Pammie at it again spot the nipple!

Pamela Anderson lets it all hang out at Paris Fashion Week

Pamela Anderson has spent thousands on her plastic enhanced breasts, so perhaps it was unsurprising that she wanted to share them with the audience of Vivienne Westwood’s fashion show. Pamela  suffered the wardrobe malfunction as she joined Westwood to accept the applause of the audience at Paris Fashion Week.   Her surgically enhanced left breast came free of her halterneck black gown, as Pamela smiled and laughed.

Not on her breast behaviour: Pamela Anderson's dress slipped down to reveal her nipple as she joined Vivienne Westwood on the catwalk

Spot the nipple!!!!!

When she realised the mistake, she appeared briefly shocked as she pulled her top back on, but didn’t seem too upset.   Earlier Westwood’s unlikely muse had wiggled down the catwalk to a whooping audience in huge safety blankets folded into coats and out-of-control pink tulle.   The show culminated with Pamela twirling down the catwalk first in a tutu and then in a skin-tight T-shirt.

Breast of show: At first Pamela didn't notice her dress had slipped

Hot or not ?

Backstage after the show on the elegant Place Vendome, orange-haired Westwood shared a few tips for dispelling the economic gloom as the Paris womenswear shows got into full swing.   ‘Buy less, choose well, mix it all. Wear your shirt back to front, that way you get two ways of wearing your shirt,’ she told reporters.

Keeping it under wraps: Pamela appeared shocked, but not upset, after the accidental exposure

Apart from the tulle extravaganza Westwood included a range of dresses and jackets that could easily be worn to the office, continuing the trend toward wearable, sellable pieces seen in New York and Milan. Asymmetric wrap dresses and tunics in sea green and greyish blue, a black pinstripe dress and draped tops were meant to give shoppers the option to buy one special piece and combine it with whatever they had in their wardrobe.   ‘I still sell a lot of stuff, it doesn’t seem to affect me,’ Westwood said about the downturn that has hit retailers from high street labels to luxury brands.

Pamela Anderson
Pamela Anderson

Unlikely muse: Westwood recently used Pamela in an advertising campaign, as well as last night’s show

She then said she wanted to ‘hijack’ her fashion show to talk about climate change, describing it a much greater threat than economic meltdown.  ‘We’re in a terrible state. We need to save the human race,’ she added with a sigh. With her roots in punk rock, Westwood is known for injecting political messages into her shows. But even at Christian Dior, not normally known to display social concerns, the crisis was making an impact.

Pamela Anderson

While Dior challenged the recession only a few weeks ago with a dazzling haute couture show full of Marie Antoinette ballgowns, the autumn/winter collection tried to strike a balance between dreamy creativity and sober clothes that sell.

After the show, Chief Executive Sydney Toledano said he was worried about the social consequences of the downturn.  ‘We are here, super cool,’ he told reporters, gesturing to the champagne-sipping fashion crowd around him: ‘But we see the unemployment and all that.’

Pamela Anderson

Tied up: Pamela stalked down the catwalk with her arms pinned behind her

Designer John Galliano looked to the East for inspiration, with fur-trimmed Genghis Khan hats and coats with fur cuffs, floaty canary yellow and cherry red dresses with silver or turquoise embellishments, and heavy jewelry.

But like other designers this season, he added several more practical outfits. Puffball skirt suits, jackets with balloon sleeves and matching skirts came in a color that matched the wider mood: grey.

Making up: Pamela is attended to by a make-up artist backstage at the show

Extracts from Daily mail

Pammie at it again

Pamela Anderson struts her stuff in a little gold bodysuit

Nearly two decades after Pamela Anderson first appeared on our screens the former Baywatch star is still flaunting her beach-ready body at any opportunity as previous blogs have revealed “Pamela goes out in big knickers”“Pamela at it again” to name but two. The 41-year-old showed off her age-defying figure in a gold halterneck one-piece on the runway for Richie Rich at Mercedes-Benz fashion week in New York yesterday.  Well she has been topping her tan up on the beach recently. Body-confident Pamela stalked down the runway as she shook her surgically enhanced chest at the audience.

Still got it: Ten years after baywatch was cancelled and Pamela Anderson flaunted her swimsuit-clad body on the catwalk for Richie Rich at New York Fashion Week

Model Pamela Anderson walks the runway at the Richie Rich Fall 2009 fashion show

The heavily made-up mother-of-two’s tattoos were on show on her arm and back as she twisted and turned for the cameras.   Designer Richie Rich then joined Pamela on the runway, giving her the opportunity to pout and preen in front of him.  The former Playboy model appeared tanned and glossy, with her curly platinum extensions as brassy as her Baywatch heyday.  In 1992 Pamela’s appearance as CJ Parker on the show in her high-cut orange swimsuit made her an instant household name.

Golden girl: Pamela pouts as she is joined onstage by designer Richie Rich

An advert featured Pamela posing in barely there hot pants and diaphanous knit dress, the look topped off with her bleached locks, arched eyebrows and pale pink lipstick. Pamela has previously proved the inspiration and subject for surrealist pop photographer David Lachapelle and artists Richard Prince and Jeff Koons.

Body-confident: Pamela flaunts her figure on the catwalk

So you are never too old to flaunt it then hey!!!!

Pamela Anderson and Vivienne Westwood

Pamela Anderson is now Vivienne Westwood’s shock new muse for fashion launch

And guess what she is wearing, if you said or thought  not a great deal you would be correct.

Vivienne Westwood has never much rated convention but her choice of star to launch her latest collection has turned heads even in the rarely shocked world of fashion.   Spring/summer 2009 for Vivienne will include – well be fronted by Pammie are lovely bayweatcher and knicker wearer!

Anderson brings her trademark raunchiness to the ad, posing in barely there hot pants and a knit dress, the look topped off with her platinum locks, arched eyebrows and pale pink lipstick.   Shot in and around Pamela’s Malibu trailer last November, the picture also stars Dame Vivienne, 67, alongside her husband and creative partner, Andreas Kronthaler, 42. And a dog.

Vivienne Westwood ad campaign

This is not new news as it was reported way back in Vogue back in Sepetmeber 2008.   Pammie signed “reportedly” a six figiire deal, is that dollars or pounds – no wnder she is smiling!

Never one to shy away from controversial gestures, Dame Vivienne is said to have met the pneumatic former Baywatch star at a party last year and fallen for her “quirkiness”, signing her up immediately as the face – and body – of her spring/summer 2009 campaign.

Pammie  caused quite the stir during London Fashion Week way back in September when she attended Vivienne’s show with a bizarrely masked man.  Vivienne and a team of stylists and photographers jetted to Los Angelesback in September 2008 to shoot Pammie.

Pammie before Westwood!

Pamela and another bikini

Pamela Anderson on the beach again in another little bikini

Pammie was photographed not but a nano second before where she looked tanned and toned a moment later it is a different story.   I know aliens landed and she has had a body transplant!


Pamela Anderson on an LA beach yesterday with a little belly

Pamela showed off her curves in a white bikini, covering slightly more of her cleavage though, well only a little bit.



And it also looks like she has lost at least four inches off her leg length!!!! and gained 1/2 a bottom!!!


Pamela Anderson and the Big Boobies!

Pamela Anderson and a very small bikini

Once upon time there was a Princess called Pamela and she loved wearing red especially if it was a swimming costume she loved saving people and running along the beach in her red cossie!

And even after Pammie left other very toned and fit beauties took her place and paraded in their red cossie for the thousands or should that be millions that tuned in on a weekly basis.

Also it has been some 20 years since Pamela Anderson first stripped off for Playboy magazine, but the former Baywatch star is continuing to show off her famous curves.  Look at t]my other postings “Pamela goes out in her knickers” and “Pamela Anderson at it again” The Canadian model-turned-actress-turned-author nearly flashed a bit too much of her gravity-defying curves as she frolicked on the beach with the latest man in her life.  But who is he ?

Wearing a loose-fitting brown bikini, the 41-year-old wrestled in the sand with her hat-wearing lover.

Pamela Anderson is pictured with her new boyfriend out on the beach in Malibu

Pamela Anderson has substituted her famous red Baywatch swimsuit for an ill-fitting brown bikini

The blonde bombshell was spotted topping up her tan on a Malibu beach, just a short walk from her beachside home.  After play fighting with hermale companion, Pamela strode along the beach, appearing unaware her ill-fitting bikini bottoms were slipping down her bottom.   Pamela has been spotted on the beach with her mystery man several times last week, and introduced him to celebrity pal Matthew McConaughey when they bumped into each other one afternoon.  It looks like the mother-of-two may have found love again after three failed marriage – or maybe not!

Pamela Anderson is pictured with her new boyfriend out on the beach in Malibu

Pamela Anderson is pictured with her new boyfriend out on the beach in Malibu

Pamela split from Rick Saloman – most famous as Paris Hilton’s co-star in her infamous sex tape – in December 2007, after just nine weeks of marriage.  She was also married to rap/rocker Kid Rock for four months in 2006 and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee for three years in the late Nineties.

After making her Playboy debut in 1989 after being discovered on a TV screen while attending a Canadian football game, Pamela is hoping to appear in the men’s magazine for the 14th time this year.  Pamela reminded Playboy boss Hugh Hefner of her assets in April when she presented him with his birthday cake while completely naked at his 82nd bash.   Pamela will next be seen on screen in the comedy Hollywood & Wine, alongside Shoot Me comedian David Space.

Pamela Anderson is pictured with her new boyfriend out on the beach in Malibu

Low and behold: Pamela appears unaware her bikini bottoms are falling down

Pamela Anderson at it again!

Pamela Anderson flashes a nipple as she strips off for magic show

In the art of ageing gracefully, Pamela Anderson is not fairing too well as the photos show leaving very little to the imagination,  at her age she should be wearing a twin set and pearls I think that should be the recommended wear!  Twice in a week Pamela is in the news the first wearing her knickers to an Art Exhibition and then this show where she leaves very little to the imagination once again.

Pamela has admitted in the past she has had enhancements to her boobs – no way ! I hear you shout – surely they are naturally! Famous for her Baywatch wiggle and bouncing boobs Pamela quite clearly has no plans to give up her penchant for stripping off to as little as possible at every opportunity despite approaching the age of 42.

She peeled off to a cut-away silver bodysuit which struggled to contain her form as she joined Dutch illusionist Hans Klok opening night of his magic show in Amsterdam last night.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson stripped off for a magic show in Amsterdam last night – a flash of a nipple or is it ? a bit of an boob well a lot really!!!  Oh will it ever end!

Pamela Anderson
Hey Cheeky!!!
Pamela Anderson

One lump or two????

The mother of two seemed utterly at ease in the skimpy outfit, and happily paraded around the stage as the magician’s assistant.   She apparently remains as confident about her slimline body as ever and recently revealed she plans to pose again for Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner.   Pamela is a favourite of the millionaire and has appeared in Hugh’s magazine 13 times since her pre-Baywatch debut in 1989.


She recently admitted she is hoping for a 14th edition.  She said: ‘I am definitely doing Playboy again. I can’t end on number 13. Yes I have got to do one more.’  Pamela, whose three former husbands include Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salmon, is currently single.

Pamela AndersonPamela works her magic over Hans Klok

Pamela Anderson goes out in her knickers!

Pamela Anderson goes out in her underwear

and a tea cosy !!!!!!

Classy and elegant are not words you would typically use to describe Pamela Anderson – but surely she would know that at a prestigious art show, underwear is inappropriate attire.


The former Baywatch star caused a stir when she arrived at one of the most important art exhibitions in the U.S., Art Basel Miami Beach, wearing a pair of orange and black patterned underpants.

Known for wearing as little as possible, Anderson at least covered the top half of her modesty, with a grey off-the-shoulder t-shirt.

Pamela Anderson

Dress code? Pamela Anderson (pictured with photographer friend David LaChapelle, right) attends the distinguished Art Basel Miami Beach fair.  Anderson enjoyed playing up to the cameras as she seductively bent over paintings, with her bottom and pink high heels in the air.   But when it came to accessories, the 41-year-old was in keeping with the art theme, as she held a Campbell’s Soup handbag clutch – a hint to the work of art produced by Andy Warhol in the 1960s.   Anderson was joined by Paris Hilton at the annual week-long art fair to view the work of fashion photographer and film director David LaChapelle.

Paris Hilton and Pamela Anderson

Paris and Pammie getting up close and personal!

Pamela Anderson

All for publicity

Creative experience: Pamela Anderson steals the show at the Art Basel Miami Beach art fair in some eye-catching attire.   LaChapelle’s exhibition ‘Jesus Is My Homeboy’ featured a series of surreal and sometimes humorous images of models posing with Jesus.  The American artist, with his characteristic boyish cap tilted to the side, was yesterday eager to show the bare-legged Anderson around Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center.   During the tour, the ex-Playboy covergirl reached out to hug a photograph of herself.


Anderson recently signed a six-figure deal to be the new face of British designer Vivienne Westwood and will front her spring/ summer outfits campaign next year.   She met the designer at a party last  year, and it is believed Westwood loves her ‘quirkiness’.   Art Basel is an exclusive selection of more than 250 leading art galleries from North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Pamela Anderson

Bottoms up: Anderson leaves little to the imagination in this pose

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