Nicola McLean gets frost bite!

Nicola McLean’s famous boobies get covered in snow

The jungle may now just be a distant memory, with the creepy crawlies and the heat but during the three weeks in the jungle, Nicola McLean won over male viewers with her impressive cleavage – which had their first birthday in the jungle.

Despite the chilly December weather, the WAG and Page 3 girl saw no reason to keep her self under wraps as she posed for a photoshoot in London’s Covent Garden.  The buxom 27-year-old was reunited with two of other I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! celebs – her nemeses David Van Day and Timmy Mallett for a snowball fight, using fake snow of course.

Nicola McLean

Becareful you don’t want to lose anything doen there!

Despite the unfair advantage of being the only one in team fighting two men, McLean managed to win the fight, despite getting covered in faux snow in the process.   After her triumph, McLean realised she got flakes of fake snow during her famous 32G bust and shoved her hand down her top, to the delight of the male members of the public watching the snowball fight.

Last week’s event was sponsored by search engine Yahoo!, marked McLean’s first reunion with former Dollar singer Van Day and children’s TV presenter Mallett since they flew home from Australia three weeks ago.  During the reality show, McLean regularly clashed with the pair and has made no attempt to hide her disdain for them.

I'm a Celebrity contestants David van Day (L), Nicola McLean and Timmy Mallett during a snowball fight launched by Yahoo!

Fight! McLean enjoyed a snowball clash with her I’m A Celebrity nemeses David Van Day and Timmy Mallett – One lump or two Nicola

After McLean was voted off the jungle show, she hit out at Van Day, calling him a ‘sex pest’ after he slapped her playfully on the butt during a Celebrity Chest task on the show.   She complained: ‘What he did was degrading. He touched me inappropriately. In our contract it says we are not to touch one another in a sexual way or you get a warning or even worse.  ‘When he asked me to have a jungle romance for the cameras, I felt sick. He is old enough to be my dad. When he tried to kiss me, I felt ill.  ‘I don’t want him anywhere near me, he is vile, vile, vile.’

I'm a Celebrity contestants David van Day, Timmy Mallett and Nicola McLean during a snowball fight launched by Yahoo!

Revenge: McLean enjoys pelting snowballs after her jungle enemies Mallett and Van Day

And the feelings are mutual after Van Day attacked ‘desperate’ McLean in a recent interview.

He told OK! Magazine: “People take themselves so seriously, especially some of those who were in the jungle – they were so far up their own a****.

‘Nicola McLean said I’m desperate. Yes, love, that’s why I’ve got two West End shows lined up, an album and a book coming out.

‘She was going: “I’ve got a pair of t**s!” So what?’

I'm a Celebrity contestant Nicola McLean during a snowball fight launched by Yahoo!

Strike a pose: McLean’s tabloid perfect pose for the cameras

Jordan and Nicola seem to be going head to head!

Jordan invites comparisons with rival as she shows off her sag-free stomach – Nicola have a look!!!!!

As high-profile glamour girls, using their surgically enhanced chests to sell underwear, comparisons between Katie Price and Nicola Mclean are bound to happen – bot have big boobs, both been on page 3 – 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 !!!! and in the jungle.  And if these photos of Katie, also known as Jordan, are taken at face value she has a message for her rival – so the fight goes on.  It’s all good publicity.

A day after Nicola was pictured displaying sagging and stretch marked skin on her stomach, mother-of-three Katie made it clear her skin was completely line-free.

Glamour model Katie Price, also known as Jordan, launches her new Nightwear range at the Worx Studios in London today

Look Nicola, I’m line-free: Glamour model Katie Price, also known as Jordan, launches her new Nightwear range at the Worx Studios in London this week.

Mother-of-three Jordan displays her line-free waist

She lifted her top as she posed for photographers at the London launch of her latest underwear range.   In contrast to Katie 27-year-old Nicola displayed unsightly lines yesterday.    Then Nicola word the Ultimo outfit and even the eye-catching lacy Ultimo numbers weren’t quite enough to distract from the stretch marks across the model’s stomach and her saggy skin.

 Nicola Mclean Nicola Mclean seemed unconcerned by her lined stomach

Sagging stomach: Nicola Mclean yesterday

Nicola Mclean yesterday

Publicity it goes on and on and on- Yesterday Nicola also spoke out about her mounting rivalry with Katie. Katie had said she was sick of seeing Nicola flaunting her chest when the WAG appeared on I’m A Celebrity. But in an interview with Richard & Judy  Nicola revealed she was saddened by 30-year-old Price’s opinions of her.   Judy got the ball rolling by asking her: ‘I get the feeling there is a bit of rivalry between you and Jordan, have you had a bit of a spat or something?’   Responding, Nicola said: ‘You know what I went into the jungle thinking that Jordan was an icon, an absolute legend, she’s amazing. And I’ve come out and seen that she’s gave me the absolute worst press and it’s just so sad really.’

Watch this space for more mud flinging as I am sure the will!!!!

Nicola McLean and another bit of flesh!

Nicola McLean launches ANOTHER (yawn) lingerie range

Here we go again  – if you see my other posts about Nicola and the question can you see what I can see?  Those strecth marks – well most of us have them she has had a child and she has alos been in the jungle eating bugs, spiders and rice and probabaly lost a little weight too, hence maybe more strecth marks!  And don’t the press and us enjoy seeing that these celebrities are human!   It was just another day, another lingerie set for Nicola McLean the jungle lady as she continued her campaign as the new face of underwear label Ultimo, along with our old favourites.

The former I’m A Celebrity contestant peeled off for the third time in less than two weeks as she modelled the brand’s Red Boudoir range at London’s Oxford Street’s Debenhams yesterday.    The Page 3 model, who is a surgically enhanced 32G! lapped up the attention as she paraded around in her briefs and towering peep-toe heels.

Nicola McLean strips down to her underwear to promote Ultimo at Oxford Street’s Debenhams yesterday


Every girl’s nightmare: Nicola revealed stretch marks across her stomach which we noticed in another one of mu posts.   But what she was wearing was modelled very nicely and looked lovely the little lacy numbers weren’t quite enough to distract from the stretch marks across the model’s stomach and her saggy skin and it looks like a scartch too!

However, the ever confident 27-year-old, who has a two-year-old son, Rocky, seemed not to be bothered by the whole thing and she got her kit off.   She continued to cavort around the store, at one point posing up provocatively with a rather stunned Santa Claus.

Hello Santa! Nicola strikes a provocative pose in her naughty Father Christmas outfit

Hello Santa! Nicola strikes a provocative pose in her naughty Father Christmas outfit

 Nicola Mclean l
Nicola McClean

Peeling off: The confident glamour girl flaunts it in a red and black ensemble

Oh no: Nicola’s cleavage was not enough to distract from her saggy skin

Nicola McLean

The I am a celebrity there week diet stomach!

Nicola recently spoke out about her mounting rivalry with fellow glamour model Katie Price, who has her own range of Asda underwear.  During Nicola’s time in the jungle, Katie announced she had ‘seen enough’ of Nicola’s cleavage.  They have to argue and have some rivallary as it makes news and keeps them – and by them I mean Nicola and Jordan in the newspapers – all press is good after all keeps you high profile!

Nicola countered: ‘You know what I went into the jungle thinking that Jordan was an icon, an absolute legend, she’s amazing.   ‘I’ve come out and seen that she’s gave me the absolute worst press and it’s just so sad really.’   And adding yet more fuel to the fire, she said recently: ‘I fancied Peter massively. I loved him. I used to write “Nicola Mclean 4 Peter Andre” on my school notebook.   ‘[Katie] will hate me for saying that, but then she hates everybody.’

 Nicola Mclean

Seeing red: Nicola is in the throes of a feud with glamour model rival Katie Price

 Nicola Mclean Lapping up the attention: Nicola posed with a rather stunned Santa Claus

Nicola McLean in her bra and knickers!

Nicola McLean  peels off for a lingerie appearance

I’m A Celebrity contestant Nicola McLean with the very big boobies who celebrated there first birthday in the jungle a couple of weeks ago was i back in her element today as she stripped down to her underwear for an in store appearance in Scotland.

The Page 3 model has been signed up by lingerie label Ultimo to model for the brand happily put her surgically enhanced 32G bust on show in a lacy pink bra.  Other popular busted ladies are of course Melinda Messenger and Mel B.

She kept up a touch of the jungle theme with a jungle  khaki mini-skirt, boots and a cork hat, but strangely declined to discuss her time on the show with fans.

Nicola McLean

Nicola posed in her underwear during an in-store appearance in Scotland for lingerie label Ultimo

The 27-year-old has previously said she hopes to model herself on Pamela Anderson rather than fellow glamour girl turned businesswoman Katie Price.  Oh, okay Nicola Pamela Anderson with a string of broken marriages seems to do anything to get noticed at the moment!  You go for it girl then!

She says: ‘I have seen what Kate said but I have nothing to say because she is an icon.  I have massive amounts of respect for her. If I had a quarter of the success that she has had, it would be fantastic. But I don’t want to be anyone else – I want to be me.”  I wonder if she wants to save the world and help disadvantaged children too?

Nicola McLean

Jungle fever: No touching up her Nicola – can you see what I see?

‘Kate doesn’t inspire me, but Pamela Anderson does.  Kate looks amazing but she didn’t need the surgery on her face. She beautiful before it. But Pamela is a legend.  I love her because of the way she is with her sons. I take great pride in being a mum.’

Nicola, who was released from the Australian bush last week, is engaged to Peterborough United player Tommy Williams, with whom she has a two-year-old son Rocky.

Nicola McLean Sign of the times: Nicola autographed cards for fans

I’m a celebrity! Jungle drums

I was not going to mention I’m a Celebrity but I have been compelled to do so, with breast implants up to double GG and they are going to get bigger and bikinis and underwear on show constantly.  I have to mention it, I am compelled!

Its a battle in the jungle with boobs and bottoms on show, so who will win?

The latest I’m A Celebrity glamour girl Nicola McLean has stripped off to an itsy bitsy bikini (and a few polka dots in sight) and her underwear. It’s a well-worn trick to boost your profile, but does it pay off? We will have to wait and see.


Within hours of entering the jungle page three girl Nicola McLean was taking off all her clothes to show all the viewers her vital statistics and this week was the first birthday of her boobs Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday  dear boobies, happy birthday to you.

She is not the first and she surely will not be the last as the beauties of previous years have stripped down to their undies or bikini’s when showering, because after all a girl has to keep some things private.  unlike the men – Blimey Brian you are having a good scrub this weekend with the soap! Think you missed a spot!!

Nicola McLean

Nicola McLean: How much is my bikini worth?

Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

This shower under a waterfall went on to earn Myleene Klass £2 million pounds – modelling,  television work for M and S to name but a few things she does now.

Gemma Atkinson

gemmasplit2611_468x4071Gemma Atkinson became a lads’ mag favourite after this showing.  And the questions raised was has she lost her curves?  Well has she?

The former Hollyoaks actress-turned-glamour-girl became a firm lads’ mag favourite after cutting a curvaceous figure on Series 7 last year – boosted by a breast enlargement (to a 34E).  Despite her quiet demeanor, the model is far from shy, so she took every opportunity to flash her bikini body.

Nancy Sorrell

Nancy Sorrell

Nancy Sorrell has picked up modelling contracts with High Street brands since appearing on I’m A Celebrity including Ann Summers.  Married to Vic Reeves I am sure he enjoys her curves too.


Katie Price

The meeting of two happened on this show with Katie meeting her Pete!  Hated the hair though!

Katie Price

Katie Price has been the most successful of the glamour models to graduate from I’m A Celebrity, earning £4 million since the show. If it wasn’t for I’m A Celebrity Series 3 in 2004, Jordan, 30, would never have met and married fellow jungle contestant Peter Andre.  Katie released her autobiography, Being Jordan, to coincide with I’m A Celebrity and sold more than 97,000 copies in a year.   She then put her married life up for public consumption with Jordan & Peter Laid Bare, a fly-on-the-wall TV documentary.

Sophie Anderton

 Sophie Anderton

Sophie Anderton, might have looked stunning, but her fiery character turned the public off.  She also has many personal tragedies to deal with as well, cocaine, call girl! She once modelled the Wonderbra and was in I’m a celebrity way back in 2004.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is popular with a lot of people

Tara was the original it-girl but she too has had her own demons to deal with over the years with a drug habit during the 90’s but she as addressed these and hopefully she is recovered and fit for it.

So I am sure we will see more bras, knickers and bikinis let’s keep our eyes open for them!

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