Eve Mendes loves Kate Winslet

Why amazing Kate Winslet is Eva Mendes’s role model

Movie star Eva Mendes is one of Hollywood’s most sultry actresses – yet she admits she’s envious of Kate Winslet.


However, the 34-year-old Hitch star says it’s not Kate’s perfect size 12 physique she covets  ER………….. rewind Kate is now a toned size 10 not 12 – but the film parts she gets.  Eva says: ‘I would steal Kate Winslet’s roles. All her roles. Don’t talk to me about it because she can do no wrong in my eyes.’


Admirer: Actress Eva Mendes says she a big fan of Kate Winslet and would love to get her hands on one of her roles

Eva says she greatly admires the acting skills of the 33-year-old British star, who has been nominated for an Oscar five times and is tipped for two more nominations for her roles in The Reader and Revolutionary Road, in which she acts with Leonardo DiCaprio for the first time since 1997’s Titanic.

‘Not only is she the most amazing actress in the entire world, she’s nude in a lot of her films which shows she’s just fearless.’

kate winslet

Kate Winslet ine her film The Reader

Eva added. ‘Her choices are impeccable. She literally can do anything. If she can just give me two of her roles, I’d be happy.’

Eva, who is dating producer George Gargurevich and appearing in new movie The Spirit, is obviously a
fan of Brits.


She recently revealed that she has a crush on Oasis star Liam Gallagher and loves comic Benny Hill.

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