takes a rest


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‘I’ll excite her. I’ll even bring her her own Dappy hat. A hat with strings on it. Tell her to look sexy when she sees me.’  An excited Peaches saw the article and Twittered back: Dappy wants to take me out! Yes!!!!  ‘Its my dream for Dappy to give me a Peruvian hat and take me to Maccy D’s. it really is. na na ni!’

Peaches’ crush: Dappy says he’ll take the Geldof girl to McDonald’s

Peaches' crush: Dappy says he'll take the Geldof girl to McDonald's

Peaches Geldof modelling

Peaches Geldof strips off to model ‘playful’ underwear

Peaches is not afraid of stripping off as my blog posts have shown.  Sge claims “She doesn’t want to look sexy”.   Peaches Geldof is certainly accomplished when it comes to striking a sultry pose. Peacyes has once again stripped down to her underwear to promote the underwear range Miss Ultimo, Peaches is not the first as Miss Madely before her weed smoking episode.  And with her teasing pose, coy glances, high heels and stockings, Peaches’s new shoot has all the makings of a 1950s pin-up – except for the tattoos.

Peaches Geldof modeling the brand new collection from Miss Ultimo

peaches went o n to say ‘It’s obvious I’m not dressing for men,’ she recently revealed. ‘I don’t want to be sexy. I’m like covered in tattoos. I have piercings.  I’m just grungy and weird and not what is socially accepted as beautiful, and I think that’s cool.’   But, with Miss Ultimo paying her thousands to pose, she managed to put aside her ‘grungy’ inclinations.

Peaches Geldof modeling the brand new collection from Miss Ultimo

In a press release accompanying the photos she remarked: ‘I love the stylish yet sexy 1950s feel of the whole collection.   ‘It appeals to a girl who can mix and match her underwear, to make undressing as fun as dressing. I like the different colours and styles. ‘It’s sexy, but also kitsch and playful. Most of all, it’s comfortable and fits well.’

Peaches Geldof modeling the brand new collection from Miss Ultimo

Michelle Mone, who created the range with her 16-year-old daughter Rebecca, said: ‘Since launching in April the brand has flown off the shelves and totally smashed through sales projections.   ‘The range sold out in less than four weeks, which was just incredible.’   The latest designs are priced from £8 and come in sizes 30B to 38D for bras and 8-18 for briefs.

Peaches Geldof modeling the brand new collection from Miss Ultimo

Peaches Geldof another Ultimo Girl!

Peaches Geldof strips down for sexy lingerie shoot

First we had recently Chloe Madeley as Miss Ultimo – the question now has she been dropped because of the slight little misdemeanour of getting stones and letting someone take a photograph of her doing so or is there more than one Miss Ultimo wearing that crown?  Question to ponder.

Anyway love her or hate her Peaches is her to stay! Well for the moment she is anyway before she has modelled for Agent Provocateur and now Ultimo.

In a move that is unlikely to sit well with Sir Bob Geldof, because once again his daughter Peaches has made sure it’s all eyes on her by signing up as a top model  for lingerie brand Miss Ultimo.  Not the first time she has done this sort of thing as mentioned before and the beach shots of her with her tits out is another!  So maybe he is used to it now who knows.    At least she is earning some money!

Stripped down: Peaches Geldof has landed herself a six-figure salary posing in the new range of Miss Ultimo underwear

Stripped down: Peaches Geldof has landed herself a six-figure salary posing in the new range of Miss Ultimo underwear

Strike a pose: Peaches says she’s not worried about her father Sir Bob Geldof’s reaction to her pictures because she’s a grown woman

Strike a pose: Peaches says she's not worried about her father Sir Bob Geldof's reaction to her pictures because she's a grown woman

I’m a Peach: Peaches looks the part on the retro-styled shoot

I'm a Peach: Peaches looks the part on the retro-styled shoot

The company’s boss Michelle Mone is believed to have quickly snapped up the socialite after seeing topless beach pictures of the socialite her in the News Of the World.

Michelle Mone Measuring up

Michelle said “Peaches was the perfect choice for this campaign. She’s young edgy with lashings of style.’ Peaches added: ‘I’d rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model.’

Model behaviour: The tattooed socialite landed the Ultimo contract after recent beach topless pictures appeared in a national newspaper

In the SUN – no surprise there!

Model behaviour: The tattooed socialite landed the Ultimo contract after recent topless pictures appeared in a national newspaper

Peaches, who recently divorced musician Max Drummey after shocking friends and family with their shotgun wedding last August, has certainly gained a reputation for being rebellious.   But in equal measure, the she has been branded spoilt and even nicknamed a Boomtown brat by many in the industry, with her seemingly out-of-control behaviour  landing her into trouble.

But Peaches who is clearly happy with her lucrative new venture insists that despite flitting around in her pants that she wants to be taken seriously, and is also hoping that men to look beyond her appearance.

Peaches and a few tattoos – well a lot really!!!

Peaches cavorts topless on beach to reveal more than 20 tattoos

Peaches has always been a fan of the old body art sporting many a tattoo from tiny cats on her thighs to large script pieces on her back.  But Peaches Geldof who likes to shock, shocked normal family holidaymakers on a Mexican beach yesterday, revealing a body covered in no less that 20 tattoos give or take one!

Resembling a schoolgirl’s Biro doodles, Peaches’ rather more permanent body art included a large string of daisies from just below her bust to mid-thigh.   There was not a hint of embarrassment as the sometime model, DJ and TV presenter cavorted topless in the sea.  An onlooker said: ‘Peaches was leaping around, obviously aware everyone was looking.’

Peaches Geldof

Peaches who admitted last year that tattoos were her ‘new addiction’, references her work, friends and past lovers in the designs, which adorn her arms, legs and back.   In addition to the daisies, which appear to be purely decorative, New York-based Peaches wears the name of her recent ex-husband Max Drummey on her left wrist. The design also features religious icons of rosary beads and a crucifix. Possibly a recent addition is a broken heart further up her arm.   On her left shoulder is believed to be a reference to another ex, Faris Badwan. The italic script reads ‘Ex Valentine’ in tribute to The Horrors band member, who is also believed to have designed the bizarre book and noose image on Peaches’ upper-right arm.


Well I am sure this won’t be the last of the tattoo adornment for Peaches – but remember Peaches what looks good when you are 19 looks f****** awful when your 60!!!!!

Lily Allen Flashing once again – Camera and smile it will make the news

Cheeky Lily Allen goes for a revealing blue outfit for G-A-Y performance

As far as outfits go Lily Allen usually grabs the headlines. But her latest must take the biscuit for the most shocking.   The Smile singer bared her backside in a electric blue Little-Bo-Peep costume and stockings. The outfit consisted of a frilly top, lacy knickers and matching blue stockings, coupled with a pair of towering beige platform heels.

lily allen

Braving the cold, Lily certainly attracted attention


Cheeky Girl

The sharp colours continued with the star donning bright pink lips and nails, contrasted by her dark long hair.  The cheeky number was in aid of her performance at G-A-Y but it didn’t stop the 23-year-old wearing it out for a night of celebrating at nightspot Bungalow 8.  Lily, who has played at G-A-Y once before, performed classics from Alright, Still as well as tracks from her new album, It’s Not Me, It’s You.  And she lived up to her feisty reputation by returning to the stage for an encore dressed as Britney Spears to perform a cover of Womaniser.  The gesture was a dig at Britney who failed to perform live at G-A-Y in December. Her performance at G-A-Y comes in the wake of an interview with the Gay Times in which she said she once kissed identical lesbian twins.

lily allen
lily allen
Do you reckon she has a Brazilian
This is not the first time I have shown this outfit on my blog as Peaches as in Geldof wore the very same outfit with white hold ups and red/pink knickers in the Agent Provocateur catwalk.

Pixie Geldof – modelling !!!!!

Pixie Geldof  modelling for Agent Provocateur

Way back in September it was reported that Pixie would be in an Agent Provocateur campaign.  Unlike when Peaches took the plunge apparently Bod their dad gave his blessing for Pixie to do this shoot.

Pixie Geldof

Pixie Geldof has joined her elder sibling Peaches in the pages of the Agent Provacateur catalogue. Pixie, who recently turned 18, took time out from her A Level studies to pose in a lacy white corset, pearls and the perspex stilettos.

She was styled as a ‘virgin – rosebud of lip and sweet to taste’ by the lingerie company for its spring/summer collection.   In another shot she wielded a hunting horn in black suspenders and knickers, complete with a white riding waistcoat.   Her outfits are very different to the gothic style chosen for Peaches, 19, when she posed in September.

The younger Geldof seems to be doing her best to steal the wild child crown while Peaches is in America with her husband Max Drummey.

She has been seen stumbling into and out of nightclubs, and has been spotted getting friendly with Ricky Wilson, frontman of rock band Kaiser Chiefs.  The pair were out in a hotel in Camden over Christmas and hit it off.

Peaches Geldof posed back in  September for Agent Provocateur.  She landed the £500,000 deal as the new face of Agent Provocateur.  “Provocateur” doesn’t even begin to describe the ads she appeared in, we all know that AP are known for their edgy and sometimes disturbing ad campaigns – it’s good press after all. They have featured lesbian overtones,   virgin sacrifices,  snakes,  pirates,  whips, bondage etc, etc.   AP’s Autumn/ Winter campaign of the Witch and Pirates had it all!

Peaches Geldof 2nd most annoying person of 2008! Guess who was 1st?

Peaches Geldof famous because she has a famous father, apparently according to BBC three she is the second most annoying person of 2008 just pipped at the post by Agyness Deyn top model and former fish fryer Laura Hollins.

Tottering in high red heels!

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