Beth Ditto squeezes in to a Herve Leger dress!

Beth Ditto squeezes into a  Herve Leger bandage dress

The unforgiving bandage dress designed by Herve Leger has found a natural fit among an attention-seeking celebrity clientèle.  With the likes of Lindsay Lohan , Victoria Beckham and Scary Spice to name but a few are  massive fans of the bandage dress.

But to some, the fit comes more naturally than others.

A fearless Beth Ditto, 28, squeezed herself into the tight-fitting lycra dress, testing its seams and they held so that’s bloody marvellous manufacturing and great cotton,  as she attended Stella McCartney’s Paris fashion show.

Tight fit: Beth Ditto squeezed herself into the Herve Leger style dress to attend the Stella McCartney Fashion Show in Paris yesterday

Beth Ditto

With its tightly woven bands of lycra, the bandage dress certainly offered some support to the larger than life lead singer of band Gossip.   But even for Ditto – whose love of tight clothing appears to have no boundaries – this was a look too far, as the frock failed to flatter her 15st figure. According to the Daily Mail.  However, I think it’s a  bit too short and her knees look odd!!!!   But after all I take my hat off to her you go girl – shock them and she does.

Beth, who currently writes an advice column for The Guardian newspaper, entitled ‘What Would Beth Ditto Do?, might well need some sartorial advice of her own.   Beth has been attending all the top shows in Paris, no doubt taking notes after she revealed plans last year for her own fashion line, a collaboration with high street store Evans.  ‘Oh I’m loving doing it. Its been such a fun project,’ she said.

The US born singer sat front row at the fashion show  whose guests included, Thandie Newton, Salma Hayek and Twiggy, as well as McCartney’s husband, Alisdhair Willis, and her sister, Mary.  Last to arrive was Sir Paul McCartney and his girlfriend, Nancy Shevell, the latter dressed in a cream McCartney coat and matching pom-pom knit bag.

She recently posed nude for the premiere issue of Love Magazine. It marks the second time Beth has stripped it off for a magazine, after she first appeared naked on the cover of NME in 2007.

Love editor Katie Grand said of the star who numbers Kate Moss among her high-profile fans: ‘She says the wrong things. She looks the wrong way.

‘Isn’t it confounding and amazing to have an iconic figure who doesn’t have a 25-inch waist?’.

The US born singer sat front row at the fashion show  whose guests included, Thandie Newton, Sir Paul McCartney and his American girlfriend Nancy Shevell

Beth Ditto (2nd L) and singer Paul McCartney (2nd R)

Becks Gayest straight man ever

It was reported in a Washington newspaper that Mr Beckham feels honoured to be called the “Gayest straight man in history”.  We salute you Mr Beckham.

An interview that Becks did for GQ magazine (which we regularly advertise in).  He said he loves to be called a gay icon.  It was probably the same interview that David did with Gordon that I wrote about recently.

He went on to say “When people talk to me about being a gay icon I think of it as a great honour”. “To have that kind of affect on so many people around the world, I was honoured”, he added.

The footbal mega star and celebrity says that he doesnt regret his fashion choices.  From wearing his sarong to designer underwear for Armani.

David went on to say “I have always been into clothes and fashion. It was not a vain thing, its just that I love looking smart”.

Lean, mean football machine.

With photos like this we know why he becomes an gay icon.

David has lead the fashion field for ages, he is not afraid to put his stamp on his own identity and long may he do so!

Mr Beckham vs. Mr Ramsey

If you go and check the page celebrities out on the tab bar and you Will see a picture of Mr. Beckham lounging very sexily if I say it myself.

Mr Ramsey as in Gordon apparently claimed that David “needed extra padding for his sexy and saucy underwear snaps”.  Okay question 1 how does he know? Been sneaking a peak Mr. Ramsey

Mr Beckham has a very lucrativeve deal with Armani as does Victoria now, as I recently reported.

During a recent joint interview for GQ the pals! how close pals one wonders.  Mr. Ramsey reportedly joked with David saying that “David isn’t all he seems to be in the shots.  Adding  ‘Did you put satsumas down your pants for the Armani adverts?’
But David insists he didn’t need any help in the Goldenballs department.  I believe you David I really do.

‘Gordon should know,’ he tells GQ. ‘He’s one of my best friends, so he should know the truth. He knows it wasn’t retouched. Oh Okay!!!

‘I would never ask them to change anything. It was a question of trying to find a good position that wasn’t too much.

‘There’s a big billboard of it on Sunset Strip [in Los Angeles] and a couple of players from [LA Galaxy] have mentioned they have nearly crashed going past it!’   No surprise there so just in case you can’t wait to look at the celebrity tab here he is for you, yummy.

Well Mr Beckham Lovely  – There is a God!

Satsumas yes or no ?

And looking for Mr. Ramsey found this when he was on holiday in August.  Not as toned as Mr. Beckham I think… What do you think ?

Victoria Beckham is now modelling for Armani

Victoria as in Posh Spice has just landed herself a 12 million pound modelling deal with Giorgio Armani.  She apparently was approached by the Italian company boss Giorgio himself and persuaded to get on board!

The new adverts will be everywhere, billboards, magazines, etc. etc.  Victoria and David may even do a shoot together what do you think ?  As he is already modelling his lovely tighty whites very nicely, thank you (Mr Beckham has a three year deal so more underwearshots PLEASE!).  I know who I would like to ogle thank you.

They say that she is a style icon well if you are a size “0” maybe as one of her dresses will fit very nicely on my right upper thigh thank you.   Love her or hate her at the moment she is here to stay and because of the fame the glory and the riches she will be sought after and promoted left, right and center.  So there we go.

Mr Armani and Mrs Beckham

Mr Armani and Mrs Beckham

 Victoria has appeared in her undies before now – no surprise there. Victoria also fronted the New Marc Jacobs campaign in spring 2008.  She apparently got rough and tumble with her sexy husband in bed, me next please!

In a cheap motel!

In a cheap motel!

But Mr Beckham still looks hot! and I wonder what is hiding under that sheet??
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