Heidi Klum

Supermodel Heidi Klum may be married to Seal, but it seems she has musical ambitions of her own.


The former Victoria’s Secret model stripped down to her sexy lacy black underwear to spoof actor Tom Cruise’s famous air guitar scene to song ‘That Old Time Rock And Roll’ from 1980s movie ‘Risky Business’.

Looking somewhat sexier than the Scientologist star did in his version, Heidi strums and gyrates for all her worth in the television commercial filmed to launch the latest version of the Guitar Hero video game.

World Tour.

Miss Klum plays air guitar

Actor Tom Cruise.

Mr Cruise plays air guitar in the iconic scene from the 1983 film which made him a star

Heidi strums and gyrates for all her worth in the television commercial filmed to launch the latest version of the Guitar Hero video game, which was released  in the UK on November 7th.   Other celebrities that have advertised Guitar heroes are Mr. and Mrs Vernon Kay for the DS Nintendo.  Nice Body Vernon!

She starts off in a white shirt and soon strips  off revealing a set of Victoria’s Secrets style racy underwear.  The 35-year-old model turned designer, designs jewellery for Mouawad, clothing including a line for infants that was apparently featured in the famous German Catalogue “Otto”.  Same name as on of the directors of Schultz!  The girl can turn her hand to so many things by the sounds of it.   As well as producing two fragrances called “Heidi Klum” and “Me” available through her official website Heidi Klum.

Check out youtube to see the ad it’s only brief but hope you enjoy it.  There are lots of other Guitar Heroes on you tube so enjoy!


She rolls around on the sofa…

It’s the first game in the Guitar Hero series to allow players to play drums and sing as well, along with the traditional guitar parts. The video was directed by Brett Ratner, who most recently directed the music videos for Mariah Carey’s Touch My Body.

He also directed the Guitar Hero commercial with A-Rod, Kobe Bryant, Tony Hawk and Michael Phelps – youtube link. You can ctahc it on you tueb it made me smile. And many other such as David Cook and David Archulet, American idols! youtube david cook and David Archulet.


As its cold outside the theme at the moment is hot, to keep us nice and warm inside and out.  With our underwear such as “Heatseeker” its bound to keep you toasty! Much better than lacy knickers and bra Heidi!


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  2. […] Now a US citizen, she was discovered in 1992 when she won a national modelling contest in her native Germany.  Despite being a decade older than most working models, she is still one of the most recognisable faces around and is much in demand on the international circuit.  As well as her Victoria’s Secret commitments, she hosts the popular fashion show Project Runway and recently filmed a Risky Business-inspired ad for video game Guitar Hero. […]

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