Ruth Lorenzo – X Factor

X Factor’s Ruth Lorenzo says : ‘That Simon Cowell made me feel beautiful’ and how much do you think he fancied her?

Sexy slady Ruth Lorenzo, here in a shoot for last week for Closer magazine, she looks hot and very shapely and toned.  She said that Simon Cowell helped her with her low self esteem.  The onscreen flirting was apparent and week after week he said comments about her voluptuous figure very, very positively.

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth Lorenzo says her self esteem has grown since appearing on the X Factor… and she puts it all down to Simon Cowell.   The ex-contestant has admitted that her on-screen flirts with the show’s officiando helped her feel good about her looks. She also told Closer magazine: ‘I was so flattered that he thought I was beautiful.  Let’s face it he fancied the very knickers off her!

So what could Ruth wear under such a dress?

Plie Control Tube


Pulled in and toned Plie Control Tube

‘I’ve always thought I was fat and been very self-conscious about my appearance. I’m from Spain where everyone is beautiful, so I never thought I was attractive.  ‘For Simon to say those things, it’s given me a real boost. I feel a lot better about myself now.’  Ruth, 26, even dropped a dress size during the competition, going from a size 14 to a size 12.  And you can tell.

She laughs: ‘I call it the X Factor diet, all I did was rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. My clothes are baggy on me now, it’s great!’  She says the best thing about the X Factor, other than progressing her singing career, has been meeting fellow contestant Alexandra Burke, 20.   Now Alexandra has won and the show has finished for this year, the girls are planning to move in together and get a dog and a cat – and as asked last night will they call them Holly and Dermot or maybe Cheryl and Simon!

‘She’s like my little sister now, I know that she’s a best friend for life,’ she says.  She said before last night that “I’m rooting for her to win. She has to win. She’s the best singer I’ve ever heard, much better than Mariah Carey.’  And gues what she diod – singing with Beyonce!

Ruth Lorenzo

On stage: Ruth’s performances on X Factor earned her a place in the judges’ hearts


Read the full story in Closer magazine – if you have not already bought it best book an appointment at the hairdressers and read their copy

She also counts her mentor Dannii Minogue as a firm friend. ‘Dannii was the most amazing mentor. She looked after me so well,’ she says.  Ruth also says that Dannii’s new man Kris Smith, is fantastic. ‘He’s such a wonderful man and they’re so in love – I could just tell by the way they’d look at each other, there was so much love in their eyes,’ she says.   ‘After I voted out we were all in Dannii’s dressing room crying. ‘He’s so gentle.’

Last night, the Spaniard stepped out in a high street copy of the latest fashion must-have – a Herve Leger bandage dress.   She wore a £54 blue one-shouldered dress from Lipsy – much more affordable than the Herve Leger dresses, which range in price from £773 to £2,234.  Cheryl Cole and other top celebrities love them.

Ruth Lorenzo

Ruth enjoyed at night out at a celebrity party in London last night

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