Keira Knightley with digitally enhanced boobs

Has Keira Knightley gone under the airbrush again as the face of the Coco Chanel campaign?

Keira is known for her slender figure and her acting!!!  In the past she has hit out when airbrushers have made her cleavage appear fuller in posters and magazine shoots.  But she has allowed it just like other celebrities who are basically airbrushed to hell!!! Kate Moss being one of the most recent to Airbrushed beyond belief.  And what about normal folk like you and me who are having their holiday photographs airbrushed…….Boots her we come…..

But it appears someone forgot to tell the picture editors in Keira Knightley’s latest campaign for Chanel. The 24-year-old actress poses seductively with just braces covering her modesty. But it seems her cleavage has been given a boost with the magical art of the airbrusher.


In shots which appear to have been taken behind the scenes, whilst her hair and make-up stylists make a few finishing touches, she appears to be much flatter chested – much, much flatter – is that an air pump I see.

The advert is surprising as Keira does not appear embarrassed by her lack in that department. Ever since she arrived on the scene as a 17-year-old in the movie Bend It Like Beckham, the waif-like actress has done nothing to disguise her lack of cleavage.


In 2004, film promoters digitally enhanced her bust in the U.S. for King Arthur, while leaving her natural look in the British versions.   Last year, she refused to have any retouching done on publicity pictures for The Duchess.

Keira Knightley in King ArthurKeira Knightley in King Arthur
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