Brooke Sheilds

Brooke Shields claims she lost her virginity to late!!!!

After writing about Brooke just last week modelling leather and corsets she is in the papers again saying that she wished she had lost her virginity earlier.  She apparently did not do it for any religious reasons or the like she was waiting for the right person.  The debate rages on as the Wright Stuff on Channel  is debating it all.  Should you or shouldn’t you????

Quote ” The actress, 44, said that she regrets not having sex before the age of 22, People reports. “I think I would have had sex a lot earlier,” she told Health magazine. “I think I would have been much more in touch with myself.”

Brooke Shields who starred in movies such as Pretty baby where she lives in a brothel and Blue Lagoon where she has sex with a blonde haired scantily clad young man (Christopher Atkins).  A love story apparently where two children are shipwrecked alone on a tropical island. They thrive on the bounty of jungle and lagoon. The boy grows tall and the girl beautiful. They swim naked over coral reefs and then bim-bang-bong!!!!

A very, very young Brooke Shields in pretty baby – IN the Brothel…Did she understand what it was all about???

For goodness sake she was just 22 and what does it matter!!!! Is she making or releasing a new film….let me just check..Er it is not to promote that one!!!!  Oh well…..What do you think?

Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields squeezes into rubber stockings and a basque for photoshoot

She made her name as an innocent teenager growing up in a not so innocent world of prostitution but Brooke is now all woman as the recent photographs show.   Brooke who is now 43-year-young! wears rubber stockings and a basque and cavorts with a young man Madonna-style for a black-and-white photoshoot for an Australian magazine.  Oh luck girl!

It’s a long way from the Blue Lagoon. In that film, she starred in some 30 years ago, she discovered her sexuality – here she’s flaunting it big time for the world to see.

In one photo she lies in her underwear beside model Chris Fawcett, while another sees the two locked in a passionate embrace.

Brooke Shields dresses in PVC stockings and a basque for a photoshoot for Australian magazine Kurv

Brooke Shields

There is rumours that there may be a hint of the airbrush about her thin-looking face and heavy eyeliner has been employed, but Shields has retained the looks which made her a star.  For a while in the past she has slid off the a-lister line but she keeps returning.  When it comes to airbrushing she is not the only star such famous women as Kate Winslet have had the treatment!

Sultry: An underwear-clad Brooke strips off as she reclines on a bed and looks like a woman half her age!

Sultry: An underwear-clad Brooke strips off as she reclines on a bed

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Brooke Shields

Chris Fawcett letting it all hang out

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