Melissa George models for Agent Provocateur

Soap land has produced several ladies and gentlemen that strip down to their undies for money, God bless them.  And here comes another that started her acting life on the Australian soap Home and away, and hot from Summer Bay.  She has been seen on the big and little screen since then, in fact she has been a busy girl, with everything from Grey’s Anatomy to The Good wife.

Any way  Agent Provacateur knocked on her door and the rest is history,  oh by the way,  guess what?  apparently she is also 8 weeks pregnant, yes that is what I said,  well I am totally gob smacked on that one and also she is 38 years old!  Blimey!

She Tweeted as all celebrities seem to do now where she said “Who said pregnancy isn’t sexy!!”

In the steamy ad, titled Control Yourself, Melissa teams up with Elettra Weidemann and Chloe Hayward who play models backstage at a runway show.

They’re pushed, pulled and tussled by the demanding crew and belittled by the Mugatu-esque designer until they tear off their fancy frocks to reveal barely-there Agent Provocateur undies underneath.  Oh er.

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