Fergie’s filled out

Fergie has a great figure!

Fergie has filled out and her cleavage has got bigger as the photos below show.  I know that a good bra can enhance the cleavage and make the old bosoms look bigger.  She apparently has piled on the pounds for a new movie role.

The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie showed off her curvy new frame at the Glamour Women Of The Year Awards in New York a couple of weeks ago.  The pop star’s attention-grabbing cleavage nearly stole the show as she posed in a flowing bridal-like Michael Kors gown at the ceremony at Carnegie Hall.  The 33-year-old star, real name Stacy Ferguson, admitted she had gained 13 pounds to play a prostitute named Saraghina in the upcoming movie musical Nine. What’s 13 pounds a couple of chocolate eclairs.

Speaking at the ceremony, Fergie said most of the weight had gone to her breasts instead of her backside. Whilst filming on location in England, Fergie has been indulging in her passion for local food, in particular fish and chips and fry ups. Good girl! She said: ‘I’ve been eating chips, fried food, everything I usually avoid.  ‘I actually love (British food). I was actually told to gain weight for the film so I’ve been eating everything – anything and everything.’


Fergie your bum looks fine and dandy! full and very firm.  As we can see in this shot the booty is fine!  Thong knickers we can see and a see through mini dress.


But this shot of your knickers Fergie is erm….well what can we say – grey knickers Fergie they look like they are reinforced! Well are they ?

We all get so wound up about our bodies and our weights, I think that the 13 pounds looks good on Fergie, she is still fit and well proportioned, so girl I think you look fab and I am sure every one else does as well.  There are far to many skinny models size 0’s long live the fuller figure!

Singer Fergie (L) arrives with actress Sarah Michelle Gellar at the Glamour Women of the Year

Glamour girls: Fergie joins actress Sarah Michelle Gellar on the red carpet

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