Lady GaGa at the Brits 2009

Well, well, well it was billed as going to be the sexiest show ever, WHAT A DISAPPOINTMENT.  She strutted her stuff in one minute in big knickers and the next leggings and a top.  So the Brits for Lady GaGa was really nothing “to write home about”  it was not shocking or anything really.  Lady GaGa you let the side down!

 Lady GaGa

Lady GaGa at the Brits


  1. If anyone stole that show, it was Brandon Flowers.

    He didn’t have the wannabe-hype surrounding him. He just came on and blew that little pretender out of the water by doing what he does best.

    Exuding natural talent. Something which doesn’t come in knickers and a bra…

  2. plz dont start smashing ppl just because you’re not talented and you cant do what they can

    • Hi Justin

      The Brits and Lady GaGa was billed as being the most shocking show and she basically did not deliver what she had promised – not taking away from what she does in general!!!! But I think other artists that night stole the show and she did not!


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