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Now where do I start I am ordinary women blessed with an eye for beauty not only of the opposite sex but also my own sex. We have the best of both worlds do we not ladies not only can we ogle the men which I am sure we all do but we can also glance at the woman’s form and appreciate what we see, so I conclude that we can confidently say when we were made we got lucky, very lucky! We don’t have to cope with any dangly bits, well not till we get to about 70 when the old boobies may be pointing south rather than northwards! Anyway before that time we have a duty to the human race to admire and comment upon, the male and female form and what nicer way to do it than through reviewing underwear trends, by designers from the little and large, celebrity faux pas, like who forgot her knickers this week! To enjoying what we read on the web.

With all this reviewing I may even add a smattering of my own life, I am not as rich or as pretty as those celebrities here and across the pond, but I have something to say and you may even like to read it, you never know.

A little boring stuff about me, full time mum to wonderful teenager! Part time worker and full friend to many. I could do with losing some weight you never know one day I might, knocked 3 stone on the head over the past year but finding it hard at the moment. Perseverance I hear you shout, I know but so many other things get in the way, like Friday nights out with the girls and parties on a Saturday. Well I suppose I just like to enjoy myself! Nothing wrong with that. Single, oh yes that magic word and in my forties, the naughty forties! Is it now? Working on snaring someone at the moment so any tips on catching a good man would be appreciated. Maybe I should have set up a blog for singles over forty! Maybe next time. Well that’s for starters wait for my blog bits and lets see what the world has to offer.

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  1. Dear You !

    I cannot believe my luck at stumbling across a woman (not even a man !!!) of such like mind !
    – I refer to your particular comments about aprreciating the form of your sisters and I am NOT at all in the least thinking about the “L” side of such matters…. Allow me to explain :

    A few years ago, I was in a playpark with my son which was empty bar three women of around my own age. One of the women hunkered down to attend to her child, unwittingly
    revealing a pair of very plain and ordinary but nevertheless delicously beautiful pink pants. For the split second that I did manage to glance elsewhere I beheld that her friend was also studying her intensely with an admiring and pondreous look. In that instance I had confirmed for me what I long believed, that women love underwear ! their own and that of other women.

    So, whoever you are dearest .. keep on admiring ….. and updating this site !

    I see this was written last year – I am sure you must have found a partner by now.

    Any chance of a photo to my email address ?

    Very best regards


  2. Best blog ever!!!!!

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