Sadie Frost and the loose knicker elastic

Sadie Frost loses her Knickers should have bought


It is known for being a night of glitz and glamour to showcase the best in British haute couture.   But looking at the photographs from the night last week not all of the invited celebrities were “all together” and came unprepared fro getting out of a big car with their knickers intact.   Sadie Frost being that celebrity who dropped her knickers as she climbed from her car when she arrived at the awards.

Getting in a twist? Sadie Frost drops what appear to be a pair of knickers as she climbs out of her car after last night's British Fashion Awards

Nice black lacy knickers looking not so nice on the road.  Should have bought Schultz underwear Sadie they firmly in place until you want to take them off or get someone very nice to take them off.   The photo above show Sadie struggling out of her car demurely or as demurely as you can be in her very short, strapless dress, and she seems to drops what appears to be a pair of knickers on the ground.   Sadie left the stray knickers behind, but it was helpfully picked up by her hairdresser friend James Brown, who handed it to their driver.

Okay and now Sadie’s LBD is pushing her boobs southwards and giving her a split level look again not the most flattering photographs.   At the beginning of the night Sadie appears as a polished designer then transforms to  tired party girl and looks slightly worse for wear by the end of the night.

Sadie my recommendation to you is log on to the Schultz site buy some knickers and I shall send them to you personally size 10 I think!  Pink would be a good colour so check out Heatseeker pink briefs,   or if you prefer a little black number that will stay firmly in place check out Heatseeker black briefsHeatseeker black y-fronts.  So happy shopping Sadie!

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