Victoria Beckham is now modelling for Armani

Victoria as in Posh Spice has just landed herself a 12 million pound modelling deal with Giorgio Armani.  She apparently was approached by the Italian company boss Giorgio himself and persuaded to get on board!

The new adverts will be everywhere, billboards, magazines, etc. etc.  Victoria and David may even do a shoot together what do you think ?  As he is already modelling his lovely tighty whites very nicely, thank you (Mr Beckham has a three year deal so more underwearshots PLEASE!).  I know who I would like to ogle thank you.

They say that she is a style icon well if you are a size “0” maybe as one of her dresses will fit very nicely on my right upper thigh thank you.   Love her or hate her at the moment she is here to stay and because of the fame the glory and the riches she will be sought after and promoted left, right and center.  So there we go.

Mr Armani and Mrs Beckham

Mr Armani and Mrs Beckham

 Victoria has appeared in her undies before now – no surprise there. Victoria also fronted the New Marc Jacobs campaign in spring 2008.  She apparently got rough and tumble with her sexy husband in bed, me next please!

In a cheap motel!

In a cheap motel!

But Mr Beckham still looks hot! and I wonder what is hiding under that sheet??


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