Konnie Huq flashes her knickers!!! Oh Konnie!

Konnie Huq skirt rides up to show her underwear – plain white – and at least she was wearing some!

Former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq could have done with some sticky-back plastic to fix her skirt in place. The 33-year-old presenter found herself in an awkward situation when she discovered the lining of her sheer skirt had risen up, revealing a pair of white undies. And although she has bared almost all in lads’ mags, she looked mortified when she realised her fashion faux pas.

Konnie Huq
Konnie Huq f
Marks and Spencers Knickers -what’s the bet!

Blissfully unaware, former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq has the lining of her skirt caught up, but eventually realises something is wrong…   The presenter, who is an economics graduate, had walked the entire length of Carnaby Street in central London unaware that the admiring glances from men were thanks to the amount of thigh and knicker on display. She had to whip into a nearby branch of Office Shoes to re-adjust her skirt and hide her modesty. Konnie emerged moments later looking more presentable but a little sheepish.

konnie huq

… and makes a quick dash to a nearby shop to pull it back into place

Wearing a grey high-necked T-shirt and bright red satin shoes, she drew attention for all the right reasons.

The ex-Blue Peter presenter, who is dating TV producer Nick Patterson, was at the leaving party of Loose Women host Jackie Brambles. The 42-year-old is leaving the lunchtime ITV show to spend more time with her young children Stanley, three, and Florence, two. And typically, Jackie’s co-hosts gave her a ballsy, brash send-off at bar Zebrano.  No change there then….read the Daily Mail to find out more about the debauched evening!

Blue Peter – Oh how it has changed!

We can all remember many years ago when we used to sit and watch Blue Peter as children, Valeria Singelton, John Noakes and Peter Pervis!  Sticky backed plastic and “Here is one I made earlier!”.  Oh happy times of innocence and childhood.

The presenters or former presenters of today are fractionally different no twin sets, pearls and shirts tucked firmly tucked in high waisted trousers as the newspapers reported this week.

Former Blue Peter Presenter Zoe Salmon appeared to be putting the skills she learned on the show to good use yesterday.


Zoe was Miss Northern Ireland in 1999 somehow and joined Blue Peter in 2004 and left Blue Peter in the summer of 2008.

Last night she was attending the release night of a special Coronation Street DVD and she dressed to impress.  I don’t think she has a bra on what do you think?  and what about knickers?  Can you see any VPL?

Well she looks hot and I could not see Valeria in one of those dresses! she has a very toned body one to die for very fit and gorgeous!

 Zoe Salmon

Zoe Salmon

Zoe was not the first Blue Peter presenter to show a little bit of cleavage as Konnie Huq turned heads in a stunning satin gown with a plunging neckline at the Spiderman movie premiere last year.

Blue Peter celebrates its 50th anniversary this year but unfortunately has been slowly losing popularity with figures for the last series  falling below 500,000.  I suppose children want something different nowadays and with so many television channels available you have to work harder to get the audience.  SO Blue Peter may eventually disappear as did other favourites of mine such as Top of The Pops!  Love it anyway on that note I shall go and put some music on and think of dancing round my handbag.

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