Rosie Webster from Corrie becoming a knicker boss

Rosie Webster or should that be Helen Flanagan to become Underworld boss

Nightmare scenario! What’s worse than Rosie Webster? Answer: which is sad to say Rosie bloody Webster with power and money.

Roise the temptress

Tempting in a hotel room in basque and knickers well we hope she is wearing knickers!

And she’s going to get both, according to the Sun, when John Stape gives her the proceeds from the sale of his Grannies house, in the hope that it will make amends for him kidnapping her.

Miss Rosie decides to make a few investments – some clothes, a flashy car, and a stake in the knicker factory where she works. When Luke Strong finds himself with a cash flow situation, Miss Rosie is ready and waiting with the cash. Can you imagine how insufferable she’s going to get? She lords it over the menial knicker-stitchers (including her mum) as it is.

We shall wait and see what fun developed with this one.

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