Schultz have the perfect Christmas Gift

The perfect gift is possible and at Schultz we have an excellent range of underwear for the more discerning customer.  As well as great jeans and t-shirts.

Header Black_A copy.jpg

Womens_Underwear_07 copy.jpg

Heatseeker black briefs £16.00 also in  Pink £16.00
Heatseeker pink black y-fronts £19.00 also in Pink £19.00

Christmas comes but once a year and don’t we all just love it.  Schultz fun and flirty underwear will look great under the tree and even better on!  The packages may only be little but as we all know nice things come in small packages.  To ensure that your gift will be loved check the size of your girlfriend / wife / boyfriend / husband / lover / friend (the list can go on) etc. before buying just check in their undies draw and then they can wear their new gift on Christmas day.

What a boy wants.jpg

Coming Soon Blue y-front briefs £17.50

Choose a colour that you know they will love.  Blue is for serenity and calm, black is for Invisibility and blending in, white for a fresh outlook and new beginnings,  pink for an open heart and love, red for power and confidence, purple for uniqueness.  Schultz has a colour for everyone so why not buy two!


Coming Soon dazzling white y-front briefs £19.00

We all like presents and Schultz underwear makes that ideal gift but why not check out the designer t-shirts and jeans for him and her.  Again check their size don’t just guess and the perfect gift for the perfect person will be bought and given with love and adored.

What a boy deserves.jpg

I want out white y-front briefs £17.50

Back in stock5.jpg

So do you know what you are going to be buying for the love of your life this year? The chances are the thought may not even have crossed your mind yet.After all, no two people are exactly the same when it comes to taste and style.  At Schultz we can offer you a range of exciting gifts that will please and excite on Christmas day and will result in lots of hugs and kisses – perfect.

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