Miley Cyrus moves in with her model boyfriend

Miley Cyrus moves in with her underwear model boyfriend

Miley Cyrus also known as the cute Hanna Montana and found bouncing around on the Disney channel if you watch it.  She was born Destiny Hope Cyrus on November 23, 1992 which makes her just 16 years old – a kid!

So at the age of 16 she now has reportedly moved in her boyfriend, she is also the daughter of, Billy Ray Cyrus.  His “achy-breaky” daughter,  Miley is following the downward spiral that Jamie Lynn Spears travelled two years ago.   Pregnant and all that!  Miss Cyrus is moving in her 20 year-old, underwear model in the $15 million mansion she owns.  Justin Gaston and she are now a common law couple.  And Mr. Cyrus isn’t happy and who can blame him.  But why did he not just say ain’t going to happen kid and do something about it?

Justin Gaston – can you see the attraction?

Billy Ray fears that his daughter will end up pregnant with a dysfunctional boyfriend who’s only out for fame and publicity.  Despite Miss Cyrus’s money, Gaston is a successful underwear model in his own right maybe not worth millions but he does alright.  However, he has experienced interest in someone doing a movie about his life and what better way to achieve that than have a famous girlfriend and a better story to tell.

Miss Cyrus might be seeking emotional support considering her paparazzi mistakes in recent weeks with her shower shots  and other thing such as the fact that she is facing accusations of being racist against Asian people.

She is dueling with Disney about continuing her appearances on Hanna Montana.  She and Selena Gomez are still battling for position as Disney’s top young starlet.  Plus, she and best friend, Mandy Jiroux are exhibiting outlandish behavior by staying out at L.A. clubs and supposedly binge drinking.

Drunk or sober what do you think ?

and finally is this the future

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