Madonna and a bit of bandage

Madonna poses for yet ANOTHER raunchy album picture in a bandage

News Yesterday on Channel 4, Hello, Ok everywhere really was Madonna at 1 wrapped in a bandage and the girl ain’t going over her 1/2 century gracefully, she is going fighting and showing all what she has.   Madonna strapped, wrapped and laced herself into a very improbable outfit to promote her 11th studio album, Hard Candy.

The all-white ensemble, with bandages at chest and wrist, was probably meant to appear sexy or tough.

Madonna is strapped, wrapped and laced for the risque photo

Madonna is strapped, wrapped and laced for the photo shoot in fishnet tights

Her boots had such high heels that even she would have struggled to perform a jig – and if she had, those knickers definitely wouldn’t have stayed put.

Do you reckon she waxes – Brazilian or what ????

Even at the grand old age of 50 Madonna’s body remains in remarkable shape for 50, thanks to her punishing workouts and diet.  However, if we are honest on some photos she looks totally haggard, far too skinny and knackered frankly.


Madonna’s lingerie and crucifix look harks back to the Like A Virgin golden age of the material girl


The 50-year old is seen here in a photo shoot for W magazine with her rumored new toyboy boyfriend Jesus Luz.   And her hard work is paying off, as it was recently reported that the lavish Sticky and Sweet show, based around the Hard Candy album, was the highest-earning tour of 2008, taking £193million worldwide. Since splitting from Guy last summer, Madonna has spent most of the time living in New York.

Is that a nipple we spy!

Madonna strikes a pose!

Another Airbrush mystery! Madonna’s new Louis Vuitton ad campaign is it hot or is it not?

Several months ago well in November it was reported that the photo shoot for the rumored 2009 Louis Vuitton campaign took place today. Madonna was spotted off of RoberstonBoulevard in Los Angeles with photographer Steven Meisel and that’s where it all started.  Lets hope this is better that those ghastly Versace shots of a few years back! A bit sickly and is it really Madonna ? Yes it is.

Madonna has a new man in her life check out hotmenineundies – Jesus Luz, seems to have a  new lease on life and a new fashion ad campaign.   And at 50-years-old or should that be young Madonnais flaunting it in a new ad campaign for Louis Vuitton.  The shots are definitely Marlene Deitrich looky likey, world-weary vamp “‘See What the Boys in the Backroom Will Have” kinda vibe.

It was all Louis Vuitton designer Marc Jacobs’ brilliant idea. Apparently, he blurted out the cutting-edge concept in a creative meeting after seeing her concert the night before.   How about Madonna?  GENIUS! was the probable response.

The six-photo series was shot by Steven Meisel, who shot Madonna’s infamous “Sex” coffee table photo book.  Well look below and what do you think?



It seems the older Madonna gets, the more skin she insists on revealing.   The singer – who has made an art of flaunting her figure in high cut leotards – has stripped off again.  Sporting a skimpy pair of monogrammed briefs, the 50-year-old featured in a Louis Vuitton advertising campaign that seemed more lad’s mag than high fashion.   With her legs apart, Madonna was pictured sprawled across a bench, revealing a little more than some would deem appropriate for a mother-of-three.


Madonna poses provocatively for the new Louis Vuitton advertising campaign.   And despite appearing pale and exhausted over the Christmas period, she can cheer up now knowing she has made use the greatest celebrity gift of all – the airbrush – tell me about the old air brush – maybe you would like to talk to Kate Winslet about that one!   Thanks to some simple retouching, the blonde showed no sign of ageing as she sported flawless skin.  To complete the trademark look, she teamed the knickers with fishnet stockings – showcasing a handbag on her stiletto heel.

Madonna wears the green feather Louis Vuitton dress,  the star donned the outfit in New York last November.  Last year, she committed a fashion crime in a feather dress which was possibly one of the worst faux-pas of the year.   Judging by these pictures though, the Vogue singer recreating the look from the LV campaign.


The singer made use of her flexible body for the raunchy shots.   In the other newly released picture from the campaign, Madonna is seen trussed up in a tailored cream and black waistcoat and red trousers dotted with white spots.

‘Then she could come back next year with new material and everyone gagging for a tour. The thing with Madonna is she can’t bear to be lazing about.’


Madonna performs during her Sticky and Sweet tour at Wembley Stadium in September

Madonna is no stranger to fishnets and flashing about of leg, bottom, or what ever else she likes to, she likes to court a bit controversy and likes to be in headlines does our Madonna!

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