Katie Green and the MP

Not news but still going on Lembit the Mp and Katie Green the underwear model

He doesn’t have millions in the bank. And without being too unkind, the grey frizzy hair, spectacles and squinty smile don’t exactly scream pin-up boy, well far from it if we are all honest and the way that he seems to conduct himself well……..There must be something that seems to attract these women to him…..I wonder what it might be!!!!!

But there is something about Lembit Opik. Something that seems to attract the attractive woman. Something that made the Liberal Democrat MP look like the cat that got the cream as he showed off the latest lady to fall under his spell.

Third time lucky? Lembit Opik with underwear model Katie Green

After TV weather presenter Sian Lloyd and Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia, he now has an underwear model whispering sweet nothings in his ear. At 21, Mr Opik’s new girlfriend Katie Green, who he is said to have met at a party three months ago, is the youngest of his most recent ‘soulmates’. But the 44-year-old politician no doubt regards himself as young at heart. ‘Katie is beautiful, smart and attractive,’ he declared in an interview with Closer magazine. ‘She’s charming, unpretentious, interesting and engaging. We’ve got to know each other really well.’

Lembit and Gabriela Irimia

That’s how it always starts. But Mr Opik’s previous romances have ended badly, and unfortunately often been documented in eye-watering detail. Miss Lloyd, 51, wrote about her failed relationship with Mr Opik in her 2008 autobiography A Funny Kind of Love, while Miss Irimia, 26, sold her story to a newspaper after their split. So far Miss Green, a 5ft10in brunette, has only had nice things to say about him. ‘ Lembit’s very charming and witty,’ she declared. ‘I can see why Gabriela found him attractive.

Lembit and Sian Lloyd


We know about Katie and being told she is too FAT to model underwear……..and subsequently she went on to model for Ultimo opposes to Wonderbra who thought she was too big.

Poser: Lembit's new girlfriend Katie Green in modelling mode

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