Nancy Dell’Olio see through dress

Nancy Dell’Olio stuns party guests in a transparent dress

Nancy Dell’Olio left nothing, zip, zilch to the imagination when she arrived at her Christmas party in a hideously tacky transparent dress.  You go girl.  Sven-Göran Eriksson’s former partner stunned guests at the bash at Kensington boutique hotel Blakes with the daring part-chiffon, part-leather outfit.

The Italian – who is heading home next week to spend Christmas with her family – looked pleased with herself as she posed for photographers outside the venue in the revealing ensemble that would have made exhibitionists half her age think twice before wearing.

Nancy Dell'Olio
Nancy Dell'Olio

Nancy Dell’Olio leaves little to the imagination at her Christmas bash at boutique hotel Blakes with a daring transparent dress

Dell’Olio showed off her cleavage with a black push-up bra under the dress and finished off the outfit with black Christian Louboutin.   The property lawyer has enjoyed a busy 2008 and launched her own collection of racy lingerie ND Nightwear at Park Lane bar The Met in August.

See photos from the launch night below.

Nancy Dell'Olio

The lingerie was previewed at Park Lane’s Met Bar as part of London Fashion – but does not go on  sale until next year.  The range consists of mainly nightwear and ‘sophisticated pieces of underwear’ which Nancy was eager to show off.  Still single since breaking up with Sven in 2006, Nancy told The Daily Telegraph: ‘No, I am not in a relationship at the moment. It’s not something I like and I hope that I may meet someone.  ‘However, I can cope very well on my own. I think that if you don’t enjoy your own company then it’s difficult to be with anyone else. ‘And I also think that I am a very tough person. That doesn’t mean that I am not sensitive. ‘I have this very strong image and I think this absolutely reflects who I am. Strong and intelligent.’

Nancy Dell'Olio

Showing off: Nancy is keen to show off the sexy nightwear

Nancy Dell'Olio

The Italian who is heading back to Italy next week to spend Xmas with her family

Dell’Olio is notoriously coy about her age and insists she is still in her 40s and the rest !!!!! Girl get real

While some sources have put the Italian lawyer’s birthdate as early as 1958, which would have made her 50 in August, other sources claim she was born in 1960 or 1964 – ermmmm DON’T  THINK SO!!!!!!

In her 2007 autobiography My Beautiful Game, New York-born Dell’Olio claimed she was born after the Cuban Missile Crisis, which took place in October 1962.

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