Kerry Katona and it goes on!

Kerry Katona rants once again

The true extent of Kerry Katona’s crazy life has been revealed in a shocking fly-on-the wall documentary.   In footage which captures the star’s life over the last year, she is seen in an angry rant  after the famous This Morning interview in which she was questioned about being an alcoholic.

It is a bit blurry but is just about watchable!

It also shows her husband Mark Croft reacting to the results of a paternity test which reveals he has fathered a child by another woman.

Kerry Katona

Speak to the hand! Kerry Katona is filmed storming out of the This Morning studio after a disastrous interview in which she slurred throughout. See above!

Kerry Katona

Not handling it at all well!!!!

Kerry Katona

Kerry seen in her underwear as she changes for an appearance at the MTV Awards where she was booed after her This Morning appearance.   The documentary Kerry Katona: 12 Months Of Mayhem! was aired on MTV One last night.  I wonder how many people watched it and if so did they watch it to see her and her husband being twits!

It shows Kerry who at the moment has a lucrative Iceland deal – but not for long as the contract will finish soon  – according to reports and about time too!  She was filmed ranting after the disastrous interview with Fern Britton and Phillip Schofield, in which she slurred her way through and was asked if she had an alcohol addiction.

Following her shambolic appearance the mother-of-four storms through the studio door raging: ‘That’s the last time I appear on that show’

Kerry Katona

Flailing her arms in the air, she continues: ‘Is that all then? They made me out to be some f****ing d*******.  CLASSY!!! ‘That’s it now, that’s it. You know this is going to be in all the press now.’   Croft as the husband, 37, jumps in with an explanation, telling the camera: ‘We finished the show last night at about 11/ half 11 and then she took her medicine,’ referring to Katona’s appearance on Celebrity Juice the previous night.  In a slurred outburst, Katona, 28, then shouts: ‘My mouth is dry. We didn’t finish that show till what time last night?  ‘Making me out to be an alcoholic. That’s bang out of order that is.’

In another emotional moment on the documentary, Croft admits he doesn’t want anything to do with his eldest son after receiving the results of a paternity test.  That’s being a good father then hey Mark! What a *************!!!!  But the kid will probably be  better off than know that Croft is his dad! Croft found out about the three-year-old from a previous relationship in September and a subsequent DNA test proved his paternity this month.  He is filmed reading the results of the DNA test to a stunned Katona and his shocking reaction is caught on camera.   He said: ‘It’s come back I’m 99 point something that I’m the father.

Really Classy Kerry!

MTV Show If you stand it!

‘Sounds nasty but I’ve got my family.  I don’t want anything to do with him, though financially I’ll do as best as I can to help out. It’s not up for discussion.’  Katona is filmed telling him he will regret the decision not to see his son.   The reality show is also shows the ex-Atomic Kitten singer being interviewed by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.

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