Recycled Alumninum bras and knickers

Trashy Lingerie: Underwear Made From Recycled Aluminum

The world’s trashiest lingerie, by artist and designer Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch, isn’t what you think. But her designs do include unexpected underwear, made from recycled aluminum cans and other recyclables.  The trashy lingerie is surprisingly fashionable, but wearers should have a doctor on call to deliver a tetanus shot for inevitable cuts and scraps or even pricks and scratches.

A native of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, artist Ingrid Goldbloom block doesn’t focus strictly upon designing fashion pieces, but rather seeks out unique recyclable materials from hardwood stores and other locations to weave together into intricate and artistic designs. Her line of trashy lingerie consists of brief style panties, bustiers and bras which are made up of aluminum cans, rivets, dryer vents and gutter guards which are woven together to create the trashy fashion.

Ingrid Goldbloom Bloch’s line of trashy panties has been dubbed “A Clean Pair For Every Day Of The Week” and have been featured in art shows and sustainable fashion demonstrations across the US and internationally. The trashy lingerie may not be practical for everyday wear, at least not without the risk of tetanus, but it sure is fashionable.

Pretty in Pink – It’s the colour of romance – and this seasons coolest or should that be hottest shade

Pretty in pink. Pink is the colour of romance and it is the coolest or should that be hottest colour of this season.

Now you can look and find the most expensive dresses, shoes, blouses and skirts in pink that would cost you two weeks salary or even a month but we have to be real.  We could max out the credit card and then be paying for it for the next 6 months or year but let’s get real – it’s time to think pink but not at the expense of our purses and bank balance.

You could go for a Mulberry short pink dress for £900 or a Vera Wang for a mere snip at £320 or look on the Internet and find a great little short pink dress on Asos.

When it comes to underwear, of course I am going to talk about Schultz.  At Schultz we have pink underwear for him and her and is the coolest look and feel great on, the perfect gift any time of the year – let’s buck the trend and buy a pressie for a loved one when there is no reason to do and it is just because you can.

‘Hands Free’ Perfect Pink Briefs

Who ever said men could not wear pink, they can and they do it in style!  Make people take notice with these hot designer y-front briefs ‘Hands Free’ trimmed in white tape to compliment and define some of your best features. Designer underwear designed to enhance and control.

Made in 100% ribbed cotton finished with a white trim detail for a beautiful contrast.  Enhance and enjoy.

Complete the look – other customers have bought these items:
Crossroads jeans – mid indigo jeans
Hand printed T-shirt in Black T-Leaves print in soft cotton.

£17.50 a great price and a great fit.

‘Hands Free’ Pink Boxers


‘Be in the pink’ in these perfect and fun “Hands Free” ribbed cotton boxer briefs.  Designer underwear has never been so much fun,  classically cut for comfort and fit in funky colours to excite, this underwear is going to get you noticed.  Schultz jeans offers you the most comfortable underwear experience.  Designed for comfort these perfect pink y-front boxers, have a white trim to enhance and define.

Made from 100% ribbed cotton.

Complete the look- other customers have bought these items:
Great White jeans – Comfortable and well fitting
Red Button Fly t-shirt in 100% cotton


‘Heatseeker’ Pink Briefs

Most men wear nothing but cotton underwear because they want the best and at Schultz jeans we only make all our designer underwear from 100% cotton to fit snugly and comfortably.

You are hot stuff and to get you sizzling even more these wonderfully quirky and fun ‘Heatseeker’ briefs will do the job.  Made in 100% pure cotton this designer underwear shouts out  “Heatseeker” it is trimmed in pink and white.  These Y-Front briefs are guaranteed to raise your temperature and others!  Designed to be red-hot and stylish.

£17.50 only XL available at the moment but new stock arriving soon.


And for her because after all all girls like to wear pink!

‘Heatseeker’ Pink Y-Front

If you want to raise some temperatures then these are the pants for you. Guaranteed to turn heads and raise eyebrows, Schultz designer underwear for women is just what you need if you’re looking for some hot stuff!

Schultz designer underwear for women has been designed to the highest specifications bringing you what you want and deserve.  Bringing to you a fun and flirty brief with a great strapline “Heatseeker” Y-Front Briefs! in wonderful pink which is  feminine but bold at the same time.  This underwear wants to be seen and not hidden and looks great under a pair of hot Schultz Jeans.  We guarantee you admiring glances.

Complete the look – customers also bought these items:

Cobra Designer Jeans – urban styled hot selling jeans and brilliant black

Designer Tee – T-leaves hand printed design for him or her or both? We say both.

Pink Y-front brief £19.00 and Pink brief 16.00

womens underwear pink briefs

What makes a perfect Christmas Present – Schultz underwear is a perfect choice

Underwear – Schultz Underwear the Perfect Christmas Gift – Latest Google news post for Schultz

Christmas is coming and writing lists and pounding those streets is imminent if not already happening. The Internet allows us to shop 24/7 for that perfect gift and what’s better than a fantastic piece of underwear that is a statement piece.
PRLog (Press Release)Dec 03, 2008 – The Internet has allowed us to shop 24/7 it has allowed us access to far more products than ever before.  It is great because it allows us more choice but sometimes too much choice is not a good thing as we can become overwhelmed with it all.  The perfect underwear that is comfortable and well fitting is important.  In today’s world, you can easily browse for the next new designer jeans and the next exciting t-shirt design that people notice or the perfect underwear to impress.

The perfect underwear is incredibly important to everyone; everyone deserves a brilliant fitting garment that delivers everytime.  Underwear is important in the fact that it is incredibly important to everyone who wears underwear! That makes all of us.  We like to impress and look good in the process.    The Internet offers a large amount of underwear / lingerie for those that want to buy a new pair of undies!   Many people fail to realise all of the benefits of shopping online for their underwear.

Schultz Brand Name Selection

There are a seemingly endless amounts of brand names available for every type of underwear item possible, from the sexy lacy numbers that you can find at Agent Provocateur with bras starting at £65 and knickers from £35 or Ultimo starting at £25 for a bra and knickers starting at £12 to the practical and fun underwear that you can find at Aussiebum at around £20 or

No online shop can carry every single design and style of underwear and the Internet has the ability to bring you to all of the brand names you could want in a small amount of time. By using the Internet, you can find the underwear that you want in the comfort of your own home.   This opens you up to every possibility, making it easy to find exactly what you want.

Those who want more from their underwear, a uniqueness that makes you stand out from the crowd then Schultzjeans underwear can offer you that, with underwear for him and her.  Made from 100% ribbed cotton the garments are designed to fit well and are fun and flirty with straplines that are statement making.  Our famous

straplines of “I want out”, “Coming soon”, “Heatseeker” and “Handsfree”.  All made in an array of colours that make a statement of who you are.

At Schultzjeans we manufacture the garments ourselves and therefore offer the discerning customer a growing designer brand label at affordable prices all adding to the appeal of these hot design ranges.  Prices for the underwear start at £16.00 to £20.00 so for less than twenty pound you could either buy the perfect gift for someone or for yourself and it won’t break the bank.  There are multiple benefits to shopping online for your underwear and the biggest is that you can shop online at for quality underwear that makes the perfect gift.

Schultz Main page –
Mens pages –
Ladies pages – …

Sadie Frost and the loose knicker elastic

Sadie Frost loses her Knickers should have bought


It is known for being a night of glitz and glamour to showcase the best in British haute couture.   But looking at the photographs from the night last week not all of the invited celebrities were “all together” and came unprepared fro getting out of a big car with their knickers intact.   Sadie Frost being that celebrity who dropped her knickers as she climbed from her car when she arrived at the awards.

Getting in a twist? Sadie Frost drops what appear to be a pair of knickers as she climbs out of her car after last night's British Fashion Awards

Nice black lacy knickers looking not so nice on the road.  Should have bought Schultz underwear Sadie they firmly in place until you want to take them off or get someone very nice to take them off.   The photo above show Sadie struggling out of her car demurely or as demurely as you can be in her very short, strapless dress, and she seems to drops what appears to be a pair of knickers on the ground.   Sadie left the stray knickers behind, but it was helpfully picked up by her hairdresser friend James Brown, who handed it to their driver.

Okay and now Sadie’s LBD is pushing her boobs southwards and giving her a split level look again not the most flattering photographs.   At the beginning of the night Sadie appears as a polished designer then transforms to  tired party girl and looks slightly worse for wear by the end of the night.

Sadie my recommendation to you is log on to the Schultz site buy some knickers and I shall send them to you personally size 10 I think!  Pink would be a good colour so check out Heatseeker pink briefs,   or if you prefer a little black number that will stay firmly in place check out Heatseeker black briefsHeatseeker black y-fronts.  So happy shopping Sadie!

Brazilians believe if you wear yellow underwear on New Years Eve – You will have a Wealthy year!

As written on my hot men in undies blog during The credit crunch is biting all around the world not just here in England and when the economists calculated the effect of the credit crisis they warned of a run on the banks but not a run on yellow underwear.

In Brazil yellow underwear, means money, the colour of your underwear that you wear at midnight on New Year’s Eve is believed to influence your luck in the coming year.  Wearing red underwear is supposed to bring passion, pink underwear love, white underwear peace and green underwear luck.

Yellow underwear means money and with millions of people worried about the fallout from the credit crunch, they are flying off the shelves.  “People are desperate, they don’t want to lose their jobs and have some money in their pockets,” said Denise Areal, marketing director for Duloren, one of Brazil’s biggest underwear producers. “We’ve sold out 100,000 pairs and we don’t have time to make any more.   Generally, the red and pinks associated with passion and love, and the whites associated with peace are the big seller but this year yellow has taken over.”

Okay you don’t have to just wear it on New Year’s Eve you have  to according to tradition, women must wash the underwear in the New Year and then wear them inside out on the first Friday of the year for the effect to work.  Is it just women is my question and I can’t find the answer for that one – anybody answer my question do men have to do the same?

At Schultz we can help you with your love, passion, peaceful life, luck, money, wealth and good fortune.  If you believe in all this kind of stuff!  And if not it’s a great excuse for buying some new hot undies!

Yellow Underwear for wealth, money and good fortune

Mens “I Want Out” yellow boxers

Mens “I Want Out” yellow briefs

Sorry Ladies no yellow undies for you so you will have to nick his or buy some of these super comfortable cotton mens ones for yourself.

Pink Underwear for love

Mens Heatseeker” pink briefs

Mens “Handsfree” pink briefs

Mens “Handsfree” pink boxers

Ladies “Heatseeker” pink y-fronts

Ladies “Heatseeker” pink briefs

White underwear for peace

Mens “Coming Soon” white briefs

Mens “Coming Soon” white boxers

Mens “HandsFree” white briefs

Mens “HandsFree” white boxers

Mens “I Want Out” white briefs

Mens “I Want Out” white boxers

Ladies “Coming Soon” white briefs

Ladies “I Want Out” white briefs


Red underwear for passion

Mens “Coming Soon” Red Passion briefs

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