Lucy Pinder and Imogen Thomas get their tits out!

Lucy Pinder and Imogen Thomas expose a bit of boobie

Big Brother girlies Lucy Pinder and Imogen Thomas appeared to be having similar problems, revealing and bouncy boobs.   The busty twosome both appeared to struggle to stay decent in their party outfits as they pitched up at events wearing tight-fitting tops which barely covered their respective assets.

Models and former Big Brother housemates Lucy Pinder and Imogen Thomas, appeared to be competing for best bustline as they partied in London last night.   Glamour model Lucy, 25, who become more famous for the fact that she didn’t show off her boobs in the Big Brother house, appeared to have no qualms about revealing them in a chest-squeezing lycra top.   She also exposed her slim legs in a pink miniskirt paired with high heeled Christian Louboutin heels as she arrived to party at the Embassy Club in London.   Lucy was the first housemate to be evicted from the celebrity version of the reality show, and clearly wants to make the most of her post-show 15 minutes of fame.

Lucy Pinder

Crap top lucy!!! Should be wearing a black bra!!! Get it right girl!

Meanwhile, across town Big Brother 7 contestant and ‘lad’s mag’ model Imogen Thomas had the same idea as she danced the night away at London’s Crystal Nightclub.   Imogen, who had cosmetic surgery to increase the size of her boobs wore a tight black bustier and 50’s style skirt as she stepped out, which no doubt gained her plenty of admiring looks. The 25-year-old from Llanelli, Wales had a £4,000 procedure to boost her bust from a 32C to a 32DD to aid her modelling career.

Imogen Thomas

So basically two girls teying to get a headline or two!!!

Lucy Pinder “I am not going topless in front of 10 strangers” REWIND

Glamour Topless “LETS GET MY BOOBS OUT FOR MONEY”  model Lucy Pinder was last night kicked out of Celebrity Big Brother  BYE BYE— and she then went on to claim she kept her boobs undercover because she is SHY!  Yeah right really – WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 32G topless model who seems not to be shy about getting her boobs out – all you need to do is a search on GOOGLE – Lucy Pinder in images and wham you are greeted with pages and pages of nipples and boobs – shy never heard anything like it in my life.  She lost the public vote to weepy I will do anything to stay in pal Ulrika Jonsson.

Lucy, 25, told host Davina McCall it was probably why she was out.   Asked why she hadn’t revealed all, the model said: “I’ll get them out for you later. With my job it’s work and it’s in a studio, but I was in a house with ten people that I didn’t really know.”   The lads’ mag pin-up explained: “On my job it is in a studio but in there I was really uncomfortable.   “I don’t mind if I’m seen as just a pair of boobs. It’s just it’s cold and I haven’t fake tanned or anything.”

Lucy polled 57 per cent of the vote, against Ulrika’s 43 per cent. And afterwards she paid tribute to her new friend — who sobbed throughout the announcement show — insisting she was glad the TV presenter was still in the house.   Lucy said: “Ulrika was the biggest surprise for me. She’s really warm and very motherly. She’s a top bird.”   But she blasted rapper Coolio for his anti-women rapping — admitting he knocked her confidence.  She said: “He’s not malicious, but a few things he says about hitting women.  “He kind of jokes but he says to a woman, ‘I’m going to come over and elbow you in the face’. And I think, ‘You are big and you are coming over and threatening us’.”

The 45-year-old American’s relentless stream of chants aimed at winding up the women left Lucy weeping in the CBB bathroom.   And she announced her wish to leave the house to Ulrika, 41, who found her sobbing.  Pinder told her: “I’m just really tired. I really want to go home.”   After it was announced she was the first celeb out, Tory girl Lucy told the Swedish mum of four: “I’m so glad I’m going home.” She then clapped her hands and shrieked: “Thank God.”

Celebrity Big Brother the news so far!

Ulrika and Lucy are up for eviction so how can they stay in the Big Brother house? Oh I know start stripping off and maybe start flirting more!!!!!

Ulrika Jonsson claims she would be ‘delighted’ to leave the Big Brother house tomorrow as she is missing her children and I am sure that her children are missing her too.  But after learning she is indeed one of the two housemates up for eviction the former GMTV weather girl has stepped up her game.   Late last night she treated viewers to a sight of her t semi naked as she unselfconsciously  stripped off in front of the cameras.  She showed a bit of her under-carriage and even a bit of bra action.

The former weather girl is up for eviction on tomorrow's show

Ulrika showed off her toned behind as she chatted with the other housemates

Pulling her top over her head Ulrika wandered around in her bra, before climbing onto her bed dressed only in a pair of black pants and a t-shirt.  But rather than snuggling under the sheets she rolled around, chatting to her fellow housemates as she stretched out her toned legs.  Since learning she is up for eviction Ulrika has taken up the camera time.

Ulrika strips off: The former weather girl whipped off her top whilst talking to Tina in the bedroom.

But anyone who thought she might be upset to leave might be surprised to learn that she would be ‘devastated’.  She made the revelation to housemates Michelle Heaton and Ben Adams as they huddled together on her bed.  She then patronised Ben by saying it would probably be good for him if he stayed – perhaps to get some more public exposure.

Having been paid the most – some £175,000 but the question from me is Why?  what makes her cost so much?  I do not know explain!!!!!! – to appear on Celebrity Big Brother, Ulrika has clearly been briefed to give audiences their money’s worth.  The former weather girl broke down in tears on the show earlier this week saying she desperately missed her four children.

But as she changed from one venue to another in the house – from the communal living room where she told a fellow housemate of her distress, to the bathroom and eventually to the bedroom where she lay sobbing, the display of emotion almost seemed contrived.


Breaking down: But Ulrika’s displays seem a little like – where is the camera of boo hooooooo!!!!!!

As the tears began to pour, contestant Tommy Sheridan asked her: ‘Is it an emotional pain you’re feeling?’, to which she replied: ‘I’m just missing the kids’.   Miss Jonsson appeared to play it up to the cameras by first bursting into tears slumped on the sofa in the communal room, occasionally flicking a glance at the cameras.  Oh get real they are all playing games they are all in there for more exposure to become an E lister rather than X Y Z lister.  So the games and the playing to the camera is a nailed on certaianinty.


Missing her family: Ulrika is comforted by actress Tina Malone from Shameless

The lingering shot of her moved on as she returned to the bathroom. She soon emerged – perhaps after realising were are no cameras covering her tearfulness in the bathroom area.  It was then to the bedroom where she lay on her bed, sobbing with her hands over her eyes while other contestants came in and out asking how she was.

At one point Ben Adams, formerly of the boyband A1, came up to her and asked: ‘If there’s anything you want to talk about, I’m not the best person, but there you go.’ But Ulrika just carried on sobbing.


Miss Jonsson is up for eviction this week for having too big an ego, as Terry Christian voted her – I wonder what she thinks of him now?  Music journalist Terry Christian was given the job of nominating contestants for eviction after he was named the first celebrity ‘head of the house’.

The ex-Word presenter put Ulrika up for the chop saying: ‘It just seems to be that vibe about it to me. Too good for this. She’s a nice enough girl. Everything seems to get on her nerves about me and the situation. I may be wrong and I’ll suffer the consequences.’

Busy: Terry is stripped by the two women he has put up for nomination – Lucy and Ulrika – for a massage

Terry is stripped by Lucy and Ulrika for a massage this evening and La Toya has to entertain him as the court Jester

Ulrika and Lucy gave the massage as La Toya Jackson had was tasked with entertaining him as court Jester

The Mail has learned that market research by Channel 4 prior to the show beginning found Miss Jonsson to be the least popular of the housemates among female viewers.  A high percentage of women said they would not trust Miss Jonsson with their male partners.  She also apparently lost credibility for her affair with Sven Goran Eriksson, for her role in the John Leslie sex scandal and for having mothered four children by four different men.

Hands off your are a mother of four – dirty Gertie

As for Lucy she is not shy of getting her kit off well she should be as she is a Page three model.

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