Helen Flanagan in nothing but……

‘I want to get a degree!’ Helen Flanagan, 22, reveals plans to sit her A-levels in bid to achieve her university dream… as she poses in a VERY raunchy shoot

Helen Flanagan fresh from the jungle and eating a kangaroo’s dick here she is appearing in the male magazine FHM declaring she wants to get a degree after redoing her A Levels.  Oh well I have read it all.  She thinks she wants to be taken seriously with the accompanying photographs.  Well it DOES NOT work.. NO NO NO NO NO.

As the Daily Mail 4th January 2012 reported” She’s been branded, amongst other things, a total bimbo. But Helen Flanagan seems keen to prove she’s more than a knockout figure and permanent pout, which is why she has a degree set firmly in her sights. The ex-Coronation Street actress has revealed that she plans to return to education to study for her A-levels, and then carry on to university.

Back to school: Helen Flanagan plans to return to school to study for her A-levels, then attend university

Back to school: Helen Flanagan plans to return to school to study for her A-levels, then attend university

Speaking to FHM she explained her motivation for returning to the classroom. ‘I want to get a degree’, she said. ‘I never did A-levels the first time around so I’m gonna do my A-levels this year.   ‘I’m going to do History, Religious Studies and Philosophy.’  LAUGHING EVEN MORE NOW….

Trim figure: Helen shows off her enviable figure in the new issue of FHM in a series of saucy poses

The 22-year old blames her hormones for failing to get the qualifications when she was younger.  ‘When I was 16 I guess I was just going off the rails! I used to be a really good student and then I just completely went off on one.  ‘I was a perfect A* student and then I turned 16 and just became a bit of a rebel. I think it was just hormones. I just couldn’t concentrate. I couldn’t be bothered.’

Cover star: Helen poses on the cover of the new issue of FHMIt is not clear what Helen wants to study at degree level, or where she plans to go, but judging by a recent slew of bad outfit choices, it’s unlikely to be a fashion course.  Hopefully, a string of faux-pas including posing with a gun just days after the Sandy Hook school shooting and showing a total lack of common sense when appearing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here won’t hinder her application process.  The chances are she could stay in her home town of Manchester, which is a well known student hub thanks to its two popular universities, Manchester University and Manchester Metropolitan.   In fact, there are 40,000 students at Manchester University, making it the largest higher education institute after the Open University.
Not a fashion student: Helen is planning on studying humanities subjects at A-level Not a fashion student: Helen is planning on studying humanities subjects at A-level
How to get noticed!!!! for maybe not the right reasons!
 ‘I’ve always bought FHM, and I’ve always wanted to be on the cover. Always! So this is so, so exciting.’ In one photo, Helen teases fans by posing with a pair of scissors poised to cut her flimsy bra open, and wears a cropped t-shirt and stockings in another.  Another image shows the blonde star showing off her abundant cleavage in a cropped denim jacket as she tantalisingly licks her lips.  Her boyfriend, Manchester City player Scott Sinclair is likely to also be delighted with Helen’s star turn on the magazine.

Rosie Webster from Corrie becoming a knicker boss

Rosie Webster or should that be Helen Flanagan to become Underworld boss

Nightmare scenario! What’s worse than Rosie Webster? Answer: which is sad to say Rosie bloody Webster with power and money.


Roise the temptress


Tempting in a hotel room in basque and knickers well we hope she is wearing knickers!

And she’s going to get both, according to the Sun, when John Stape gives her the proceeds from the sale of his Grannies house, in the hope that it will make amends for him kidnapping her.


Miss Rosie decides to make a few investments – some clothes, a flashy car, and a stake in the knicker factory where she works. When Luke Strong finds himself with a cash flow situation, Miss Rosie is ready and waiting with the cash. Can you imagine how insufferable she’s going to get? She lords it over the menial knicker-stitchers (including her mum) as it is.

We shall wait and see what fun developed with this one.

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