Claire Sweeney My Big Fat Diet

So many of the papers are writing about Claire Sweeney and her weight gain of 6 weeks! and the TV programme My Big Fat Diet was on tonight and made for interesting viewing – did you see it and the changes?

ITV1, 9pm Tuesday 6th January 2009

claire sweeney

At a time when many of us are starting diets, Claire Sweeney is going to stuff her face silly.

The Daily Mirror wrote : In a Morgan Spurlock Super Size Me-type experiment, Claire ditches her healthy lifestyle to discover how easy it is to get fat, and what effect it has on her body.

Consider it the unofficial follow-up to ITV1’s The Truth About Size Zero, in which Louise Redknapp’s dress size went in completely the opposite direction.  Claire usually eats a balanced diet and exercises three times a week to maintain her size 12 figure. But for six weeks she’ll eat whatever she fancies.

For anyone who has to watch their diet, it sounds like a dream job. And Claire certainly looks like the cat that got the cream when she goes to the supermarket – quite literally at one point as she necks fatty, creamy milk while still in the aisles.   But unfortunately, wolfing down custard slices, cream cakes and hamburgers yields predictable results. And as her waistline grows, her confidence diminishes – especially when she goes to Hollywood and comes in for a slating from image-conscious film industry experts (although by their freaky standards, even her regular dress size is considered big).

It’s amazing how much weight she puts on in such a short time but the real shock for Claire is discovering what health risks her new shape poses.  Meanwhile, here’s an unofficial Big Fat Diet game for you. Take a bite of cake every time you see someone on the programme who’s overdosed on sunbeds!!! Well that will make 93 then!!!!!!

Claire only seems to know orange people so you’ll be the size of a house in no time.

Okay experiment over how long to lose that weight then??????? another programme then the My Big Fat get back to where I was six weeks ago diet

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